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7- Bare Chest

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Gerard doesn't wear a shirt at home. Thoughts? ;)

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-I can feel her breath as she lies next to me.-


(Gerard’s POV)

“Are you asleep?” I whispered, since Hayley hadn’t spoken for the last five or so minutes. She wasn’t snoring either, but I wasn’t even sure if she snored.

“No.” Hayley whispered back, “But I am sleepy.”

I chuckled, fighting the urge to brush her hair away from her face. It fell all around us, and looked uncomfortable and soft. I just wanted to feel it, and her. She was so pretty, and looked so soft.

Then she broke the spell I’d fallen under. “Can I shower?” I hadn’t really thought of that. Or anything that was categorized as intimate that she would have to be helped with.

“I don’t see why not.” I answered, unable to deny her access to showering. I couldn’t imagine not being able to shower, and I wasn’t going to make her deal with that.

“Good. I was just thinking about that.” Hayley admitted. “But I’m kind of really comfortable right now. I don’t want to move, at all.”

“Then don’t move.” I replied easily. “I’m pretty comfortable, with you comfortably beside me.”

“What is this?” Hayley mumbled, referring to the music now playing.

“It’s the Soundtrack to the Nightmare Before Christmas. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Everyone knows that movie.” Or I thought everyone did.

“Never watched it.” Hayley admitted.

“What?” I over exaggerated the word, since she couldn’t see the look of disbelief I’d plastered on to my face. “That’s blasphemes!”

“Blasphemes?” Hayley said the word, as she grinned. “I like that word.”

“I think that says something about you.” I teased.

“What exactly is that?” Hayley asked. She kept her head rested on my bed, since the blindfold kept her from seeing anything anyway. It was a very weird experience, and could almost be mistaken for something kinky- you know, if she wasn’t a kidnap victim.

Victim. I hated that word.

“I don’t think I’m in a position to say.” I informed her, with a little chuckle. “And I can’t believe you’ve never watched the Nightmare Before Christmas! Do you want to? I own it.”

“Well…” Hayley turned on her side, reaching out for me. I reached out, gently grabbing on to her wrist. I placed her hand on my chest, seconds before realizing I wasn’t wearing a shirt. It was probably a weird gesture… especially with Hayley being unable to see.

“Um, I’m not all the way naked.” I awkwardly blurted out, hoping she wouldn’t think I was a creepy bastard.

“Oh… oh.” Hayley licked her lips and I could see a blush forming upon her cheeks. It was nearly the color of the dark red blindfold.

I could feel my own skin warming as I blushed. “I’m not trying to be, well a… pervert, you know. I just don’t usually wear a shirt around the apartment.”

“Well, oh… okay.” Hayley went silent for a few minutes. “I don’t know what to say.”

I didn’t really know what to say either. “Want to watch that movie?”

“Depends.” Hayley replied.

“On?” I propped myself up on my elbow, savoring the feeling of her cool touch to my warm chest. It was nice and refreshing, like a large glass of… sexy woman. Yeah, she was a sexy woman… in my bed.

“Am I going to be able to actually watch or… will I simply be listening?”

Damn. “How about…” I tried to think of some way to make things better for her, like make pancakes or something… there had to be something. “How about I wear a blindfold too? It’ll be an experience.”

“Not a good one.” Hayley muttered.

I chuckled. “You’ve never wondered what it would be like to be blind?”

“I’ve been blind all day. It’s driving me crazy.” Hayley replied.

“What exactly do you want to see?” I asked. “We are just in a boring plain apartment. There is nothing special about sight really…”

Hayley paused, and I could hear her breath deeply. In and out, in and out. “I want to know what you look like.”

I looked away from her, despite the fact that she couldn’t see me anyway. I still felt guilt in looking. “I’m sorry, but you know that I can’t allow that.”

Hayley didn’t respond.
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