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Abbie knocked on Gerard and Mikey's door. She was dressed as a zombie since it was a zombie sleepover at her best friend’s house. Mikey opened the door and smiled at her. Abbie blushed red as he did so. She wouldn't admit it to anyone but she had a massive crush on him. She went into the house and Mikey wrapped his arms around her. Her face flushed even redder but she hugged him back "Wow, I like your costume." Abbie giggled, looking at Mikey who was dressed as a zombie. Gerard had given him zombie make-up because he was good at art and make-up.

"Thanks, yours is cool too." Mikey grinned "But where's your make-up?"

"I couldn't do it, it kept messing up." Abbie pouted "Do you think Gerard will do it for me?"

"Well he's done it for me, Frank, Mikey and Bob so I'm sure he'll do it for you too once he's finished his." Mikey took her hand (causing her heart to start beating faster) and took her into the living room.

"Wow, you guys look awesome." Abbie laughed, looking at all her friends who were all in their costumes.

"YOU NEED ZOMBIE MAKE-UP!" Gerard yelled at her "Get your ass here so I can give you zombie make-up."

Abbie giggled and sat opposite him so he could get started on her make-up. The others started arguing about which movie to watch first. By the time Gerard was finally done they chose to watch ’28 Days Later’ first. They settled down to watch it but halfway through Frank said “I’m hungry.”

“So am I.” Mikey said “I’ll go and get it. Anyone wanna help me?”

The guys ignored him and carried on watching the movie as if he hadn’t said anything so Abbie laughed “I’ll help you Mikes.” She got up and went into the kitchen with him.

“So what are we having?” Abbie asked.

“Let’s put a pizza in the oven. And we can eat cookies while we’re waiting! I love cookies!” Mikey shrieked like a little girl and Abbie laughed.

“Can you make me some coffee please?” Abbie asked, pulling out a chair and sitting at the table “Because you love me?”

“Yeah, I do love you.” Mikey winked at her and Abbie smiled to herself even though she knew Mikey was just messing around. He started making her a cup of coffee “Do you like the film?”

“I’ve watched it several times before but it’s good watching it with you guys.” She shrugged her shoulders “Do you like it?”

“It’s okay, I’ve seen better.” Mikey yawned “I’m gonna make a cup of coffee for me too.”

“Gerard will want one.”

“Well that’s his tough luck.” Abbie giggled. Mikey handed her a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies “You can go into the living room. I know how much you like zombie movies, you don’t wanna miss any more of the film.”

“Don’t you need any help carrying anything?” Abbie asked, wanting to spend as much time with Mikey as she possibly could.

“Well you could give this to Frank since I know he loves cookies just as much as me.” Mikey grinned and handed Frank’s plate of cookie to Abbie.

She smiled back at him and went into the living room “COOKIES!” Frank shrieked.

“Yeah, here’s your plate.” Abbie said, handing it to him.

Mikey came in behind her, handed everyone else a plate and then sat down in his seat with his plate and a cup of coffee “Where’s my cup of coffee?” Gerard asked, pouting.

“The coffee’s in the jar, waiting for you to make it.” Mikey replied with a small smile.

Gerard rolled his eyes but went to go and make himself a cup of coffee. As a joke when he came back, he opened the door really loudly and screamed at them, causing them all to jump. Unfortunately Abbie had been taking a sip of her coffee and spilt it all down herself. She shrieked as it burned her skin.

“I’m so sorry!” Gerard cried but flopped down into his seat and took a sip of his coffee, not attempting to help her at all.

Mikey put his coffee down at the floor then took Abbie’s hand and pulled her into the kitchen. He got a tissue and started dabbing at her chest, making Abbie go bright red because he was so close to her and he was touching her.

“I’m fine, honestly…” Abbie whispered awkwardly.

“You shrieked because it hurt.” Mikey reminded her “Well, I think that’s most of it.”

“Thank you.” Abbie smiled at him.

“… Abbie? Can I tell you something? It’s not exactly the best time to tell you but I have to because I can’t take it anymore.” Abbie nodded, really worried now about what he was going to say “It’s just that I love you so much and I’ve never known how to tell you because I just knew you wouldn’t feel the same way. I’m sorry if this makes things awkward between us but it’s how I feel.”

“Mikey, I feel the exact same way about you!” Abbie cried “And I wanted to tell you but I just felt so stupid.”

“Really?” Mikey asked, smiling at her. Abbie nodded at him and went bright red “Then is it okay if I do this?” Mikey leaned over and kissed her gently.

When he pulled away Abbie stuttered “Y-Yeah that’s f-fine…”

Mikey giggled at Abbie’s shyness then said “I love you Abbie.”

“I love you too Mikey.” Abbie grinned and went even redder.
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