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Penina took a deep breath and walked slowly into her new school. It was her first day and she was already turning bright red at the fact nearly every kid had now turned to stare at her. Why did they have to do that? She was feeling nervous enough as it was.

Trying to act like she couldn't careless about the people staring at her Penina wandered down to main school office and went up to the receptionist "Hi I'm new here, my nam-" The receptionist held up a finger to silence Penina without looking away from her copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. Penina rolled her eyes "I'm kind of in a hurry here."

"What for? The bell doesn't go for another-" The receptionist was interupted by the sound of the school bell signalling the start of home room. Penina raised her eye-brows and the receptionist glared at her "No need to be so high and mighty. Anyway, my name's Mrs Korlov, welcome to Irvington High School and blah blah blah. Here's your time table, find home room by yourself because I'm busy okay?"

Penina took her time table and looked down "This doesn't say what home room I'm in."

"It's right at the top." Mrs Korlov told her before whispering 'dumbass' under her breath.

Without another word, Penina left the recptionist to her stupid book and began walking down corridors as if she knew where she were going. Room 2 probably shouldn't be that hard to find after all...

It was hard to find. When Penina finally did find Room 2 the bell was going for first period so Penina had to run into homeroom, explain quickly to the teacher about how she was new and got lost and then she checked her time table for her first lesson. History in Room 17. Oh great. That would surely be far away from Room 2.

The homeroom teacher saw the look on Penina's face and called "Frank! Come here a second!"

Penina looked up and found a boy with short black hair, brown eyes, a nose and lip piercing and a small grin walking towards them. It took Penina a moment to realise she was blushing and once she realised she was blushing, she blushed even more "Yeah?" The boy that Penina assumed was Frank asked.

"This is Penina Dayne, she's new here." The teacher explained to him "She got lost on her way to homeroom. Could you maybe show her around today?"

Frank looked at Penina and took in her straight, long brown hair with a fringe, her green eyes and her nervous expression. He smiled at her bright blue jeans, blue converse and 'The Midnight Beast' tee shirt. He already knew he liked her "That's fine. What lesson do you have first?" He asked.

Penina stood there blinking at him for a second before finally realising he was talking to her "Oh uh H-History." Penina stuttered, running one hand nervously through her hair.

"Oh that's what I have. My name's Frank Iero but you can call me Frankie. All my other friends call me that. Come on."

As Penina followed him through the huge school she realised what Frank had said. All his other friends call him Frankie. Had Frank basically just called her his friend?

They made it to Room 17 in no time at all and Penina couldn't stop thanking him "It's fine, I didn't really do much when you think about it." Frank replied with another one of his small smiles "Do you wanna sit next to me? None of my other friends are in this class."

There he went again with the other friends business. Penina smiled and nodded before taking a seat next to him "I'm not like stealing a seat am I?" Penina asked "I don't want some random kid yelling at me for stealing their seat..."

"It's cool. No one in this class wants to sit by me. Except you apparently." Frank's small smile turned into a full-blown grin "So where'd you move here from?"


"Well that explains your posh accent."

Penina mocked being offended "My accent is not posh!"

"My accent is not posh!" Frank mimicked in her voice.

Penina pouted "You're really mean."

"Nah, it kinda sucks being mean to you. It's like kicking Bambi."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"That you're cute." Frank said as the teacher walked in the room to begin the lesson.

Penina, who had only just returned to her normal colour, flushed bright red again. Frank had just called her cute. She couldn't remember any boy ever telling her she was cute. Penina was very cute but she just didn't know that. She looked at Frank. She thought that Frank was cute. Very cute.

That weekend Frank had invited Penina and his other friend Mikey round to play some video games. Mainly to make Penina feel welcome but Frank had another reason for inviting her over. This weekend he was going to ask Penina to be his girlfriend. And he felt certain that she was going to say yes.

Mikey, of course, was the first to show up which didn't exactly help Frank's plan. He'd hoped that Penina would show up first so he'd have a chance to ask her without Mikey being there. Upon reflection, why on earth did he invite Mikey?

Mikey was oblivious to Frank's thoughts though and bounded into the living room, chattering on and on about video games and his favourites and that Frank always chose the crappest games so maybe he could choose this time? Or maybe Penina could because she was bound to have better taste in video games than Frank was.

Frank wasn't listening as he walked into the living room, rehearsing over and over again what he was going to say to Penina when she showed up. When should he say it to her? When Mikey wasn't around, that was for sure. He'd have to wait until Mikey went to the bathroom in that case.

Frank's thoughts were interupted by a knock at the door. His heart started pounding and he ran to the door. When he pulled it open Penina was standing there with a small smile on her face. Frank grinned at her and gestured at her to come inside "Come on in, Mikey's already here and he says you get first pick of video games."

"Oh my god seriously?" Penina squealed, shoving past him and into the living room. Frank laughed and followed her in.

Penina picked out Mario Kart from the large pile of video games and the three of them played for a long time. Much to her annoyance, Penina found that the more she played this game the worse she got. On her first try she came first, then second and now she seemed to be always getting eighth place.

Frank was also starting to get annoyed. Why didn't Mikey need to pee yet!? Did the boy have a bladder at all!?

After about three hours of playing Mario Kart Mikey finally got up to use the bathroom. The moment Frank heard Mikey's footsteps going up the stairs, he turned to Penina and said "I have something kind of important to tell you." Penina's eyes widened "I really like you, I think you're really cute, no not just cute, I think you're beautiful. I felt this way since the moment I set eyes on you. Penina Dayne, will you-"

"Frank, your toilets all blocked up!" Mikey yelled from the top of the stairs "What the hell am I meant to do?"

"Use the other toilet!" Frank yelled back in return "Now anyway, I was-" Penina was laughing too much to hear him. Of course Mikey would be yelling about toilets in what was supposed to be a romantic moment. Frank giggled too before finally asking "Penina Dayne, will you be my girlfriend?"

Penina nodded and smiled at him. Frank smiled back at her before leaning over and kissing her gently.

"That toilets blocked t- Oh shit, you're kissing!"
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