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Abbie's eyes fluttered open moments before her alarm went off and she was instantly wide awake. This was extremely rare. Normally Abbie would lie in her bed for most of the morning until her Mom yelled at her to get her lazy ass out of bed.

Abbie sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes. Why was she awake so early? Then Abbie's eyes widened as she remembered. Today was her fifteenth birthday! Abbie smiled a wide grin, switched off her alarm clock and tumbled out of bed. In moment she was downstairs in the living room.

On her birthday Abbie normally woke up first thing in the morning then went into the living room to watch TV before her Mom woke up. Then Abbie would open her presents with her Mom. After that, if Abbie didn't have school, they'd go out somewhere for the day. If Abbie did have school then they'd go out somewhere after school. But this morning when Abbie went into the living room and flicked on the light, she screamed.

It was a shock to Abbie to find her Mom sitting on the sofa. Abbie wasn't sure how long she'd been there but she'd been sitting in the dark, crying for a while. Abbie tiptoed over to her and sat down "What is it Mom?"

Abbie's Mom looked at her daughter for a long moment before taking a deep breath and putting on a fake smile "Happy Birthday Sweetheart."

Abbie was confused "Mom, why are you crying? How long have you been down here?"

"Not long..." Abbie's Mom lied before sighing and lying back against the sofa "Oh Abbie, I've sort of messed up."

"What have you done?"

"You remember your Dad?"

Abbie blinked at her "Well, I only know the stuff you told me remember?"

Abbie knew the story of her Dad like she knew the back of her hand. Her Mom had met him when she worked in a bakery. He came in everyday and ordered the same thing everyday until one day he worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. They really hit it off and one day he engaged to her. Abbie's Mom had happily accepted. The next year they were married and then expecting a child of their own. But when Abbie was only a year old, her Dad died in a tragic car crash. Abbie's Mom grew extremely depressed and somedays wouldn't even get out of bed, Abbie would have to drag her out when she was little. Nowadays her Mom wasn't as depressed as she was before.

Abbie's Mom took a deep breath before admitting "The thing is Abbie... None of that stuff was true."

"Wh-What are you talking about?"

Abbie's Mom continued crying as she began to explain "When I was eighteen I went to this house party at my friend Jessica's house. And there was this boy there, he was friends with Jessica's brother. We talked all night long, we were having a laugh and both of us were drinking. The next morning when I woke up I could barely remember a thing but he seemed to know more than me. He was rather embarrassed about the whole situation if I remember correctly..."

"Wait!" Abbie cried "Y-You're telling me that my Dad... Is just some random freak you met at a party!"

"No, it wasn't like that! He wasn't a random freak! He was a real gentleman. And this is going to come as a little surprise but... You might not believe me but your Dad is... Frank Iero."

Abbie stared at her for a second before snickering and saying "Good one Mom."

"I'm not joking Darling. He never knew I was pregnant and I didn't want to throw it on him in case he thought I was one of those girls... You know the kind who only get pregnant to keep their boyfriend with them? And he wasn't even my boyfriend. I know this is all so confusing but a few months later he started seeing Jamia. But I did the responsible thing Abbie. Last night I finally found some courage and gave him a call. He was a bit annoyed that I'd called but then I told him all about you. I told him it was your birthday today and he said that he'd come over to see you. He wants to be a real Dad to you Abbie! Isn't that great?"

Abbie's eyes were wide "Are you being serious Mum?"

"Completely serious."

For the rest of the day Abbie was on the edge. She wasn't even sure anymore whether she was nervous or excited. She just couldn't understand how to the rhythm guitarist from her favourite band was her Dad. And why did her Mom lie to her like that? Part of her still didn't believe it was real. But her Mom was acting all jittery about the entire situation.

Abbie straightened her long black hair, applied some black eye-liner and got dressed into an MCR tee-shirt and black jeans "Did you tell him I was an MCR fan?"

"Yeah. He said that was sweet."

Abbie simply squeaked and ran downstairs to the kitchen to make herself another cup of coffee. Abbie's Mom followed her in "I shouldn't let you drink that."

"I'd drink it anyway."

"Yeah, I sort of guessed." Abbie's Mom laughed. She sat opposite her daughter "Nervous?" Abbie nodded "Well just remember-"

Abbie's Mom was interupted by a knock at the front door "That'll be him." Abbie's Mom said "You wait here. I'll invite him in."

Abbie's heart pounded inside her chest as her Mom got up to answer the door. Was she really about to meet her hero? Before she had a moment to think about what was really happening, Frank was standing in her kitchen.

