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"... So yeah, I was thinking about telling her, but I'm not entirely sure." Frank sighed "What do you think I should do?"

Gerard looked at him "You should tell her. Worst she could do is say she doesn't feel the same way."

"Or hate me forever because she doesn't feel the same way." Frank pouted "Seriously, she's my best friend in the whole world-"

"Thanks Frank."

"Best friend that's a girl, jeez. Anyway, she's my best GIRL friend and I want to stay friends with her but it sucks not being able to tell her how I really feel." Frank groaned "WHY IS SHE SO PERFECT?"

"Look, it's Chrismas soon, the most romantic day of the year-"

"What about Valentines Day?"

"You don't have time to wait until Valentines Day!" Gerard cried "You need to suck it up and get off with that woman on Christmas Day!"

"But Penina's way prettier than I am." Frank whined, flopping down onto the sofa "You don't understand Gerard!"

"I did understand. Used to have a crush on Hozzie. Asked her out. She said yes. And now I'm happy." Gerard smiled as he sat down next to his best friend "And you could be happy with Penina. If you'd only man up and tell her that you love her!"

"No one said anything about love." Frank said, his eyes widening "All I said was that I like her more than a friend. And I'm way too shy for that!"

"You're not shy at all!" Gerard laughed "You're the least shy person that I know. Get over it Frank. You can do it."

Frank sighed and nodded. He was going to do it. On Christmas Day, he was going to tell Penina that he fancied her.

Penina went into the kitchen and took the tray of cookies she'd had in the oven and put it on top of the oven to cool. She smiled and put the cake into the oven so that it'd started to bake. She wiped her forehead because the tiny kitchen she was standing in was really hot. Since her flat was so tiny, whenever she cooked something or put the heating on just a little the entire flat would boil up.

Someone knocked on her front door so she went to answer it "Oh hi Frank." She smiled "I thought you were coming over tomorrow?"

"Well I decided to stay the night even if you didn't invite me." Frank grinned "It'd suck to spend Christmas Eve alone."

"It's a good thing I've made heaps of cookies then, isn't it?" Penina laughed, walking into the kitchen.

Frank dumped his bag on the floor and hung up his coat then followed her into the kitchen "Ooh cookies, eh?" He grinned and picked one up then shrieked as he burnt his hand.

"Sorry, I should've told you they were hot." Penina cried, grabbing his hand and running it under the cold tap.

"And you shouldn't have made them look so delicious and mm they smell lovely and..." Frank was babbling. It was what he always did when he was nervous. And right now he was nervous about admitting to Penina that he had feelings for her.

"Oh quit it." Penina grinned "They'll cool down soon and then you'll see if they actually do taste good. Plus there's a cake in the oven for you to try too."

"YAY I can't wait!" Frank smiled but his heart was pounding. He was looking at Penina. She was so beautiful and really cute. She finished cleaning up the kitchen and was talking to him but Frank barely heard what she was saying, he was so distracted by her cuteness.

"Do you wanna watch a movie or something then?" Penina asked, snapping Frank out of his daydream.

"Uhh yeah sure. What movie are we watching?" Frank followed Penina into her living room.

Penina went over to her DVD collection and pulled one out "Well since it's Christmas Eve, how about a Christmas film? Like this one. The Polar Express."

"Aren't we a bit old for The Polar Express now?" Frank smirked.

"You weren't saying that when you brought an advent calender." Penina shot back, winking at him and smiling.

Frank laughed "Alright, you got me! Let's watch it then." He flopped down onto her sofa. Penian slotted the DVD into the player then jumped down onto the sofa next to him. She took his arm and made him put it around her. He gulped.

"Sorry but it's really cold." Penina smiled, snuggling up to him.

"Yeah, it is." Frank said nervously. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling 'Tell her... Tell her...' He told himself sternly inside his head.

When he opened his mouth to spit it out, the phone rang "Oh sorry, let me just go and answer that." She got up and picked it up "Hello?"

She was on the phone for a good half-an-hour and Frank started worrying that she might already have a boyfriend and that he was too late. She only thought of him as a friend. Penina put down the phone and smiled at him "Sorry that was just Raven wishing me a Merry Christmas and then she was telling me about her date with Ray."

"I didn't know her and Ray were dating."

"What, have you been living in a cave?" Penina laughed "They've been dating for like five months!"

"Wow!" Frank cried "I'd better talk to Ray more often."

Penina laughed again then remembered the cake. She ran into the kitchen, took it out and left it on the side to cool so that her and Frank could decorate it later. Then she took all the cookies from the cooling rack and put them onto a plate. She carried it into the living room "Frankie, I've got cook-"

"COOKIES!" Frank shrieked, leaping up and taking five off of the plate. He shoved them in his mouth "Oh my God, these cookies are delicious!" He licked this lips "Penina, these are the best things I've ever tasted."

"Well I'm glad you like them." Penina sat down next to him and Frank reached out for another one. She slapped his hand away "I think it's my turn to try one of the cookies that I made." She took a bite out of one "They're not bad, are they?"

"Utterly delicious. Now might I have another one please?" Frank asked in a posh accent. Penina giggled and let him have another one. And then another. And then another.

"Frank, you're not gonna have any room left for the cake I made." She smiled.

"Yes I will. There's always room Penina." Frank laughed then turned his attention back to the movie "I don't get this movie. It's basically about some kids that get dragged out of bed to go on this nightmare train ride-"

"And I'll never understand why that girl had to go too. Isn't this drip for those who don't believe in Santa anymore? But she believed right from the start." Penina rolled her eyes "I think this cake is ready to decorate."

Frank had a sudden idea "Penina, can I decorate it? I wanna... I wanna surprise you with something."

Penina thought about it "Yeah, sure, why not?"

Frank jumped up and ran into the kitchen. He got out some white icing mix and some water then mixed it altogether before spreading it across the top of the cake. This cake was not a Christmas cake. It was going to be a message.

He looked through her cupboards until he found some writing icing. He smiled and piped the message that he wanted onto the cake. It didn't come out as neat as he wanted it to but it was readable and that was enough for him. Then he picked it up and walked into the living room with it.

Penina smiled and looked up. The smile disappeared from her face as she read the message Penina, I'm in love with you - Frank xoxo "I-Is that true?" She asked.

Frank nodded "I was way too shy to tell you in person. So I... I used the cake to tell you." He put it down "Penina, I'm in love with you. I always have been in love with you. And I know you'll never feel the same way but-"

"Oh shut up and kiss me." Penina grinned.

Frank didn't need to be asked twice. He wrapped his arms around Penina, pulled her close and kissed her lips gently. When he pulled away, Penina smiled and said "It's a shame that I'm about to eat the first love note you ever wrote for me."
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