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Jennifer got out of bed and changed into a baggy Mindless Self Indulgence tee-shirt, a pair of tight skinny blacks and some black converse. She went down into the kitchen to find that her brother Daniel had left her some breakfast. There was a single blueberry muffin with a note by the side. She sat down, bit into the muffin and picked up the note. It said 'I'm sorry I couldn't be here for breakfast or to drop you off at school. I was called into work. Will make it up to you at dinner? - D xx'

She smiled and stood up. It didn't matter. She'd eat the muffin on the way to school. And after school she'd spend time with her boyfriend Bob...

Her smile increased when she thought of Bob. She picked up her school bag and swung it over her shoulder, left the house and started walking towards her school. Her brother had no idea that she was going out with Bob. Actually, no one knew that she was going out with Bob... Because if they did know, they wouldn't understand.

Bob was her English teacher. She was in 12th grade, surely she should be allowed to date whoever she wanted? Even so, she kept it a secret from everyone. Especially her brother.

When she made it to school she had two choices. Wait until double English last lesson to see Bob or go and see him now? After a minute of wondering, she decided that she couldn't wait until last lesson and went straight over to his room.

She pushed open the door and Bob looked away from his computer "Hey Beautiful." Bob smiled.

Jennifer grinned and walked over to him. He stood up, wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her. She pushed him away "Someone will catch us." She whispered.

"No they won't." Bob whispered back before kissing her again.

They kissed each other until the bell went. Jennifer jumped back "Someone will catch us." She repeated, laughing and blushing bright red.

"Go to first lesson then before you get in trouble." Bob grinned and kissed her cheek before she ran off to Maths.

The day was so long and so boring until finally she made it to double English. Even though she had to sit at the back and pretend to be bored so that none of the other students would suspect anything, it was always completely worth it. It was always worth it to be near Bob.

Finally the bell rang and Jennifer took a long time packing her books into her bag. When every student had gone, she smiled and went over to Bob "Why don't you come back to my place?" Jennifer grinned "My brother works late every night so we'll have heaps of time."

"Are you sure?" Bob asked "You said he'd kill us both if he found out what we were doing."

"He won't find out, I promise." Jennifer blushed "I'll start walking home and you take the car so no one sees us leave together and then pick me up, okay?"

"Of course." Bob smiled and kissed her "Go on then."

Jennifer grinned and ran off. She walked for ten minutes until Bob pulled up next to her "Looking for a ride?"

"Oh shut up!" Jennifer laughed and got into the passengers seat.

Bob drove them back to Jennifer's place "You promise that your brother won't show up?" Bob asked nervously, going into Jennifer's house.

"Aww are you scared of my brother?" Jennifer giggled and Bob stuck his tongue out at her like a little kid.

For an hour they sat on the sofa 'watching a movie'. Jennifer and Bob were making out on the coach and they were so distracted that they didn't notice the front door open and close. They didn't hear footsteps heading towards the living room. However they did hear Jennifer's brother yell "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Jennifer pulled away from Bob and then suddenly remembered Daniel's note to her that morning 'Will make it up to you at dinner?'

"I said, what the fuck is going on here?" Daniel looked like he was about to punch Bob in the face.

Jennifer jumped up "Look, I can explain."

"I spend all day slaving at that awful job that I hate to look after you and this is how you repay me?" Daniel shouted "Well do you know what Jennifer? You can go fuck yourself!"

Jennifer's eyes widened and Daniel stormed out of the house. She looked near tears so Bob wrapped his arms around her "It's gonna be okay Jennifer, I promise." He whispered, kissing the top of her head.

"But what if he doesn't come back?" She sobbed.

"Then you'll have me to look after you." Bob said comfortingly, rocking her back and forth "Just calm down, okay?"

Jennifer sobbed into Bob's chest. Bob sighed, sat down on the sofa and pulled Jennifer onto his lap.

About three hours later Daniel hadn't returned and Jennifer was still crying. Bob kissed her cheek "Do you want me to stay here tonight?" Jennifer nodded "Well it's getting late, maybe we should go to bed?"

Jennifer was about to reply when the door opened and slammed shut again. Jennifer stood up and Daniel came into the room "Okay, I've calmed down a bit now..." He said, taking a deep breath as if to prove his point.

"Daniel, I'm really sorry!" Jennifer cried.

"Hey, it's okay." Daniel went over to her and wrapped his arms around her "I don't mind you dating this guy. I completely over re-acted and I'm sorry." He kissed his sisters cheek "Look, I'm going to bed now because I have work in the morning. But I'm not mad at you, okay? So please stop crying." Daniel kissed her cheek one more time and then went upstairs to go to bed.

"It's a good thing you didn't tell him I'm your teacher." Bob teased, getting up and hugging Jennifer.

Jennifer stopped crying and started laughing instead.
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