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It was Maths class. The class that Penina and Frank both dreaded and also loved at the same time. They hated the lesson itself and they hated their irritating maths teacher Miss.Snaker who kept interupting their conversations every two seconds and telling them to stop talking and stuff. They hated it that they couldn't figure out half the irritating sums and riddles. However, they loved sitting at the back of the class and mucking around all lesson instead of concentrating.

For example, today Frank had suggested to Penina that they cough everytime Miss.Snaker said a number. They happened to be doing algebra that morning so there were quite a few numbers involved and they were coughing every two seconds until Miss.Snaker told them to take a drink and stop coughing or she'd send them outside "What if we had the plague or something?" Frank whispered "Or we were actually seriously ill. Would she tell us to take a drink and shut up then?"

"More than likely. She absolutely hates us." Penina giggled and earned a stern look from Miss.Snaker.

Miss.Snaker talked for what felt like a life time until finally she let the class get on with their work "She talks forever!" Frank moaned "Why can't she just say what we have to do and then shut up? And god she has the most irritating voice ever."

"I know. And I hate the way that she favours all the popular kids too as if they're special. Nearly all the teachers like the popular kids even though they mess around, never do any work, smoke, get into trouble-"

"Kind of like us."

"Yeah but we're not as annoying as them." Penina smiled "And I don't wear as much foundation as the other girls."

"Good because I'm not having people see me walking around with a wotsit." They both giggled and Miss Snaker appeared next to them.

"I'm sorry, is my Maths lesson interupting your conversation?" Miss Snaker asked, looking over her glasses at them.

"It kind of is actually. Could we go the library or something?" Frank replied and Penina nudged him hard under the table.

Miss Snaker snorted and walked away without bothering to tell them off. Frank laughed and Penina just nudged him again "We could've both got killed for that!" Penina cried but she was laughing. She was used to Frank's sense of humour.

"Oh come on, who cares what the old Snake thinks anyway?" Frank smirked, opening his maths book "I don't like algebra. Letters and numbers should just never be together. Do you know what? Fuck it, I'm gonna doodle all over my Maths book instead!"

The two of them spent the entire lesson doodling things all over the pages of their Maths book. Frank drew an artistic picture of Penina and then one of Miss Snaker doing a pole dance which made Penina laugh so hard that coke spurted out of her nose. Penina drew a picture of Frank to get back at him and then a picture of Ray as a tree.

At the end of the lesson Miss Snaker announced that she wanted to check everyone's books to check they'd definitely done the work. Everyone in the class was free to go until she finally got to Frank and Penina's table "Frank, your book please."

"Actually Miss, I've kind of lost it." Frank muttered, looking down at the table so that he didn't burst into hysterical laughter. Penina did the same.

Miss Snaker sighed and snatched the book out of Frank's lap and flicked to the latest pages "What the hell is this?" Miss Snaker roared "This is- Frank! This has earned you a detention." She slammed Frank's book down on the desk "Penina, your book." Penina handed her the book. Miss Snaker groaned when she saw Penina's drawing "If you're going to draw all over your Maths book then you might as well try and draw a good picture. These are terrible. It's almost like you can't draw at all."

"Penina's a brilliant artist!" Frank yelled "And she's good at lots of things! Like cooking and making me feel better and I bet she's good at kissing!" Frank grinned "I'm gonna find out!" He turned Penina round to face him and kissed her on the lips right in front of Miss Snaker.

"Break it up!" Miss Snaker yelled, pulling Frank away from Penina "You two wait here. I'm gonna fetch the principal."

Miss Snaker left the room and the moment she did, Penina cried "Why did you kiss me? Frank, I've never been kissed before! I wanted it to be special. I wanted someone who loved me to kiss me."

"What makes you think I don't love you?"

"I meant romance love not friend love."

"I'm not talking about friend love." Frank sighed heavily "I'm in love with you Penina. How could you not know that?"

"Y-You love me?" Penina asked in disbelief. Frank nodded "Wow. That's amazing. Because... I love you too Frankie."

Frank grinned and leaned over to kiss Penina again "Stop hoovering her lips Mr.Iero!" A voice shouted from the door of the classroom. It was the principal who started ranting at the two of them. Normally Penina would get pretty scared at this point but Frank's hand held hers under the table re-assuringly.

“… So you two got together just because Frank was hyper in Maths and kissed you?” Gerard asked, scratching his head “I’m really confused.”

“Well that’s nothing new.” Mikey joked and earned a whack round the back of his head from Gerard.

“It doesn’t matter if it makes sense to you or not.” Penina said with a shrug of her shoulders “Me and Frank are dating and we’re really happy. That’s all that matters, right?”

“Of course it is.” Ray smiled “I’m happy for you Penina.”

“Thank you Ray.” Penina grinned “Oh look, here comes Frank. I don’t know if I should have told you guys yet. Oh shit, I probably should’ve waited until later… Don’t tell Frank that I told you! Please? I don’t want him to get mad at me.”

“He won’t get mad at you. But fine, we won’t tell him.” Gerard shrugged his shoulders and pulled his sketch book out of his bag.

Frank smiled and sat down with his friends “Hey Frank,” Ray smiled “Penina was just telling us about what happened in Math class.” He teased and Penina shot him a pleading look.

“Oh yeah?” Frank asked, not looking too interested.

“Yeah, about how you both got detention for messing around.”

“Penina, I know you told them that we’re dating.” Frank smiled “I didn’t want to keep it a secret from them anyway.”

“Thank god, because I’m awful at keeping secrets!” Mikey cried “Anyway, I think it’s really cute that you two are together now.”

“I think so too.” Frank said, putting one arm around Penina “So yeah, we do have an hour after school today. Actually I’m pretty surprised that we didn’t get expelled. Though honestly I think we should be encouraged for our artistic skills. Our drawings were pretty amazing. Even better than anything Gerard could ever draw.”

“I highly doubt that.” Gerard muttered

“Dude, you didn’t see our drawings.” Penina laughed “They were amazing.”

“I’m sure they were.” Ray giggled “So when do you have detention?”

“Every day after school until next Friday for an hour.” Frank groaned “Penina, you’d better think of ways to keep me entertained because otherwise it’s gonna be so boring.”

“I’m sure I can think of a couple of ways to keep entertained.” Penina winked at him. Frank laughed, Mikey and Ray mimed being sick and Gerard continued drawing.

“You guys are just jealous.” Frank said, sticking his tongue out at Mikey and Ray “Because Penina loves me and not you guys.”

“Oh man, I’m totally jealous.” Ray replied, holding his hands in the air “Even though I have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah but she’s not as pretty as Penina.” Frank stuck his tongue out again and Penina went bright red though she smiled.

“Shush Frank, I’m going tomato red.” Penina giggled, hiding her face with her hands.

Frank pulled them away gently “Oh come on, you know it’s true. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.” And with that he leaned over and kissed her.

“Eugh, get a room guys!” Mikey shrieked but Frank and Penina ignored him.

“I love you Penina.” Frank whispered.

Penina blinked at him “You love me?” Frank nodded “Wow. I love you too.”

“Hey, I just drew you this.” Gerard said, tearing out the sketch he’d been working on from his book and handed it to Penina.

She took it off him and looked down at it. It was a sketch of Penina and Frank. Frank had his arm round Penina and he was kissing her cheek. It was so realistic that it almost looked like a black and white photograph. Penina grinned “Thanks Gee. I’ll keep it forever.” Penina looked at Frank “I’m keeping you forever too.”
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