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Chapter 10: Well we're just a wet dream for the webzines

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"Someone's knocking on the door," she yelled. "Then, get it," Her mom yelled back. "I'm upstairs," Jane clarified.

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Chapter 10: Well we're just a wet dream for the webzines

"Mom!" Jane yelled.

"What?" her mom asked back.

"Someone's knocking on the door," she yelled.

"Then, get it," Her mom yelled back.

"I'm upstairs," Jane clarified.

Her mom got out of the kitchen from making dinner and answered the door.

"Hi mom," Delia said, standing in the door opening next to Brendon, who was very uncomfortable.

"Oh dear," her mother said.

"Who is it mom?" Jane came running down the stairs seeing her pregnant sister standing in the doorway way.

"It's your sister," her mom cleared her throat.

"Come in, Dear. It's chilly out there," She motioned to come inside.

Jane noticed who her sister was accompanied by and ran up stairs to aim.

Jane began to type,

xTechnoxGirlx: You'll never guess who's in my house!??
SweetieYoouHadMe: lyke omg who?
xTechnoxGirlx: Brendon Urie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SweetieYoouHadMe: OH ME GEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xTechnoxGirlx: I know.
SweetieYoouHadMe: Wait are you lying to me.
xTechnoxGirlx: No why would I do that...
SweetieYoouHadMe: idk because your cruel to me lyke that
xTechnoxGirlx: No I'm not lying but I have some bad news for all us Brendon lovers
SweetieYoouHadMe: what? :{
xTechnoxGirlx: he knocked my sister up....
SweetieYoouHadMe: WHAT!?!?????
SweetieYoouHadMe: proof!
xTechnoxGirlx: fine brb

Jane took her digital camera down stairs.

"How could you do this to me, Delia? We raised you so right," Her mother said.

While, they both weren't looking Jane snapped a picture on her sister sitting by Brendon.

"I'm gonna kill you," Delia stood up and went over to the stairs as her sister went up them, "If I could get up these stairs, you would be dead."

Jane hooked her camera up and uploaded the picture.

xTechnoxGirlx: There's the proof!

Jane sent her the photo

SweetieYoouHadMe: OH MY GOD!!!!

xTechnoxGirlx: exactly....

SweetieYoouHadMe: put it on myspace, google, panic! Boards....

xTechnoxGirlx: heheh brb

Jane quickly uploaded the picture to buzznet, google, the panic! Board and her myspace...

On buzznet, she got quick replies!


LoseLipsSinkShips: 'Brendon would be a D.I.LF. Dad I'd like to Fuck!!!

BrendonLove: I'm happy for him, he finally found someone and all you bitches who aren't happy for them, what's your problem, I mean do you really think he'd leave his pregnant g/f for you, you didn't have a chance before what makes you think you have a chance now.

SnapYourFingers: I agree with BrendonLove...

Arri1865: Lucky Bitch....

WhereHasTheRumGONE: or maybe he just got out of a bad relationship and he was just looking for someone to confront him, and maybe somethings happened maybe she's a big whore!!!!

Jane came running downstairs, sitting on the couch next to her mother.

"Maybe, you should have been teaching abstinence, to De, not me," Jane smiled.

Delia and her mother shot Jane a death glare.

"Mom, you can't do anything about it now," Brendon helped Delia get up.

Brendon opened the door for her and she walked out.

He opened the car for her and she got in.

Brendon got in and drove away.

"I'm going away in a about 5 days," Brendon told her.

"I know, the baby's not due till 2 weeks after you get back," Delia said.

"Okay," Brendon sighed.

"That was interesting and awkward," he laughed.'

"Your telling' me," Delia smiled.
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