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"Hey Penina." Frank smiled as he went into the kitchen.

"Hey Frank." Penina replied, not daring to look up from her cornflakes. She'd been a little weird around frank for the past few weeks.

"Isn't anyone gonna say 'hey' to me?" Gerard asked.

Frank laughed "Hey Gerard. What time have we gotta be at the studio?"

"In about half-an-hour so hurry up and get dressed!" Gerard cried.

Frank rolled her eyes and went to get ready. Penina looked up "So... What's the new album gonna be called?"

"That's for us to know and for you to find out." Gerard replied, getting up "There's some stuff I gotta get done before I go to the studio. See you later Penina."

"Bye." Penina whispered, picking up her empty bowl and taking it to the sink. She went bright red and went upstairs. She'd spend the day doing what she did yesterday.

Once she made it to her room she switched on her laptop and googled Frank's name. Since his band was insanely famous there were so many pictures that Penina could look out. That way she could go bright red and Frank wouldn't be able to see her bright red face.

She was looking at picture's of Frank and going bright red because she had a massive crush on him and she didn't want him to ever find out. Penina went red and smiled. The image of Frank that she was looking at smiled back at her.

"Penina, have you seen my-" Frank entered Penina's bedroom without knocking and Penina jumped out of her skin before minimizing the screen. Frank stood there staring at her "What were you looking at?"

"Nothing." Penina mumbled. She knew she should've waited until Frank and Gerard left to go to the studio but she hadn't been able to wait that long.

"Come on, show me! What is it porn? I won't judge man!" Frank bounded over and grabbed the mouse.

"Frank, don't!" Penina yelled but it was too late. Frank had opened it and found that she had been staring at pictures of him.

Penina went bright red and looked down at the floor. Frank didn't say anything and it was making Penina nervous. They sat there in silence for a few minutes until Gerard yelled "Frank! We've gotta go now!"

"I'll meet you there later, there's something I've gotta do first." Frank yelled back. The two of them heard Gerard grumble to himself before he left the house "Y-You were looking at pictures of me? Why?" Penina's eyes filled with tears "Come on Penina, we're best friends. We tell each other everything. Please tell me. You've been acting weird around me for ages. Why?"

"I don't want to tell you." Penina murmured as the tears spilled down her cheeks.

Frank put his arms round her "Come on Penina, I won't get mad or anything."

Penina took a deep breath and started telling Frank about how she had a huge crush on him and was just too afraid to tell him how she felt because she was certain he'd never like her back. Frank was silent for a moment before using his hand to lift Penina's chin up to look him in the eyes "You should've just told me." Frank whispered before kissing Penina gently.

When he pulled away Penina had somehow gone even redder "Why did you do that?" Penina asked, wiping away her tears.

"Because I feel exactly the same way about you Penina."

"You mean you used to spend all day looking at pictures of me?" Penina grinned.

Frank laughed and kissed her cheek "No, but I do happen to love you." Penina smiled "I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met in my entire life. Will you please be my girlfriend Penina?" Penina smiled and nodded. Frank grinned and kissed Penina again.

When he pulled away, Penina asked "Hadn't you better go to the studio?"

Frank thought about it then grinned "They can survive without me for a while." He kissed Penina again.
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