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I woke up and felt light-headed and strange. For a moment I just laid down, not really taking in my surroundings. And then I sat up, slowly because my head was thumping. I was in a diner. My eyes widened. Why was I here? Why wasn't I at home...?

And then I remembered everything "Hello?" I croaked, my voice sounding dry and lifeless.

"Oh hey, you're awake." A sparkly voice said. I turned my head and found a door leading into the back of the diner. There was a girl there with bright red shoulder-length hair with a full-fringe "My name's Raven. Or Paranoia Destroyah, whichever, whatever." Raven shrugged her shoulders and smiled "So what's your name?"

"Uhh Arancione." I replied "Or Divine Corpse I guess."

"It's nice to meet you." She grinned "Do you want a drink? Something to eat? We only have water and power pup but it's that or nothing."

"Sure. Thanks." I said, stretching "So umm... Thanks for saving me."

"I wasn't actually there. I was babysitting." Raven pulled a face "It was Party Poison or Gerard. Here we go." She handed me a white can with the BLI smiley face on the side. I paused, looking at it "Oh right. Can opener. Obviously."

"Are you sure about eating this?" I asked as she handed me a can opener and a glass of water "What with the BLI logo and everything."

"Worried that BLI are trying to poison us or something?" Raven laughed, raising one eye-brow "Just trust me, okay?"

I sighed and opened the can "This... This looks like dog food."

"Pretty sure it is." Raven said, opening her own can "It's disgusting but it's all we have and you need to build your strength up so I'd eat it if I were you."

I took a deep breath then dipped my spoon into the gross food and shovelled it into my mouth. It took a slot of strength not to spit it back out. Luckily I managed to swallow it and then take another spoonful.

A girl with black wavy hair and one pink highlight came into the room "Oh hey, I'm Jennifer. Or Atomic Revolver. And you?"

"Arancione. Divine Corpse. Nice to meet you."

"And you." Jennifer was looking me and up down warily.

"Jennifer, come on, she's not gonna murder you." Raven said, laughing.

"She could if she wanted to."

"What? No. I wouldn't." I blushed bright red.

"Whatever, I'm gonna go see if the others are awake." Jennifer said, going back through the door.

"Don't mind her." Raven told me "Her boyfriend Bob went missing a couple of years ago and now she doesn't really trust strangers. She'll warm up to you eventually."

"Oh, okay."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm up." A tired voice grumbled from the other room before entering. It was him. The guy with the bright red hair. He smiled at me "Oh hey. I'm Gerard."

"Yeah, I'm Arancione. Thanks for saving me." I said quickly, suddenly feeling really shy.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." Gerard sat down next to me "So. Wanna tell us what you were doing wondering the desert in the middle of the night?"
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