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Chapter 1 Am I Missing Something?

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The story you auditioned for. 2213, The Earth is now part of an Intergalactic Authority. Yes i realize this is not My Chemical Romance, but has part of the fandom as characters and you guys are ama...

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Chapter 1

Am I Missing Something?

Costume clad humans and aliens a like flock to clubs on the Eve of Halloween. Sky docks are constantly streaming with new creatures getting out of their flying vehicles and making their way to all sorts of clubs and bars for a night on the town. Sky New York was overrun with all sorts on this night to drink, party, dance, and just have a hauntingly good time. The increased traffic kept the police force on their toes, and it was harder to identify who was a criminal and who wasn’t, especially since everyone was in a disguise.

The most hopping and elaborately decorated club was the Raven. The Raven was dressed up like it was a haunted house on the outside, including a small cemetery just to the side of the entrance. People were snaked outside the club in a long line that wouldn’t end. They were lucky to have gotten in the club when they did. Everyone outside, would probably remain outside due to the overcrowded capacity of the club. Inside, the club was full of dry-ice smoke. Colored lights played over the dance floor, turning it into a multicolored and costumed pack of creatures, ranging from humans to every creature you could imagine. Slender limbs clad in scraps of silk and black leather appeared and disappeared inside the revolving columns of smoke as the citizens danced. Girls tossed their long hair, boys swung their costume-clad hips, and bare skin glittered with sweat. Vitality just poured off them, waves of energy that filled them with a drunken dizziness.

“So,” Daniel spoke over the loud music, “this place is crazy tonight?” He was dancing seductively with his fiancée’, Nathan or Nate as everyone called him. Dan was a lanky five foot ten in height with darkish brown and black short curly hair and chocolate brown eyes. Dan comes from the planet, Selaphorus and he is a human hybrid. He doesn’t have any powers or anything like they did on Roswell, but he is tough as nails and is a computer whiz. Nate stood at a staggering six foot two inches tall. He has short spiky dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. Nate is from a planet called Junicon, but he grew up on Earth with his cousin’s family. Nate owns the Raven, so that was how they were able to get in on such a busy night.

Tyler didn’t reply, not because she wasn’t paying attention, but because she hadn’t heard her best friend speak. The club was a euphoric place and Tyler was caught up in the madness of the night. Daniel and Nate were dressed as members of the oldies band, KISS. Tyler wasn’t sure why, but it was great seeing them in all that makeup. Tyler was dressed up as a dark fairy with black wings, black corset, and black mask and skirt. It had been a creation of Dan’s. Tyler has middle of her back length dark red hair and mint green eyes that stand out from her face in a shocking blaze of green.

They were dancing in a group of five or six people and were just enjoying the rhythm of the night. The Raven was full to capacity on this Halloween night and most were masked and you couldn’t tell where the creatures were and where the humans were. It was a night of no problems or racism in this new world. There were groups all around them trying to cut into their group, but Daniel kept them away from his family as he referred to them as. Near them was a young alien couple who were making out passionately, their colored hair extensions tangled together like vines. The Raven was most exclusive club in Sky New York and Tyler was friends with the bartender and was friends with the owner of the club, so that was how they got in.

Tyler broke away from the crowd and danced her way through the crowded dance floor to the bar. “Hey, Scratch,” Tyler yelled above the dance music of the club to the choppy blonde and red haired bartender. Scratch’s icy blue eyes flashed toward the sound of her name and she made her way from one side of the bar to end where Tyler’s short self stood. Tyler stood only five feet tall, but what she lacked in height, she more than made up for in attitude. Scratch came from the planet, Selaphorus, which contains all manner of creatures and human hybrids like Scratch or Luna. Luna was her real name, but everybody calls her Scratch.

“Yes, my pretty?” Scratch purred as she poured herself a drink from behind the bar.

Tyler smiled, shoved her long dark red hair over her shoulder, and said, “I don’t know what I want actually, but I know I want something sweet for my birthday!”

Scratch squealed with excitement, “Oh you have to have a birthday shot!” Scratch began mixing various alcoholic drinks into two shot glasses; throwing the bottles into the air and catching them with ease.

