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Chapter 2 Such a Pain in my Ass

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Working together was harder than he thought it would be. Tyler is angry and Jace is confused. Jace doesn't know how to mend what happened between them. Life as a rogue bounty hunter with a new part...

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Chapter 2

Such a Pain in my Ass

Tyler’s boots were a chattering staccato as she rushed down the pristine and sterile halls with posters of wanted criminals of the galaxy on either side. Tyler’s jacket billowed behind her. Her long dark red hair managed to stay resolutely in place. She knew Jace had been right behind her, but she never turned to acknowledge his presence. She finally reached the far end of the hallway and briefly stopped to swipe her wrist across the scanner. Everyone is the government had a chip implanted in their wrists to get in the various doors of all the buildings. Tyler swiped her wrist across the scanner and the light turned from red to green and the door opened. Tyler walked through, with Jace right behind her.

He followed Tyler into their office area on the 113th floor of the Tower. He narrowly missed being slammed in the door as Tyler roughly shut the door behind them. The office was set up with two desks, two chairs, a flat screen television, a bathroom, and wanted posters all over the walls. The two desks were black and placed face to face in the middle of the room. There was no window in the room and no visible computers, but with it being 2213, the computers were clear screens that were projected in the air like magic and to where both parties could see what was on the screen. Tyler never shared her office with anyone before till now.

Tyler sat down violently at the far desk and tried not to look at Jace. Jace sighed and took his seat at the other desk. Jace raked his hands over his face from stress and from being exhausted.

“So are you going to talk to me?” Jace finally asked, trying to break the silence. Tyler looked up from the desk and didn’t say anything. “Come on, I didn’t know you were going to be my partner,” Jace tried to explain.

Tyler scoffed in a sarcastic tone.

“Alert: Criminal number 22-3323: Jen Flores has been spotted outside the portal port. Be advised Tyler Mason, that your fugitive, Jen Flores has been spotted outside the portal port. Her picture has been posted and the guards have been instructed to apprehend if spotted near the entrances or exits.” The intercom message ended. Tyler and Jace looked at each other for a second.

Tyler got up and said, “Come on, we got a live one.” Jace hurried after her through the door and down the hall to the elevator.

When in the elevator, Tyler handed Jace her communicator. “Who’s this?” Jace asked while looking at the picture. “Mexican-American, twenty-one years old, black wavy shoulder length hair, brown eyes, tattoos on right wrist and left arm, can be seen wearing skinny jeans and baggy band t-shirts, nonviolent offender: wanted for the selling of stolen goods.” Tyler was standing against the wall of the elevator with her arms crossed across her chest.

“That would be a friend of mine, but also a person we have to pick up for skipping bail once again. She keeps this up, she’s gonna be in prison for years,” Tyler sighed as Jace handed her the communicator back.

Jace could see a hint of sadness in Tyler’s eyes as she said that last statement. “So um portals…” Jace started.

“Yea the portal port is kind of like an airport, but for portals to other planets,” Tyler explained. “Wait, have you never been through a portal?” Tyler asked while meeting Jace’s dark eyes.

“No I haven’t. This is actually my first time in Sky New York. I lived in the low lands all my life. Nate always came to visit me and since I was offered the job at the Tower, I decided to move here, so I’m learning a lot of new things.” Jace explained. Tyler nodded along like she was listening.

“Well you are in for a rough ride.” Tyler’s demeanor was rough and had a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Tyler didn’t know why she was acting the way she was, but she couldn’t stop herself from being just plain mean.

Tyler and Jace arrived at the Portal Port Authority office in a huff of frustration. Neither was talking to the other. The port was buzzing with all sorts of creatures and was crowded at this time in the morning. It looked so much like an air port, just with portals and no airplanes. Bounty hunters used the portals to travel to other planets or other cities in the world. Easy access for fugitives was the problem for bounty hunters.

Tyler took charge and Jace followed her through the office to see the video of Jen Flores. She stared at it briefly and then turned and left the office. She turned out into the main area of the port and stood off to the side. She was scanning the crowd, as was Jace. Jace stood slightly behind Tyler, towering over her short stature.

Tyler remained in her spot until Jace saw her jerk to the left. Tyler shot out toward the west ports. Jace caught sight of what looked like was Jen Flores. Tyler was right on her tail. Tyler caught up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. Jen whirled around and met Tyler’s serious face.

Tyler sighed, “Jen…you know the drill.”

Jen eyed her and then her eyes fell on Jace. “Whoa, who is this sexy beast?”

Tyler rolled her eyes at Jen’s question. Jace smirked and answered, “I’m Jace, Tyler’s partner.”

Jen walked with Tyler back to the port authority office, “partner?” she questioned.

Tyler held Jen’s arm, “It’s a long story. Also speaking of a long story, why do I have to pick you up for selling of stolen goods?” They came out through the back door and walked to the sky docks, Jace opened the door to their speeder. Tyler got in the back with Jen. Jace drove toward the sky dock at the Tower.

Jen shrugged and answered, “Oh fuck, Tyler, I didn’t mean to sell it. It was a speeder from Barcelona and a communicator from Moralia. I was framed, Tyler.”

