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“Hey… So it’s my birthday tomorrow.” Jennifer smiled at Bob.

“I know that Jennifer.” Bob laughed nervously “How would I forget something like that?”

“Well I just wanted to remind you.” Jennifer ruffled his hair “Anyway, I’m going to go and hang out with Penina. I’ll see you later.” Jennifer kissed his cheek and ran out of the house.

Bob pulled his phone out of his pocket and rang Gerard “Hey?” Gerard greeted.


In about half-an-hour the rest of the guys were at his place and they were assigning each other jobs “Well someone needs to organise her party but that will probably take three people because there’s like food, music, venue, shit like that.” Bob muttered, scribbling frantically on a piece of paper that was attached to a clipboard.

“Where did you get a clipboard by the way?” Gerard asked.

“That’s not important!” Bob roared “Anyway, then someone will need to get Jennifer’s present and I think that I need to do that. Yeah so basically I think that Ray, Gerard and Mikey should organise the party while me and Frank go looking for a birthday present.”

“But I kinda wanna help out with the party.” Frank pouted.

“I know but I don’t trust you with kind of stuff.” Bob told him “Now come on, time to get started!”

“I don’t understand, is there some kind of theme to this party?” Gerard asked, taking it all very seriously “Because I don’t really know what Jennifer’s into.”

“Well then that’s a challenge you’ll have to get over!” Bob snapped “Come on guys, I can’t do everything!”

“You could’ve if you’d remembered in advance.” Frank said unwisely. Bob glared at him then slapped him round the back of the head.

“Come on, we need to go!” Bob cried, grabbing hold of Frank’s arm and dragging him out of the room “We’ll help with the party when we get back!” He yelled.

“I still don’t know what this party theme is or whatever.” Gerard groaned, leaning back in his seat “Anyone got any ideas?”

“I don’t get it, why did you want us to meet up?” Penina, Jennifer’s best friend and Frank’s girlfriend asked.

“Because I reminded Bob that it was my birthday tomorrow. He looked pretty nervous so I figured that he’d need some time to organise something.” Jennifer giggled “Guys are so hopeless at stuff like this.”

“So you don’t mind that he forgot your birthday?”

“Well boys aren’t like girls are they? I mean Bob’s birthday is at the end of the month and I’ve had something planned for ages. Because I’m a girl and I care about stuff like that. Sure, I reckon Bob will try his best today but I don’t wanna set my standards too high. I’ll be lucky if I get a card.”

“You have a point. Frank remembered it was my birthday but he was on tour so all I got was a phone call. When I got back he gave me a jacket but he didn’t say ‘this is for your birthday’ or anything so I’m assuming that he just brought it for me anyway.” Penina shrugged her shoulders “It was a really nice jacket though.”

“I hope I get a cake though.” Jennifer said dreamily, grinning.

Bob walked around the town centre really fast while Frank tagged along behind him “Would you hurry up?” Bob cried “We don’t have much time! We still have to wrap them and help with the party because I love Gerard, Mikey and Ray but I don’t trust them to sort out Jennifer’s party.”

“Does she really need a party?” Frank asked “I’m sure she’d love it even if you just did something small for her? How are you gonna get all the invites out anyway?”

“It’ll just be a small party. And you don’t understand. She’ll have been planning something for me for ages.” Bob smacked his hand against his forehead “I’m such an idiot. I love her so much Frank. Don’t you see? That’s why I have to do something special for her. So that she knows how much I love her.”

“She knows how much you love her anyway.”

“And what if she doesn’t?” Bob cried “What if she doesn’t know how much I love her and decides to leave me for somebody else?”

“Is that really what all this is about?” Frank asked, raising his eye-brows “Whether you plan her a great birthday or not, shes going to love you either way. She adores you, you know that she does."

"Yeah, she loves me. But does she know that I love her back?" Bob sighed and hid his face in his hands "I'm never at home anymore. She has to spend nearly every night by herself. She must hate that. It's just one day in the whole year where I can make her feel special and I forgot all about it."

Frank sighed and put his hand on Bob's shoulder "This day will be special for her. I know you Bob. When you put your hand to it, you can do amazing things. And you know Jennifer better than anybody. Now come on. You know what Jennifer wants. NOW GO GET IT BOB!"

Bob looked up at him and nodded "I got this. Let's go."

"Okay, that's the venue sorted." Gerard said as he looked around the small hall "Now we need to decorate it."

"Don't we need to invite people first?" Ray asked, scratching his head "I'm so confused, how are we meant to organise this party in just one day?"

"We don't need to invite loads of people." Mikey said "Us, Bob, Jennifer, Frank and our girlfriends and maybe the kids. Not hard."

