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"We're concerned for your safety!" Penina's Mom told her in a screechy voice "We're telling you that he's bad a influence!"

"And I'm telling you that he's not a bad influence!" Penina yelled "He hasn't influenced me at all! I'm my own person! Frank's a good person, I swear. And even if he weren't, I know how to look after myself."

"Look at his tattoos!" Her Dad snapped "He's not going to get anywhere in life!"

"Oh shut up!" Penina screamed, leaping up and running out of the house. Who were they to say that she couldn't hang round with Frank? Well she would show them!

It didn't take her long to get to Frank's house. They lived pretty close to each other. She knocked three times on his door and waited for an answer. There was no car on the drive but Frank would never be out with his parents.

Frank opened the door, smiled and then saw the look on Penina's face "What's wrong?" He asked, stepping out of the way so that Penina could stand inside.

By this point, Penina's eyes had filled with tears and Frank was getting worried. He took her hand and pulled her into the living room "Come on Penina, tell me what's wrong." Frank said, pulling her down onto the sofa and putting his arm round her.

Penina told him about her parents were always arguing and how they'd called Frank bad influence and that they didn't want her to hang out with him anymore. Frank shrugged his shoulders "Just ignore them, okay? You know I'm not a bad influence. I might have tattoo's but it's not like I'm going to strap you down to a chair and tattoo you myself is it?"

Penina giggled and wiped away her tears "But I'm so sick of them yelling at each other and bossing me around. I know they're my parents and they want what's best for me and blah blah blah but they think they own me!"

Suddenly Frank smiled "I have an idea." He said "Why don't we pretend we're dating just to piss them off? They'll hit the roof and it'd be so fun! What do you think?"

Penina grinned and nodded "Okay fine, let's pretend that we're dating." Frank stood up "Oh, you meant right now?" Frank nodded "Okay."

The two of them left Frank's house together and started walking to Penina's. Halfway there, Frank took Penina's hand "Well it'll look more believeable if we show up holding hands."

Penina nodded and blushed. She'd had a little crush (little is a big understatement) on Frank for a while now but she was too shy to say anything about it. However, Frank felt the same way for her but was also too shy to say anything about it. If one of them had just confessed their feelings, they'd have both been happy.

Penina opened her front door and stepped inside "Mom, Dad, me and Frank have something to tell you." She said in almost a sing-song voice as she walked into the living room.

Her parents grimaced as Frank walked into the living room and both of them went pale when they saw that Frank was holding their daughters hand. Frank laughed and turned Penina round to face him "Instead of telling them Penina, why don't we show them?" It was the perfect excuse to kiss her and Frank wasn't about to miss that oppurtunity. He leaned over and kissed her gently.

Penina felt butterflies in her stomach as Frank kissed her and her started beating so loudly that she was almost sure Frank and her parents could hear it too. When Frank pulled away, him and Penina were both bright red. So were their parents, but they weren't bright red for the same reasons Frank and Penina were "Penina, could we speak with you alone?"

"No, I have plans with Frank." Penina told them, taking Frank's hand and pulling her upstairs to her bedroom.

Frank took a deep breath. If he was ever going to tell her, now would be a good time "Penina, I don't know what that kiss meant to you but... Well, it meant everything to me. I love you Penina."

Penina turned to look at him, going even redder "It meant everything to me too. And I love you too Frankie."

Frank grinned at her, wrapped his arms round her and pulled her close "So... Hows about we date for real? You know, to really piss your parents off?"

Penina laughed "I'd love to be your girlfriend."

Frank smiled and kissed her cheek. Penina smiled and buried her face in his chest knowing that nothing her parents could do or say would stop her from dating this boy.
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