"Hi. You must be Abbie." Frank said with a small smile, holding out his hand.

"Y- Y-" Abbie took his hand and shook it. She couldn't seem to talk.

Frank laughed "Happy Birthday, I guess."

There was an awkward silence before Abbie's Mom said "Maybe you should take her out somewhere Frank. Have a proper conversation with her. After all you have missed out on fifteen years."

Frank nodded "Yeah, sure. Come on Abbie."

Abbie waved goodbye to her Mom then followed Frank out of the house, still trying to understand how all this could be happening. She slipped into the passenger's seat of his car and he started driving away.

"I told Jamia about you." Frank said "And Cherry, Lily and Miles. All of them want to meet you. You should come by sometime."

"Why not today?" Abbie asked before she could stop herself "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude..."

"No that wasn't rude at all. Yeah we can go to my house if you want. I had no idea where I was driving to anyway." Frank admitted with a small laugh. He paused for a moment then said "But remember not to tell anyone where I live. I'd prefer not to have a bunch of screaming fangirls outside my house."

"Don't worry, I won't tell." Abbie giggled "So, are you writing any new songs?"

"We've written all the new songs. We just need to record them now." Frank replied "And before you ask, I'm not telling you anything about them because they're a surprise."

"Fair enough." Abbie grinned.

"So... What kind of stuff do you like?"

"Umm coffee, dancing, reading and listening to music." Abbie told him "Especially My Chemical Romance."

Frank laughed before saying in a serious voice "I hope you're not mad at me Abbie."

"For what?"

"Well for not being there for the first fifteen years of your life."

"That wasn't your fault. You didn't know I existed."

"I know, I know but I didn't handle things too well. I lost my virginity to your Mom and then I never even spoke to her after that. I feel like a dick."

"I don't think you're a dick."

Frank was about to respond to that when he realised they were now at his house "Yeah, so this is where I live."

Abbie gaped at the house "Wow. This place is huge."

"I know but with three kids in the house we needed all the space." Frank paused for a second "Well maybe four kids if you wanted to come over more often."

Abbie smiled "I'd really like that."

"Great!" Frank beamed at her "Let's go inside."

The two of them got out the car and walked up to the house. Frank unlocked the door and let Abbie in "Jamia! I brought Abbie round."

Jamia ran down the stairs in a dressing gown "Oh! You could've phoned to say so! I was in bed, having a quick nap while the kids had one too." Jamia smiled at Abbie "You must think I look a mess."

"Not at all." Abbie replied politely "I think you're really pretty."

Jamia laughed "Aww thank you. I'm gonna go upstairs and get dressed, make yourself at home."

"Daddy!" A little girls voice squealed.

"Hey Sweetie!" Frank cried, lifting the small girl up in his arms "This is Cherry, your half sister. Cherry, this is Abbie."

Cherry giggled and waved slightly at Abbie who smiled sweetly at her half sister. A door opened down the corridor and another small girl who looked exactly like Cherry toddled out. Abbie assumed this was Cherry's twin sister Lily.

Once she'd been introduced to everyone, Frank gave her a tour of the house and showed her the room she could have if she wanted to stay here every so often "We could give it a make over for you." Frank said "If you wanted to."

"I'd like that." Abbie whispered, looking round the room which was way bigger than her one back at her Mom's. And admittedly, a lot prettier too.

"What do you wanna do now?"

"Do you think you could maybe..." Abbie trailed off, wondering if she dared to ask.

"Maybe I could...?" Frank asked.

"I was wondering if maybe you could teach me how to play the guitar?" Abbie asked hopefully.

Frank smiled "I'd love to teach you."

The two of them went downstairs into 'the music room' and Frank spent three hours teaching Abbie to play guitar when Jamia called to them from the kitchen "Guys, it's time for lunch!"

"You're doing amazing so far." Frank told her as they left the room "Have you ever played before?" Abbie shook her head "Well you're a great. A real natural."

"I must take after you."

Frank laughed and they both went into the kitchen. Abbie was surprised when Jamia, Cherry and Lily yelled "Surprise!" and Miles, who couldn't talk yet, simply squealed excidetly. On the table there were two cakes. One saying 'Happy Birthday' and one saying 'Welcome to the family'.

"Y-You didn't have to go to all this trouble." Abbie gushed, going bright red.

"Yes we did." Jamia told her.

Frank put his arm round Abbie "She's right Abbie. It's what family does for each other."

Abbie smiled. This was the best birthday she'd ever had.
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