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right.. it's saturday morning..

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Heya guys..
Ihad the COOLEST dream ever last night!
well,I went to bed at 1am..
so the dream was this morning.

Anyways,so in my dream I was reading Kerrang magazine.
It's my new obbsesion.
Anyways,in my dream I came across a poster of Gee and Frankie..
They were uhh..

runs hand through hair awkwardly


Anyways,I'll tell you about that weird feeling i had in my mouth on thursday night.
I had kissed Black Parade Gerard,and mikey,and Frankie,goodnight.
Don't judge me for it.
Anyways,I'd closed my eyes and the weird dreamy feeling came..

I was in a bedroom and Revenge Gee walked in..
Should I continue?
Yeah ok I will..

Me and him,we uhh,did it.
I swear I could feel his tongue down my throat in real life.

gee:That wasn't a dream,it was mental sex.

Gee,you sassy BEAST.

Sorry,I'm an extreme fangirl at times..

Long story short.
I could feel something in my throat.
I actually woke up to check it was adream.
It was.
And the feeling was gone.

So,you all better have a good day ok?


xxx Sadie xxx
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