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‘This is it.’ Penina thought to herself as she looked down to the ground from the top of an unbelievably high building. This was the building that she worked in. The most boring job in the world. No one noticed her, she found it so boring here and her life was going nowhere. So why not just end it now? Why not end it while she was ahead?

Penina’s stomach flipped over as she leaned forward a little and quickly leant back. She groaned to herself. If she wanted to take her life then the quickest and easiest way would be to jump off this building. She wondered who’d find her body. She hoped that it wasn’t a child. Her entire life she’d wanted to have a kid. But nobody seemed interested in here. So she was never going to have a child.

She took one last deep breath and got ready to jump. Just as she was about to she heard a loud voice yell “Penina, don’t!”

She jumped and nearly toppled over the edge of the building but someone grabbed her and pulled her back to safety “Penina, you can’t do this!” Her hero cried, hugging her close.

“Get away from me!” Penina snapped, shoving him away. It was her best friend Frank.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked her “What made you want to take your own life?”

“How did you even know I was here?”

“I saw your suicide note. And I don’t know how but I knew this was the place you’d be.” Frank put his hands on her shoulders “What the hell made you wanna jump?”

“What didn’t make me wanna jump?” Penina cried “My life’s a joke Frank! I have the most boring job ever, nobody cares about me, I was bullied all through High School, my parents always told me I wasn’t good enough and I guess they were right. Every night I go home and I’m always alone except for my three cats. I have three cats Frank! I’m practically a crazy old lonely cat lady!”

“You are good enough Penina!” Frank told her “Of course you’re good enough.”

“Then why doesn’t anyone give a shit about me? Every night I go home and do the same thing! Get in, eat dinner, feed the cats, watch TV, go to sleep, wake up, go to work and then it just repeats every day! I hate myself! I hate my life!”

“Then quit your job.”

“But then I won’t have any money.”

“Well if you jump off this building then you won’t have a life. I’ll support you all that you need. Just please don’t do this.” There was silence between the two of them “And I give a shit about you Penina. I always have and I always will. Do you know what Penina? I never had the guts to say this but… But… I love you!”

Penina shook her head “You’re my best friend. That’s why you’re saying that. You don’t mean it; you just don’t want me to kill myself.”

“No Penina. I’ve wanted to say it for ages. But I was too scared. Too scared I’d lose you if I said it. But now I see that I’ll lose you if I don’t say it.” Frank hugged Penina close “I love you so much Beautiful.” And then he kissed her gently.

Penina blinked at him “Why did you do that?”

“Because like I said, I love you Penina.” Frank whispered, looking her in the eyes.

“… I love you too Frankie.” Penina smiled.

“Then please come with me. You’ll quit your job, get a new one, live with me and I’ll make sure that you never feel lonely again.” Frank smiled at her “And if you’re really beginning to hate the cats then we can always sell them to other families and we’ll buy a dog instead.” Penina giggled and Frank took her hands, pulling her away from the edge of the building and towards the stairs “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

A month later Penina was so glad that Frank had found her that night she was going to take her life. She’d moved in with Frank a couple of days after that fateful night and they really had brought a dog. Another thing she’d done was quit her job. She’d gotten another job as ‘merch girl’ for Frank’s band. It wasn’t fancy or anything but it meant that she could go on tour with Frank and not have to be away from him.

She sat on the sofa, smiling and listening to My Chemical Romance when she heard the front door open. Her smile increased and Frank walked into the living room “Hey Beautiful,” Frank grinned, walking over to her “Have a good day?”

“It just got way better now that you’re here.” Penina smiled, blushing a little as Frank sat next to her and hugged her close “I love you so much Frankie.”

“I love you too Penina.” Frank grinned, kissing her cheek “Now then, I wanted to surprise you with something. Will you come with me please?”

“Where are we going?” Penina asked but Frank just shook his head, took her hand and they both left the house together.

They both got into the car and Frank rolled the windows all the way down and drove really fast because Penina thought it was really fun when they did that. Frank laughed at Penina’s happy expression.

It took them about ten minutes and Penina found that they were at a top of a mountain “Why are we up here?” Penina grinned. Frank pulled something out of the back seat. It was a picnic blanket. Penina squealed.

“You find some place for us to sit down.” Frank smiled, handing Penina the picnic blanket.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” Penina laughed, taking the blanket from him.

“Penina, it’s never too late for a picnic.” Frank giggled and he reached into the boot of the car. He brought out a picnic basket and went over to the spot that Penina had chosen “And I thought it’d be fun.”

“It is fun.” Penina smiled as Frank sat down next to her.

“Here,” Frank said. Penina opened her mouth and Frank popped a piece of chocolate in her mouth “Is it good?” Penina nodded, smiling “I love you so much.”

“I love you too Frankie.” Penina replied, leaning her head on his shoulder and looking out into the city. From here she could just about make out the building she’d considered jumping off of. She smiled when she remembered Frank first telling her that he loved her. The worst day of her life had also turned out to be the best.
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