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“Happy birthday!” Penina yelled as soon as her best friend Frank opened his front door “And happy Halloween!”

“Thanks Penina.” Frank grinned and took a box off of Penina that wasn’t wrapped up “Is this my present?”

“Yes but please don’t shake it.” Penina giggled, going into his house and sitting down on his sofa “Come here and open it Silly!”

Frank rolled his eyes and walked over to her. He sat down and took the lid off the box. A puppy jumped out onto his lap “PENINA HE’S ADORABLE OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!” Frank shrieked like a little girl, cuddling the puppy.

“Well I knew how much you wanted a dog.” Penina smiled as she watched him. He was so cute when he was all happy and excited.

“Is it a girl or a boy?”

“A girl. What are you gonna call her?”

“I’m gonna name her Penina Jr because you’re my best friend and you gave her too me.” Frank kissed the top of the puppies head and Penina couldn’t help but wish that he’d kiss her instead. Frank looked at her “Why aren’t you in a costume?”

“Because I still think it’s a bad idea to go trick or treating together when we’re both like twenty-one…”

“It’s my birthday! I’ll wear a costume and a birthday badge! People can’t say no to a guy with a birthday badge.” Frank grinned at her “Come on then, I know you brought your costume in the car…”

Penina rolled her eyes but went out to the car to get her costume. She came back in and found that Frank was already changed into a superman costume “How did you change so quickly?” She asked, her eyes widening.

“I was wearing it underneath my clothes as if I really were superman.” Frank laughed “What are you going dressed as?”

“Wednesday from the Addams family.” Penina replied “Is it okay if I get changed in your room?”

“Yeah, of course it is.”

Penina ran up the stairs and into Frank’s bedroom. She pulled off her tee-shirt and trousers when suddenly she heard Frank ask “Sorry, would you like a cup of tea or something?” And then he opened the door.

Penina shrieked and grabbed her clothes, trying to cover herself. Frank went beetroot red and quickly went downstairs “I’m so sorry!” He yelled up the stairs.

Penina giggled and yelled back “Yeah I’d like a cup of tea please!”

She pulled on her black dress and black tights then put on a black wig in plaits. She sighed and went downstairs even though she was pretty embarrassed about Frank seeing her in her underwear.

When she got downstairs it was clear that Frank was just as embarrassed as she was “Like I said, I’m really sorry that I walked in on you, I didn’t think you’d get undressed that quickly.” Frank handed her a cup of tea “Well. This might seem inappropriate but you’re really hot.”

“Oh shush.” Penina giggled, swotting at him but inside she was really pleased.

“That was so much fun!” Frank giggled as him and Penina got back to his place.

“I still can’t believe that old lady called us perverts though.” Penina giggled too and flopped down onto the sofa next to him “So now what are we doing?”

“We’re watching a horror movie obviously! It’s Halloween!” Frank jumped up and started looking through his movies “Let’s watch Saw!”

Penina gulped. She hated horror movies and always avoided watching them. But it was Frank’s birthday so why not let him watch what he wanted to watch? “Okay.” Penina muttered and Frank shrieked excitedly and put the DVD in the DVD player.

The title menu appeared and that was enough to make Penina’s stomach to flip over with fear “Let’s get into our pyjamas.” Penina said. She was sleeping at his house for the night.

They both clattered upstairs. Penina got into pink pyjamas and Frank got into blue pyjamas before Frank ran back downstairs and Penina reluctantly followed him. He leaped onto the sofa and Penina dared whisper “Look, Frank, I’m kinda scared of movies like this-“

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.” He smiled innocently and held his arms out to her.

Penina wanted to run home back to her place and not watch a scary movie but she couldn’t resist. Frank rarely put his arms around her and she wanted to make the most of the moment. So she snuggled against him and he pressed play on the DVD. ‘Oh well,’ Penina thought ‘When there’s a scary bit I’ll just close my eyes.’

When the movie was over, Penina hadn’t been able to shut her eyes once. They’d been wide open and terrified. Now she was shaking uncontrollably. Frank didn’t seem to notice as he took the DVD out of the player and put it back into the case “Let’s go up to bed now.” He smiled and flicked the light off as a joke but it made Penina scream and run up the stairs. He was confused but shrugged his shoulders and went upstairs after her.

He went into his room and saw Penina was already in bed. She was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She was lying back with her eyes closed and Frank guessed she was tired, got into his own bed and closed his eyes.

Penina started shaking as she opened her eyes. She heard a sudden noise downstairs that made her stomach churn. Another noise. Another. And then another. There was another and then she couldn’t take it anymore “Frank?” She whispered “Frankie?”

“Yeah?” Frank whispered back, sounding half asleep.

“I keep hearing noises. Honestly, I was really scared to watch that movie but I did for your sake and now I’m terrified and I’m really sorry for being such a wimp.” Penina burst into tears.

She jumped when she felt someone take her hand “It’s just me.” Frank muttered, pulling her out of bed and into his bed “Sleep with me, it’ll be okay. I’ll look after you, there’s nothing to be afraid of. It was only a movie.” He started stroking her hair gently and she cuddled as close to him as she could get “… Penina? You know it’s still my birthday, right? Does that mean I can have anything I want?”

“I guess so.” Penina whispered tearfully “What do you want?”

“You.” Frank replied simply, kissing her gently.
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