Tyler actually laughed at Jen’s explanation. Jace was surprised at her reaction. “Why are you always in these situations, Jen?” Tyler questioned.

Jen squirmed in her seat and answered, “I can’t seem to stay out of trouble, Ty.” She turned to the front of the speeder and asked, “So Jace, what do you think of Tyler?” Jen was trying to stir the pot.

Tyler elbowed Jen in the arm. “Ow, dammit,” Jen giggled.

Jace turned to look in the back, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to say while we are working, Jen” Jace smirked.

Tyler was dumbfounded by his statement. “Never mind him.”

Jen asked, “So how long do I have this time?”

Tyler scanned her communicator and answered, “I think at least six months. That’s no time. I’m sorry, Jen.”

“It’s ok.” Jen shrugged and slumped against the seat. “Guess I won’t see the New Year this time.”

The rest of the ride was silent, aside from the sound of traffic.

At the Apartment of Tyler, Blaine, and Nate….and now…..Jace

Blaine and Nate were sitting at a very space age type of kitchen table that was black and had four swerving chairs around it. They were having some much needed coffee when Tyler and Jace burst in through the front door.

Blaine watched as Tyler stomped her way to her room and slammed the door. He grinned to himself. He’d know about Jace and the new job, but didn’t want to ruin her birthday.
Jace sighed audibly and took a seat next to the blond headed Nate.

“She hates me,” Jace breathed.

Blaine perked up and said, “She doesn’t hate you. She’s just….um…” Blaine tapped his long index finger against his chin in thought.

“She’s just surprised,” Nate chimed in after a sip of his steaming black coffee.

“No. She hates me.” Jace slammed a fist down on the table and then leaned back against the back of the chair in frustration. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. We hit it off so well last night, I thought-“

“You just thought she was smitten with you,” Nate finished his thought. Jace nodded and raked a large hand through his blond hair. He was visibly upset with this situation too.

Blaine smiled at this development. He knew she was taken with him, but now she’s upset because she was deceived. Anyone would feel the same way.

Tyler was sitting on her bed going over case files for that afternoon. She was trying to take her mind off all the events of the last day or so. Things were complicated now. She was having a good time with an amazing guy the night before and now that guy is her partner. Ugh, fuck this shit, she thought as she lay back against a pillow.


Tyler rolled her eyes. “Oh who now?” She flipped open her communicator and waited for the information.

“Alert: Criminal number 25-221 Callie Jones has been spotted in the New East Village. She was last seen entering the apartment of well known tycoon, Thomas Baker. Cal is twenty-one years old, average height, long blue hair, dark blue eyes. Last seen wearing a dark t-shirt with faded jeans and converse. Visible scars or piercings: on the corner of her mouth is a long scar, nose ring, angel wings on neck, and tattoo on wrist. She is wanted for burglary. Be advised Tyler Mason and Jace Jennings, your fugitive has been spotted entering the apartment of rich tycoon, Thomas Baker. Guards are posted the exits and have been instructed to keep the exits blocked until you apprehend. I repeat, Tyler Mason and Jace Jennings, your fugitive, Callie Jones has been spotted-“Tyler flipped her communicator shut and sighed.

She shifted off the bed and vacated her bedroom, walked by the kitchen, “Come on. We gotta another one.” She waved for Jace to follow her and she left the apartment without another word.

“Why are you driving?” Tyler huffed in the passenger seat of the speeder; she looked down out the side of the car to see nothing below her but clouds. “I should have driven.” She was angry because Jace had taken the wheel again and was lost in the New East Village of Sky New York.
Jace tried not to snap on her, but she was making it difficult to even speak to her. “I’m sorry, ok. I’ve never been here.” Jace grimaced.

Tyler sighed yet again as Jace turned around, “Wait wait there it is.” Tyler spoke up. And she was right. The building was right in front of them. Tall and dark, like the rich liked.

Jace parked the speeder at the sky dock and the two of them made their way down the sidewalk to the entrance of the building. They were met by a guard, who instructed them to go to the elevator and push the button for the penthouse.

The elevator dinged at the penthouse, letting Tyler and Jace get off at their floor and they were now faced with the door to the apartment. Tyler gave Jace a look that told him to watch and learn.

Tyler sauntered over the door and rang the bell.

The intercom buzzed, “Who’s there?”

“It’s Tyler Mason and Jace Jennings of IBH, we were told you have one of our fugitives inside your penthouse.” Tyler stated with authority lacing her tone.

“I think you have the wrong apartment.”

Tyler rolled her eyes, “Come on don’t make me break the door down. We can either do this the easy way or the hard way. I’m good with either. It’s your choice.” Tyler was not taunting the man on the other side of the door.

Jace stood back and watched the master at work. He was intrigued to see what would happen next. Tyler was apparently unpredictable to the authority, but her reputation for number of apprehensions was not surpassed by anyone in this district of the galaxy. This was the reason he took the job, to watch the master with her craft.

“You have the wrong apartment.”

Tyler knew what she had to do. “I told you I was down either way. You have chosen the hard way. The hard way for you, NOT me.” Tyler laughed as she spoke. Dumb ass, she thought.
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