Tyler smiled as she watched her make her birthday shot. When Scratch was done, the drinks were a dark crimson red, just like Tyler’s hair and Scratch passed one of the shot glasses to Tyler. “It’s on the house tonight, Ty.” Scratched picked up the other and toasted Tyler. They both clanked their glasses together and then took the shot. Tyler was surprised at how good it was.

“I do believe I would like another please,” Tyler giggled as she asked for more of the odd concoction.

“Make that two,” A tall blond man spoke from a couple feet away at the bar.

Scratch eyed him for a second and then finally spoke, “Coming right up daddy-o.” Tyler smirked and shook her head at Scratch’s remark. Scratch went off to make more shots for Tyler and the mysterious man.

Tyler looked over at the strange blond man and asked, “So, you’re sharing another birthday shot with me?”

The man was at least six feet tall, with muscular features in his arms and shoulders. He was wearing a tight midnight blue button up shirt with black slacks. He had wavy blond locks that adorned his head, not too long; just below his ears. His eyes were a deep brown, that they nearly looked pools of black nothingness. The man’s plump lips curled into a half smile and he ran his long artist like fingers through his thick blond hair.

“Yes, ma’am, I am,” the man smiled again slightly. “How old did you turn to today?” The man let the sentence finish, waiting for Tyler to say her name.

Tyler closed the distance between them, stuck out her hand, and said, “I’m Tyler and I turned twenty-two today.”

The man took her hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Tyler. I’m Jace.”

“Hey, you two. Stop canoodling and take your damn shots!” Scratch hollered over the music. Tyler let go of Jace’s hand, in surprise. Scratch passed the shots down the bar to them. Tyler grabbed her crimson shot.

Jace did the same and said, “Happy birthday, Tyler.”

Tyler flushed a little and clanked her glass with Jace’s and then took the shot.

“What are you supposed to be?” Tyler’s curiosity about Jace was piqued.

“Oh, I’m just a guy.” Jace laughed, “I forgot to get a costume, so I didn’t dress up.”

“Ah, I understand.” Tyler simply said.

“So where’s your date?” Jace snuck the inevitable question in as smoothly as possible.

Tyler grinned, “What makes you think my date isn’t here yet?”

“Well I was watching you earlier and you were dancing with two other men,” Jace cleared his throat and smirked, “gay men, so one would perceive you as dateless.”

Tyler gave that statement a thought for a second and chuckled, “One would be correct. Very keen deduction skills, Watson.”

“Oh, so does that make you Sherlock?” Jace teased.

“Why of course it does,” Tyler smirked.

“So don’t laugh, but when you were out there dancing, for a bit, I thought that dark haired guy was your boyfriend,” Jace confessed. He ran his hand through his hair once again. “The blond guy, Nate, is my cousin, so I knew you weren’t with him, because he is into men not women.” Jace tried to laugh off his nerves.

Tyler laughed out loud and spoke, “Oh no, that’s my best friend, Dan. You are Nate’s cousin. Ok, yea we were expecting you tonight. He will be happy I found you.”

“So there is one question I want to ask before you go running off again,” Jace started. Tyler nodded. “Tyler? Where did that particular name come from for a woman?”

This made Tyler laugh out loud. She got asked that all the time. “Aerosmith.”

“Your parents are big fans of Aerosmith, so they named you after Steven Tyler?” Jace questioned with dark eyes sparkling.

“You are right on the money, Jace.” Tyler giggled while getting another drink from Scratch. Tyler went to give her money, but Jace pulled out his wallet first and gestured for Tyler to put hers away. “Now that’s not fair.” Tyler pouted. She enjoyed flirting with this new acquaintance of hers.

“The birthday girl never pays for her own drinks,” Jace was persistent.

“Thanks,” Tyler gushed a bit. She was not used to being paid for with anything. She wasn’t used to letting go of her inhibitions either. She was usually straight edged and authority oriented, but on this night she let herself go. She was the same old straight-laced Tyler Mason; a rogue soldier bounty hunter for the government. She was the inner Tyler. The fun and spontaneous Tyler. The flirting Tyler. The hoping to get his phone number, Tyler.

“You’re welcome,” Jace reciprocated her response.