"Well then, like I said, we need to start decorating the hall." Gerard looked around "I think I have an idea."

"The perfect present!" Bob announced cheerfully as he got into the passengers seat of Frank's car "I just got a text off Gerard. He's got us a venue and he wants to meet us there." Bob read out the address and Frank started driving.

"You need to wrap them up." Frank reminded him.

"Yeah, yeah, I plan to." Bob snapped "Now come on, would you just drive already?"

Frank groaned but carried on driving. It didn't take them long to make it to the hall where Jennifer's party was going to be held the next day. They walked inside and found the place had been filled with pink balloons and large 'Happy Birthday' banners "It doesn't look that bad." Bob smiled "I can't believe I doubted you guys. Thanks a lot."

"And we got some buffet people to make us food. And we went to the bakery where they agreed to make Jennifer a large birthday cake." Gerard grinned "We told you we wouldn't let you down."

"Thanks so much." Bob suddenly frowned "What about entertainment?"

"We thought about that too." Mikey said "We'll play as MCR but not the whole night. We'll also just get like a stereo and get that to play some music for us. It's only a small party anyway, we don't need to spend heaps on entertainment."


The next morning, Jennifer's eyes fluttered open and she came face-to-face with Bob was awake and smiling down at her "Morning Beautiful." Bob smiled, stroking her black wavy hair "Happy Birthday."

"Thank you." Jennifer smiled back, yawning slightly "I'm still really tired."

"Well you're not allowed to go back to sleep. It's your birthday! Time to open your presents!" Bob was more excited than Jennifer was as he leaped off the bed and picked up Jennifer's presents "There's one more." He told her "But I'm saving it for later, okay?"

Jennifer grinned and nodded. She opened all the presents wrapped in silver paper. A new sketch book, professional looking paints, a black leather jacket and a new book "Thanks Bob, they're amazing." She hugged him tightly "You're amazing."

"Wait there." Bob said. He left the room and re-appeared with a breakfast tray for her containing pancakes, coffee and a pot of strawberries "I hope you like it."

"Of course I like it, it's lovely." Jennifer smiled "I feel like the Queen."

Bob laughed and the two of them talked about random things until she was done. Then Bob said she had to get dressed because they were going out for the dinner. She noticed that Bob was already dressed. He must've woken up hours earliar than she had but he didn't seem at all tired. She pulled on a random short-sleeved black tee-shirt, grey skinny jeans and her brand new leather jacket "Ready to go. Where are we going exactly?" She asked.

"That's a surprise!" Bob told her and took her hand.

He took her out to a theme park for the day until it was time for her party. When they got into the car, he made her turn around and tied a blindfold around eyes "What's the blindfold for?" She asked "Come on Bob, what is it?"

"I can't tell you Silly, that's kind of the point of the blindfold." Bob laughed as he started driving down the road "But you'll like it."

"You can't tell me that!" Jennifer giggled "Come on, I'm all excited now!"

"You'll see when we get there." Bob smiled.

He pulled up outside the venue and took Jennifer's hand "It's cold." Jennifer complained.

"Here then." Bob put one arm around her and pulled her close as he lead her towards the building. He opened the doors and pulled off Jennifer's blindfold.

The room was dark and suddenly filled with light as all her friends yelled "SURPRISE!"

Jennifer shrieked "Oh my God, thank you so much!" She hugged Bob tightly "I love you so much." She whispered into his ear.

Bob smiled and hugged her back. He'd finally gotten it right.

After the party, Bob told Jennifer that they weren't going straight home "More surprises?" Jennifer asked "Bob, I'm exhausted. When are we going home?"

"We're going home soon, honest." Bob smiled, taking her hand "Just one more stop." He walked her down the road and up to the top of a hill. Jennifer kept complaining the whole way up so in the end, Bob carried her up to the top. Then he let her down.

"Oh wow, we can see the whole town from up here." Jennifer smiled, brightning up suddenly.

"I know, it's beautiful, right?" Bob grinned "But not as beautiful as you."

"Aww." Jennifer went bright red "So why are we up here exactly?"

Bob swallowed, took a deep breath and then took Jennifer's hand "Jennifer... I love you." He got down on one knee "You're the most perfect woman I've ever met. I can't imagine wanting to spend the rest of my life with anybody else. So I was wondering... Will you please be my wife?"

Jennifer's eyes welled with tears "Oh Bob, of course I will!"

Bob smiled and slipped the ring onto her finger then stood up "I love you Jennifer." He told her, wrapping his arms around her.

"I love you too Bob." Jennifer replied, hugging him back tightly "Thank you so much for this amazing day."
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