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Things I just realised..

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Here's my listof things I just realised in the music industry..

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I just realised a few things in the music industry..
My list is as follows:

1.Zacky Vengance from a7x looks exactly like Frankie from the revenge era.

The other week or so,I was watching the beast and the harlem music vid off youtube.Zacky Vengance came on the screen and I was like

'Hold on a minute,he looks just like revenge era Frank'

(You are all probly thinking,you just realised that?)

2.It's been the 3rd anniversary of Jimmy 'the rev' from a7x's death yesterday,

Everybody was talking about it on twitter yesterday.I found out he was in a7x and that he'd overdosed.Wow.

moment of silence for him

3.In the Na Na Na video (MCR's one,not one direction) the skeleton is wearing a black parade jacket.

I was on youtube just watching My Chem vids when I started watching Na Na Na for like the 200th time.It got to the bit where they were walking down a path and I saw a skeleton.It was wearing -believe it or not- a Black Parade jacket.

Gold observation award for me!

4.One direction isn't original.

Ok,we all know (and hate) one direction.
It's all everybody at my school in horrid England (until MCR perform here) talk about.
Now on twitter,someone posted a pic of one direction associated with many other groups from different times.Featuring:


-The Beatles

and finaly,the ramones.

I looked close at the pic and realised.
One direction fucking COPIED some of the most famous bands in music history.
They've copied My Chem as well.
My evidence:type in 'na na na' to youtube and look at the results.
Same EXACT song title.


I think that's all on my list.
Any other things you've just noticed in the music world,industry,whatever you guys wanna call it?

Do tell in the review section.
Thanks for your co-operation.

xoxo Sadie
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