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"Nobody asked your opinion!" Frank hissed when Penina interupted his conversation with Gerard.

"Oops, I guess I told you my opinion anyway." Penina shrugged "It was better than your opinion anyway."

"An opinion can't be better than another opinion."


"You're such an idiot."

"Says the one who's failing Maths?"

"Shut up."

"Do you guys wanna see a magic trick?" Penina asked, completely forgetting about her arguement with Frank "I'm gonna need a tub filled with water, a broom and a chair. Plus Frank will have to help me."

"What makes you think I wanna help y-"

"You don't have a choice Iero, now come on!" Gerard went into the kitchen to fetch the tub of water, Mikey dived into the closet to find a broom and Penina dragged a chair into the kitchen "We'll do it in here because it's easier. Now then, Mikey, give Frank the broom."

Mikey handed Frank the broom. All three of the teens looked pretty confused. Penina got on top of the chair and held the tub of water to the ceiling "Now Frank, hold the bottom of the brush and push the top into the tub so that it stays against the ceiling, okay?" Frank did as Penina asked reluctantly and watched Penina hop off the chair.

Frank was even more confused "Now what?"

"That's the trick!" Penina beamed.

Frank scowled. He'd tricked her alright. Now he was stuck holding a tub full of water to the ceiling. And if he pulled the broom away, the water would splash all over him "Come on, take it down." Frank demanded angrily.

Penina grinned at him "I fancy watching a movie, don't you guys?"

Gerard and Mikey laughed and followed Penina into the living room "This isn't funny!" Frank yelled from the kitchen "Come on guys!"

They left poor Frank in the kitchen for ten minutes before Penina finally came in, stood on top of the chair and took down the tub of water. Frank glared at her and stomped into the living room "How could you leave me in th- Wait a minute, you're really watching a film without me!?"

Penina giggled and flopped down next to Gerard. Frank pouted and sat down on the other sofa with Mikey and watched the Woman In Black with the others. Penina shrieked loudly whenever something scary happened "God, would you shut up?" Frank asked "Stop being such a wimp!"

"I can't help it!" Penina replied snappily "It's a fuckin' creepy film."

"It's a 12A. Man up! Little kids watch this film!" Frank told her.

Penina shrugged her shoulders "Like I give a shit. Why are you always so mean to me anyway? I haven't even done anything wrong."

"You left me stuck in the kitchen holding a tub of water to the ceiling yet I'm the mean one?"

"I only did that because you were mean to me beforehand. What's your problem anyway?" Penina turned to Gerard "Do you know why he's so mean to me?"

"Because he has a crush on you." Gerard replied before clapping his hands over his mouth.

"Gerard!" Frank yelled, jumping to his feet and running upstairs to lock himself in the bathroom.

Penina's eyes were wide and her cheeks were flushed pink "Are you serious? He has a crush on me?" Gerard nodded, his hands still clamped over his mouth as if he was trying not to say anything extra "But why? He does nothing but pick on me and call me names and-"

"He only did that because he didn't want you to know he liked you." Gerard told her, taking his hands away from his mouth "He's been in love with you since the day the two of you met. That's why he's such an asshole around you." Gerard bit his lip "But I wasn't meant to tell you. He's gonna kill me..."

"I'll be and talk to him." Penina said, standing up "Don't worry about it." She walked out of the living room and upstairs. She knocked on the bathroom door "Frank?"

"Leave me alone."

"Come on, you know we need to talk about this." Penina replied.

"What's there to talk about? You probably think I'm an idiot. That I'm stupid. I've made such a fool of myself."

"How have you? Besides, who says that I don't feel the same way?"

"... What are you trying to say?"

"That I've always liked you back." Penina told him "I hated arguing with you all the time, it made me feel like crap because I thought you hated me. So I just pretended to hate you back. But I've never hated you Frank."

There was a moments silence before Frank opened the door "You really like me like that?" Penina nodded "Why didn't you say anything?"

"Why didn't you say anything?"

Frank simply grinned and looked down at the ground "So Penina... Would you maybe wanna be my girlfriend?"

Penina looked at him, smiled and nodded. Frank laughed and took her hand.
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