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When Ray got home, he found a note off of Raven saying she'd driven home and that she'd phone him on skype the moment she was at home. Ray put down the note, made himself a sandwich and by the time he got back up to this room, Raven was calling him on Skype. He pressed accept and smiled at Raven "So what happened?" Raven grinned.

"Not a lot. I took the girl back. She said her name's Tabitha."

"What like a cat?"

"Shut up. Anyway, in her old house she used to hide in the next door neighbours tree house all the time. She didn't even think it was weird."

"What did her parents say?"

"She only lives with her Mom and it didn't even look like anyone was in the house." Ray was pretty confused about the whole situation and shrugged her shoulders "I told her that she can't just break into our back garden and that if she wants to play she'll have to ask Jennifer. In the day time."

"What was she even doing up there? Just sitting there? In the pitch black?"

"I suppose so. I don't know what she was doing, just that she was sitting in my little sisters tree house. I don't want her round here again." Ray shuddered "She's really creepy."

"Just stay away from her then." Raven shrugged her shoulders "I'm going to sleep now then. Night!"

"Night Beautiful." Ray grinned.

The next morning Raven came over and started messing around with Ray's camera again "Wait a sec." Ray said, looking out the window "Look at this."

Raven got up and pointed the camera out of the window too. Tabitha was walking up the drive "What's she doing here? And what's she wearing?"

She was wearing a long, floor-length white dress with a string and bead necklace "I think she looks cute." Ray told her but he was smirking "Come on, let's go take a look at this."

They ran along the landing and looked downstairs. Tabitha had knocked on the door and Giselle had let her in. She stepped inside and said something to her while Ray and Raven tried to surpress their giggles "Jennifer!" Giselle called. She came into the hallway and Tabitha held out her hand to her "She wants you to shake her hand Jen."

"I love his kid!" Raven whispered to Ray "I love this kid so much!" They laughed as they made their way downstairs. Jennifer took Tabitha's hand and led her through the house into her backgarden.

"Is she here just to play with Jen?" Ray asked.

"Actually Tabitha's Mom has been put in the hospital. She's gonna be staying with us until her Mom's better."

"I don't like the sound of that." Ray said and then told Giselle about finding Tabitha in the princess castle last night "I mean, it's not normal."

"Look, she's probably just been through a lot. I mean, god knows where her Dad is, she's moved into a brand new town with only her Mom. We don't know anything about what's happened to her. And we can't just let her stay over the road by herself, can we?"

"Well no but we don't know Tabitha or her Mom. It's a little weird, I mean, they've been there one day."

"It's only for a few days Ray, it'll be over before you know it." Giselle shrugged her shoulders and went off into the kitchen.

"Aww come on, you said yourself that she was cute." Raven said, punching Ray's shoulder and switching the camera off.

"I know but that stuff with the tree house kinda just freaked me out last night." Ray smiled and put his arm around Raven "It'll be fine though."

Later that night, Raven was still there because she couldn't be bothered to go home. Her and Ray went down into the living room to babysit Jennifer and Tabitha and took the camera with them to add more to Ray's home movie "What are you playing?" Ray asked, sitting down and filming his little sister who was playing on an eye-toy "Tabitha, why aren't you playing?"

"Tabitha's friend is playing." Jennifer replied.

"Well she's not doing very well." Raven said, sitting down. Jennifer was getting heaps of points. Tabitha's friend wasn't getting any.

"Toby's a 'he'." Tabitha said quietly. It was the first time they'd heard her speak. She glared at Raven again.

"Well I have a good idea. Something Toby will probably be good at. You can do something pretty cool with an eye toy." Raven got up and pushed some buttons on the eye toy "Switch the lights off." Ray got up and switched all the lights off in the living room. The room was now filled with glowing green small dots "There! Now we look like aliens. Let's have an alien space party!" Raven set the camera up and aimed it towards one end of the living room "Come on, let's dance."

Raven, Ray and Jennifer started dancing while Tabitha sat on the sofa and watched them. She didn't want to dance and neither did Toby. But they did like the small green dots.
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