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The next morning, Raven came over first thing "Alright, don't get creeped out..." Raven said "I don't know why it does it but my laptop does it to everyone."

"Does what?" Ray asked, shaking his long brown curly hair out of his eyes and grinning at his girlfriend.

"This is footage of you sleeping." Raven said, pressing play on a video.

"What the hell?" Ray laughed "Why have you got this?"

"Maybe you didn't hang up after our Skype call or something, it records all of my Skype messages."

"Of course it does." Ray smirked, watching the video.

"Whatever. You'll be grateful that it does that. Just watch this." Raven fastforward through random footage of Ray sleeping then suddenly pressed play "Just watch. It's creepy."

Ray sighed and watched the screen. Nothing happened for a long moment until finally his bedroom door slowly opened and Tabitha stood in the doorway. She was wearing an old nightie of Jennifer's and was still wearing her homemade beads around her neck. Tabitha stood in the doorway for a few minutes then walked forwards slowly. She pulled back Ray's blanket and got into bed with him.

"What the hell?" Ray whispered "Why... Why did he she get into my bed with me?"

"I don't know. But that's not the scariest part."

"What? What is it?"

"Did you know you fart in your sleep?" Ray shoved her off the bed and laughed.

"Isn't there anywhere else she can go?" Ray asked his Mom "I mean she got into my bed last night!"

"Look, I think that her Mom just divorced her Dad so maybe she needs a guy... You know. To make her feel less lonely."


"I didn't mean it like that Ray, she's a little girl for crying out loud!" Giselle rolled her eyes "I just mean she needs a Father's love. She has her Mom but she doesn't have anyone else, does she?"

"I guess not but still. I don't want her getting into my bed. It's just weird."

"Look, I'll talk to her about it, okay?" Giselle picked up a knife and carried on chopping up the carrots "Every family is different, alright? What's considered strange behaviour to us might be completely normal for Tabitha."

"I don't think it's normal to go into someone random person's back garden and sit in their tree house in the middle of the night. Or to get into a stranger's bed."

"You're not a stranger Ray. This girl is staying at your house and maybe she just trusts you. Maybe she had a nightmare or something."

"Then why didn't she come to you?"

"Maybe there's something about you." Giselle shrugged her shoulders "Whatever."

"Hey Ray." Raven came into the kitchen. She'd been looking over the footage for his home movie in his bedroom "I need to show you something."

"Alright." Ray sighed and followed Raven back to her room "What is it?"

"Look at this." Raven rewinded some of the footage then pressed play. It was from their alien space party the night before. Raven pointed to Tabitha who was sitting on the sofa "Look, there's an outline of someone sitting next to her. Someone older than she is. And your parents were out, they weren't in the room. It couldn't have been us because we're there dancing. And Jennifer's way too small to be that person and anyway, she's dancing with us. So who the hell could it be?"

"Do you think it's Toby?" Ray asked, starting to feel a little sick.

"Oh come on Ray..." Raven suddenly smiled "What if it is? Tell me if you see anything creepy. This is kinda interesting."

"No Raven, it's weird." Ray laughed "I bet it's nothing. Trick of the lights or the camera or something. Don't worry about it."

"I'm not the one who's worried." Raven pointed out.

"Whatever. Let's go out somewhere. Being stuck here with my little sister and her creepy best friend is just boring."
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