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"Okay, you two really need to calm down." Gerard said for the fourth time. Him, Ray and Mikey were trying to watch a movie that he'd rented from Blockbusters. The only thing stopping them from just enjoying the movie were Frank and Penina who were laughing hysterically and jumping around the room. They'd both eaten way too much candy and were now extremely hyper.

"Someone should throw a bucket of water over the two of them." Ray grumbled.

Penina suddenly screamed as she tripped and grabbed hold of Frank but he was unsteady too so they both landed in a giggly heap on the floor "For crying out loud, go and mess around in your room or something!" Gerard cried.

"Fine, grumpy-guts." Frank giggled "Come on Penina. At least you know how to have fun."

Penina laughed and took his hand. He pulled her up and they ran upstairs together into Penina's bedroom "Let's jump on my bed!" Penina grinned, pulling Frank up onto the bed.

"Oh my god, yes!" Frank cried, jumping up and down so high that his head banged off the ceiling a couple of times. Penina giggled both times because Frank didn't even seem to notice.

"I AM TARZAN! ROAR!" Frank screamed, pulling his shirt off and beating his fists against his chest.

Penina smiled. Frank looked really good without a shirt "You don't have the hair to be tarzan." Penina laughed, hopped off the bed and went to her wardrobe. She found a curly black wig and handed it to him "Put this on."

"I will if you put one on to." Frank smirked.

Penina nodded and put on a ginger afro then got back on the bed while Frank put his on "We are just so attractive." Penina giggled.

"Totally. Gerard, Ray and Mikey are just jealous of our beauty!" He roared so that they could hear him downstairs.

Suddenly there was a bang, a crack and the two of them were forced against each other "What's going on?" Penina cried as they crashed towards the floor.

"We're going to die!" Frank screamed "Penina, we're gonna die!"

"No, I'm too young to die!" Penina shrieked.

"Penina!" Frank took her hand "If we die here, then I just want you to know that... I love you so much! Even if you're wearing a ginger afro wig! You are the love of my life and you are so beautiful and I've always wanted to tell you and kiss you and have sex with you-"

"Slow down Frank!" Penina cried, throwing her arms around his neck "I love you too! And I am so sorry it took so long to tell you. And now it's too late because we're going to DIE!"

They hugged each other tightly and shut their eyes tight. After staying in that position for about ten minutes it soon became obvious that neither of them was going to die. Frank pulled away and then cheered loudly "Penina! We survived the apocolaypse!"

"Now we can live together forever!" Penina grinned.

There was a moments silence before Frank asked "So can I kiss you now please?"

Penina giggled "Of course you can."

Frank smiled and kissed her lips gently, pushing her back against the now broken bed.

"Penina and Frank have been pretty quiet." Gerard said "I'd better go and check on them, in case they need an ambulance or something."

"Maybe we should've got suspicious when there was a loud bang and then lots of shouting." Mikey said, shrugging his shoulders but he didn't take his eyes off the TV screen.

Gerard sighed and went upstairs "Are you two o-" He opened the door and found Frank without a shirt on, kissing Penina on a broken bed. He sighed and shook his head "Whatever. I'm going back downstairs."
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