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Anna stood at the window of Frank Iero's house staring in. Frank was on the computer with his best friend Penina and they were playing Sims, giggling and messing around like they normally did. Anna hated that. She was a massive fan of Frank's band My Chemical Romance and seeing him with Penina made her extremely jealous.

She muttered some words under her breath, not taking her eyes off of Frank or Penina. There was a loud BANG and both of them disappeared. Anna smirked and disappeared down the garden and over the wall before anybody noticed her.

Penina felt weird. She didn't exactly feel weird. She couldn't really feel anything. She tried to move but she couldn't for some reason. And that's when she noticed something. She was standing in the house on Sims that her and Frank had just finished building and furnishing. And when she looked up, she couldn't see sky. Instead, she was looking at a large see-through screen and past that was Frank's computer room.

Suddenly Gerard's head popped into view "Frank? Penina?" He called. Penina opened her mouth to say something to him but she couldn't.

Gerard looked down at the screen "Aww cute they made each other." He took a seat at the computer chair. He'd always wanted to play Sims but Frank never let him play on his game and he never seemed to have enough money left over to buy his own. So he decided he'd play the game first before continuing to find Frank and Penina.

He clicked on Penina's character and made her get a job as a chef and then he made Frank get one as a criminal. He wanted to make them have babies but soon realised he'd have to make them fall in love first "Well Frank's the guy, he should ask Penina on a date." Gerard mumbled to himself, clicking on Frank's character and then pressed Penina and clicked 'ask on first date.'

Frank walked stiffly over to her "Penina, will you go on a date with me?" He asked in a strange voice. Penina nodded. They got into a taxi and drove off to a local cafe to have dinner together.

When they sat down, they were allowed to talk to each other. But every time Penina tried to ask what was going on, she ended up asking things like "Do you like spaghetti?" or "What do you think of cats?" A little speech bubble appeared over her head each time, with a picture of the thing she was talking about.

Frank's responses were limited. For example, when Penina asked him if he liked cats, he shook his head and said "No cats." instead of "I don't like cats." He raised his eye-brows and Penina giggled because they both sounded so weird.

Gerard sighed "Now try and kiss her." Penina and Frank stood up, having finished their meal, and Gerard clicked on Penina then selected 'first kiss'. Frank wrapped his arms around her and kissed Penina gently. They felt themselves floating in the air and several love hearts surrounded them while Gerard laughed. He'd always kind of hoped that Penina and Frank would get together. This was the closest he was going to get for now.

After the kiss, Penina felt like her cheeks were on fire but they didn't go red because she was just a Sims character who's cheeks never blushed. Frank felt the exact same way. They both got into the taxi and Gerard made them do random things. For example, he forced Frank to water all the flowers when all Frank wanted to do was kiss Penina again. But he couldn't break the spell because he was just a Sims character.

Penina was in the living room watching a boring TV programme about cooking which just kept saying "This is spaghetti. Cook the spaghetti. Eat the spaghetti. This is spaghetti." Over and over again. Then a warm feeling overcame Penina as she gained a cooking point.

Gerard forced Frank into the living room and sat him down next to Penina. He made him put his arm around her and kiss her again. Then he made them make-out on the couch. Both Penina and Frank were starting to enjoy the position they'd been put in but neither of them could say this. One because they were just Sims characters and couldn't say anything useful and also because everytime they stopped making out, Gerard would make them do it again.

Then he got them off the sofa and made Frank serenade Penina, kiss up her arm and then made Penina jump into his arms. Both there relationship metres were now set to 100. Gerard smiled and made them relax on the bed and then clicked 'Try for baby.'

The moment he pressed that, two things happened. One, Frank and Penina got undressed and then leaped under the cover. And then there was another loud bang noise and the room filled with smoke. Gerard coughed and spluttered, trying to wave it all away.

Once the smoke had cleared, Gerard looked at the screen and found that Frank and Penina were no longer characters in the game. And then he heard a noise from behind him. A sort of moan... He turned around and found Frank and Penina having sex behind him. He screamed, leaped up and ran out of the room.
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