“Ok since we are in the year 2213, I have to ask,” Tyler began, “What planet are you from? Not that I discriminate, because I don’t. I just want to know.”

Jace was relieved from the question, “Earth actually. You?”

“Same.” Tyler answered with a delicate smile.

“So what are you two talking about?” Nate asked in a slurred manner as he and Dan emerged from the pit of a dance floor. P was following them from the crowd too. She was dark person from the planet Barcelona far off from Earth. She is human from a distance, but up close the difference is seen in her appearance. Her eyes for instance, are yellow and blue and her hair is a brassy brown. These are apparently genetic distortion from her planet. She scarred too from battles and working with Tyler when Tyler needs help in the field. She was dressed up as Loki tonight and she was letting loose. She was drunk and it amused the whole group.

“They were flirting, obviously,” P smiled and nudged Tyler’s arm. P stood a half head taller than Tyler and she looked down on her, just like all the men in the room. Tyler flushed from truth.

Nate half hugged and half fell into his cousin. Jace hugged him back and continued to watch Tyler with anticipation.

“Actually if you guys must know; while you guys were dancing about, I was talking to this charming and beautiful dark fairy. I had never met such a beautiful fairy before,” Jace’s tone was that of sincerity.

“I totally made this ensemble from scratch with my own two hands,” Dan placed a free arm around Tyler, relishing in his handy work.

Tyler nodded while taking another shot from Scratch’s hand.

“Well it is clearly a masterpiece,” Jace complemented Dan.

Just then the crowd erupted into a frenzy from the song that came across the speakers. P, Dan, and Nate started to pull Tyler out into the crowd again. Tyler reached back for Jace. He took her hand and followed the posse into the overloaded dance floor. People were pressed together, with no room between them; nothing but bodies moving to the rhythm of the music. The club smelled of sweat and alcohol. The dance floor was a heat wave of bodies thrusting and gyrating to the beat.

Dan, Nate, and P were right next to them in the middle of the floor just dancing. Dancing like there was nothing else in the world that they would rather be doing. Jace wasn’t much of a dancer, but something about being so close to Tyler, made him want more. He moved in sync with her every motion. They danced a bit away from each other at first, him twirling her around in a tight circle, making her laugh with joy and excitement.

Jace was getting cocky, and went to twirl Tyler once more when he tripped her with his leg, “Whoa,” Jace cried, “I’m so sorry.”

Tyler giggled, “I’m fine.” Tyler smiled and went back to dancing.

The song slowed and everyone paired off. P was dancing with some lizard like creature while Dan and Nate got closer for the song.

Jace put out his hand, “Miss Tyler, would you do me the honor?”

Tyler looked up into his dark eyes, she took his hand, and he gracefully twirled her into himself. He place one hand at the small of her back and the other stayed in holding her hand to his chest. They glided along to the song just like the couples around them.

The mood in the club had changed from energetic and fun to something entirely different. Jace could feel something growing inside him. Feelings for a woman he barely knew. He started to wonder if Tyler felt the same. Jace laughed to himself about how short Tyler was. Her head was lying against Jace’s shoulder throughout the song.

The song finally changed back to an up-tempo number, Tyler and Jace stopped and pulled apart slowly as the people around them went back to the cathartic mess they had been before. Tyler looked up once again at Jace’s face and smiled shyly.

The night went on like this for the next few hours. Hours of bliss and freedom. Free from worry and responsibility. The night drew on until around one in the morning, when all the clubs made for last call. Everyone started pouring out of the club in large groups of costume adorned races, intoxicated and some unable to walk. The Sky New York sidewalks and sky ways were full of these folks. The magic of Halloween was over for this year and police were patrolling the nightlife area of Sky New York like it was Fort Knox.

Jace had moved outside and was standing with his friend, Todd, who was all over some catlike alien outside the Raven. Jace leaned up against the side of the building, watching, and waiting.

Dan made it out first, “Hey Jace,” Dan and Nate staggered up to him. Dan asked, “So are you able to drive, because I do believe we are all intoxicated.”

Nate giggled into Dan’s neck and held onto him for dear life, “Yea I hope you can or we will have to call a cab and I hate sky cabs.” Nate frowned at the thought.

