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Ray held up a video camera as he recorded his little sister Jennifer's football game. He zoomed in on her kicking the ball and in the background of the shot he noticed a girl, about his sisters age with long jet black hair that covered her pale whie face. Ray barely paid any attention to her and kept his focus on Jennifer as she ran back and forth across the field. She was really good at football "GO JENNIFER!" Ray cheered. He glanced at his parents. They weren't paying any attention to Jennifer's football game, they were too busy arguing. He rolled his eyes and carried on watching his little sister.

Once the game was over, the Toro family sat under a tree and Ray carried on recording. He pinched Jennifer's cheeks "Tell me your name and how old you are."

"Jennifer, seven years old." Jennifer giggled because her voice came out sounding pretty strange.

"And did you win the football game?"

"Yeah and I scored two of the goals!" Jennifer smiled and pulled away from Ray "Can we have some potato salad please?"

"Yeah, let's see if-" Ray switched the camera off as he noticed his parents were arguing again "Come on, let me show you something cool. See if you can do it too." Ray stood up and did a perfect cartwheel. Jennifer grinned and tried to copy him but she wasn't as good as he was.

Ray hated seeing his parents argue even if they were lowering their voices but he tried to pretend to be happy for Jennifer's sake. In the end, Ray's Dad Andrew went off to the pub and Ray's Mom Giselle packed up the picnic and shoved it in the car then told the kids they were going home for lunch. On the way back, they passed the strange girl with the long jet black hair "Hey, there's that creepy girl that was watching the football game." Ray said, watching as the girl walked down the street all by herself "Why's she alone? She's about the same age as Jennifer and I'd never let her go off by herself."

"You're not my Mom Ray." Jennifer giggled, swinging her legs.

"No but seriously that kid looks kind of weird." Ray replied, staring out the window "Have you ever seen her before?"

"Yeah I think she just moved in across the street with her Mom." Giselle told them "We should go over and say hi, be nice neighbours."

"No way, that girl is way too weird for me." Ray laughed "I'd rather stay out of her way."

Raven came over that night and went into Ray's room with him. Ray switched on his camera "This is my beautiful girlfriend Raven." He grinned, putting his arm around her.

Raven giggled "What are you doing?"

"I'm making a home movie. It's fun! Come on." Ray took Raven's hand and took her into Jennifer's room.

"Oh hey, it's my best friend." Raven grinned, holding out her hand to Jennifer. Jennifer grinned and high fived her "I missed you. I didn't come over to see Ray, I came over to see you really."

"Yeah 'cos I'm more fun." Jennifer smiled.

Ray handed Raven the camera "It's time for you to go to bed squirt." He lifted Jennifer up and tucked her into bed "Night night."

"Will Mom and Dad be home soon?" Jennifer asked, putting her thumb in her mouth. Their Dad still wasn't home from the pub and their Mom had gone out with some friends so Ray was babysitting.

"Of course they will." Ray kissed her cheek then went out and shut the door.

"She's so sweet." Raven cooed as the two of them went downstairs.

"Let's have a party!" Ray cheered, flicking on some music and starting to dance around.

"You're crazy." Raven replied, smiling. She looked outside "You have a princess castle?"

"It's Jennifer's obviously. I'm surprised you can see it since it's so dark outside."

"Switch the back light on." Raven said and Ray flicked on the back garden light. The princess castle came into view. It was tall and pink "It's adorable! Come on, we can add more to your home movie."

Ray smirked, picked up the camera and the two of them went outside "So are we going up into the castle?" Ray asked.

"I am." Raven told him with a small smile "I'll take the camera. I need to be rescued from my tower by a prince."

"You are so cheesy."

"Shut up and do it." Raven giggled, climbing up the rope ladder to the room in the fairy princess castle "It's fucking pitch black up here. Is there a light on this goddamn video camera?"

"You are such a lovely princess." Ray called up to her, laughing "Yeah, the button on the side switches it on."

Raven found the button, switched it on and then screamed. Ray instantly climbed up the ladder until he got to the top. Now Raven was laughing "What did you scream about?" Ray asked.

"Wanted to see if I could scare you." Raven punched his arm "And it worked."

"Well- AHHHHHH!" Ray screamed and this time he was being serious. Raven whirled around and found the girl with long jet black hair that Ray had seen earlier "What are you doing in here?" The girl didn't say anything "You live across the street, right?" The girl still didn't say anything "Want me to take you home? Come on." Ray held out his hand and she took it. They went down the ladder together and Raven followed them, filming them with the camera.

As they walked towards the gate, the girl turned around and glared at Raven "See you later Sweetie." Raven grinned. The girl turned back but as they got closer to the gate, she turned back and glared at her again.

"Come on Honey." Ray said, pulling her towards her house. He looked back over his shoulder at Raven and pulled a face. This was really strange.

[A/N] - I'm not good with scary stories so yeah :) I hope you like it anyway! :D
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