Tyler caught the tail end of the conversation as her and P walked up through the crowd of intoxicated pedestrians.

“Oh Tyler I forgot to tell you,” Nate slurred, “Jace is going to use the spare bedroom for a while.” Tyler smiled slightly at this new development.

“It’s temporary, I promise,” Jace smiled.

“It’s fine with me,” Tyler answered in halted excitement.

The spare bedroom was empty and that was a problem, so Jace had to sleep on the couch till he could get furniture. He said he had a new job, but didn’t say where. Tyler was too tired and drunk to care that particular point that night, so everyone said their goodnights and crashed hard to sleep.

Tyler awoke the next morning at six in the AM for her job at the Intergalactic Authority of the government. She was hungover as hell as she pulled her hair back into a messy pony tail. She dressed in the classic outfit for a bounty hunter, black tight pants that were like leather, black knee high combat boots, black v neck t-shirt, and black jacket. This particular morning, Tyler didn’t bother putting on the jacket. She then put her raygun and knives in their sheaths and onto her body in their rightful places. She then tip toed through the apartment, careful not to wake Jace, Dan, Nate, or P. All were still in a drunken slumber. Lucky bastards, Tyler thought.

The outside atmosphere was hazy for this time of morning, rather foggy for being so high off the ground. Tyler haled a sky cab with her communicator and rode to the Galactic Tower in the heart of Sky New York. The tower stood majestic over all of Sky New York. Tyler got out at the sky dock and proceeded into the tower.

An hour later, Tyler was sitting in a white washed room with twelve other black and leather clad hunters. All of them sat a long dark wood table, waiting on the Counsel’s head chairman to shut up so they could do their jobs.

Tyler leaned back in her chair with her books kicked out and away from the table.

The chairman was going over the latest numbers of captures, losses, and new fugitives in the galaxy. Tyler rolled her eyes and tapped her nails against the table in boredom.

She groaned inwardly and searched the faces of the all the men sitting in that very room. Tyler was the only woman bounty hunter in this counsel and she was also the youngest. Most hunters were well over thirty and were most likely men. Tyler was very good too. She held the record for most captures in a year’s time and most live captures. She’s never lost a man to her own hand ever. She even had the biggest capture or all time under her leather belt.

Roger was wanted for being the biggest distributor of drugs and contraband on Selaphorus, Tyler had to go through four portal stations and six different planets to find him, but she did. This made headline news across the galaxy.

Even with a capture like that, she still wasn’t looked up to like she was like everyone else that sat in that very room. Tyler tried to seem interested in the numbers and junk, but she didn’t care about stuff like that. She just wanted to do her job.

She must have been staring off into space when, “Tyler Mason, are you even listening to anything I am saying?” Jordan, the chairman, questioned. Tyler had known Jordan when she was known as Jasmine Diana, but now it was just Jordan. No last name, no Miss, no anything, just Jordan and she was a straight laced woman when they were in the meetings.

Tyler was pulled out of her day dreaming, and looked up to meet Jordan’s menacing eyes. She was trying to pull authority on Tyler and Tyler knew it. Jordan then rolled her eyes in disgust of Tyler’s disrespect and went back to her presentation.

“So as I was saying, we have a big one, Russell Gibson from Earth, district 44 in Texas has escaped prison, where he was being held for murder of a great number of citizens of the galaxy, alien and human alike. He was mob boss of the Americas and now is missing. He is the top priority, especially since his escape, one bounty hunter from district 56, Florida was murdered yesterday. So a new rule is being implemented for the time being. All hunters are now paired up until, this offender is apprehended.” Jordan took a breath. Tyler looked around and wondered who was the odd man out and she knew it before Jordan said it; that she was. “Ok, yes I realized that’s a hassle and that we have an odd number on the counsel, so I sent for a new recruit from the surface low lands.”

The door opened at that moment and in walked a Jace, dressed all in black, just like Tyler.

“Everyone, this is Jace Jennings. Jace, meet your new partner, Tyler Mason,” Jordan said in happiness. Like all her plans were coming together.

Tyler gaped for a moment as she watched Jace take his seat directly in front of her at the council table. Tyler was angry and dumbstruck. Why didn’t he tell her who he was? She was so angry she could spit nails.
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