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21: Always.

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"It was always you."

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(Sun’s POV)

This whole wedding planning bride to be bullshit was not easy. It was hard. Really hard, in fact. I had a huge binder already, and was currently reading over the list of people who had signed up to help with decorating the room (We’d found an abandoned building in great shape, with a room big enough for the ceremony, and another for the reception. It was an hours drive, but I could manage, as it was safe from Dracs), baking the cake (our kids that were artists were doing any decoration), and helping me with any last minute details.

Helena tugs on my pant leg, sitting on her butt, arms extended, demanding me to lift her up. She’d been standing on her own lately, as had Fia and Ari. Ari was quickest to stand alone, and Fia and Helena would hold each other for a moment then let go and balance on their own. We’d only had a few head bumps when they fell over, nothing major.

I reach for my daughter, pick her up. She squeals and tries to give me a kiss on the cheek. She misses, her slobbery baby kisses landing near my chind. With a small laugh, I kiss her forehead. I sit us down on Party and I’s bed, completely relaxed for just one moment. Then the door opens, and Cyanide Killer busts in. Without a word, he moves to my bathroom, and I hear him rifle through my makeup bag. The pop of a jar of concealer being opened is faintly disernable, and a moment or so later, he walks out, sighing in what I hope is relief.

“Cy?” I ask. He makes eye contact with me. “The hell was that about?”

“Don’t worry.” He brushes me off. He makes his way across the room, takes off his shoes, and sits on my bed with me, having scooped up Fia along the way. She gurgles and coos at him, and makes a grab for some of his hair. She liked playing with it. I smile, and he lets her tug on his hair a tiny bit. “So. How goes wedding planning?”

“It goes… slowly. I’m still debating colors and flowers and the whole issue of the ceremony is just…” I sigh in frustration.

He just chuckles for a moment. “Well, I got Party his tux. Went with him to help with fitting and everything. You’ll like it. We were deciding between black and white, and he went with-”

I cut him off. “I don’t wanna know until I see him!”

“Sweetie, that rule applies to the bride’s dress. Not the tux.” He rolls his eyes at me. “Speaking of…” he gets a gleam in his eyes that I know means he’s about to inform me of how things are going to be. “I’, asking you dress shopping.”

“Where in the hell is there a place for wedding dresses?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Black Market. People saved designs and materials up when BLI started it’s rise to power. That’s the one thing people innately know. No matter what, love will always be a force in the world.” He replies easily. “So I will be taking you, with your sister, to pick a dress.”

I just smile a bit, let Helena crawl over to her sister. “I hope you two are prepared for princess dresses and lots of sparkle.”

“Can we just dress you in one big rhinestone?” He asks. He earns a laugh out of me.

“Oh, there will be MANY rhinestones and sequins and beading and sparkle. And a big skirt. Damnit, I will be a princess.” Suddenly, wedding planning didn’t seem too bad. I got to play dress up for a bit.

“And then you get jewelry and shoes and a veil. Are you wearing a separate dress for the reception?”

I’d mulled over the thought. Maybe something tighter and easier to dance in, or more retro… “I’m not sure. I don’t think so. It’d cost too much, you know?”

He nods his understanding, and we watch Fia and Helena play for a moment. “And the girls and Ari will be in the wedding, correct?”

“Hopefully they’ll be walking in the next two months, so yes. Flower girls and our little ring bearer.”

“Oh, can I do their hair? Please!” He asks, looking a bit frantic I nod and he claps excitedly. “Oh, Fia will have little curls and I’ll braid her a little flower crown or something!” Fia perks up at the word flower. She was obsessed with the petals. Party had gone out and gotten us a few plants to keep in a window box on our windowsill, just for her amusement. He was shaping up to be a great dad, though he had been spending lots of time with Ari recently. “So. Colors.” He says, pulling out my large binder from under the bed. Once he’s not leant over the edge of my bed, He opens it up to the colors tab. I’d super organized everything in it. “What are you thinking?”

“I was really leaning either towards red, silver and black….” He nods. “Or a very dark purple, some gold, and teal. Like a peacock.”

“Well….” He purses his lips together, thinking, looking at the swatches. “Black at a wedding is… not really a traditional color. What if you made black an accent color, and really played up the red and silver colors?”

“Sounds good to me. The peacock thing was really just my own personal preference. Poison wasn’t too big on the idea. But the girls, I’ve demanded they wear either pink or purple. He’s consented, as long as he can put Ari in a mini tux. I’ve agreed. I think we’re going for Wonderland meets classy. The ceremony itself is going to be done in red and the other colors, but the reception is a bit of both. The whimsical side that is me, and the classical side that we both love.” I nod, happy we’d settled this. I stand, leaving the girls with Ryan, who peruses the binder some more, while I make two cups of coffee for us. It was only 3pm, meaning Ryan and I would be up till at least 3am planning and talking and sketching. When I return, handing him his mug, he takes a grateful sip.

“How do you feel about centerpieces on tables?” I nod my approval. He pulls out a few folded papers from his back pocket. When he turns his neck to reach for them, I see a smudge of concealer on his neck. By the time he’s looking at me again, a small smirk has overtaken my face. “What?” he says, already sounding nervous.

“Who’re you kissing, Ryan?” I ask him, smirking so hard I’m sure my face would stay like that forever. He blushes bright scarlet, looking down, mumbling. “What was that?” I ask, teasing. “come on, just tell me!”

“Nobody! Don’t worry about it!”

I let the subject drop, seeing he was embarrassed. I figure if he’d found himself a boyfriend, I’d let it be until he was ready to spill every detail. “Anyways… what’re those?” I ask, nodding to his papers.

“I found a few pages from a magazine in the Black market, and had a kid draw out an idea for center pieces.” He hands me the sketches, and one immediately catches my eyes. It was a vase, filled with red flowers, some sprayed black, some sprayed silver. Very pretty. I nod, take a paper clip and put into the binder, indicating to Ryan that he should figure out how to make that happen.

“So. Have you found the ring you’ll be giving your beau?” He asks, batting his eyelashes at me and making his “Sun’s in love!” face. Which just consisted of him looking like he was daydreaming, really. Which I guess, according to him, is how I look when somebody mentions my fiancé. I’d never really noticed, so perhaps that’s how I do look. I nod, hop up, go into my drawer, dig through my underwear and some bras, and pull out a small little box, bring it back to Ryan and leave him with the box, while I scoop up my girls and put them in their play pen so they could play with their blocks. I then return to Cyanide, who is playing with the box, not yet having opened it.

“Go on then.” I nudge him, telling him to open it. He does so, and smiles at the simple white gold ring. I’d sold some of my own jewelry and sang in a few local killjoy bars to earn the money. He looks it over and smiles. “I’m getting the inside inscribed, I’m just not sure with what yet.”

“Something only you two would appreciate. Something special.”

I nod, and sit with him, and soon, we’re on coffee’s number three (for me) and five (for him). We’d figured out colors, basic ideas of what kind of ceremony to have, and some fun reception stuff. We’d decided to let Death Defying DJ the whole thing, with Show Pony’s help. We’d figured out how to protect the Academy while everybody was out and about at the reception and such…. It was nearly 8 o’clock now. I was beginning to worry, party poision wasn’t home yet. What if something had happened to him? He had Ari. What if Dracs had gotten them?

Ever since the lab ordeal, I’d been ultra protective of my family and this school. I’d protect them to my last breath, I knew that ever since my first trip through the experimental labs. After this last one though, and having lost Party… I knew losing them again would be the death of me. Especially if one of my kids was taken. I couldn’t deal with that. I’d been training harder and harder, the kids included, to be ready to wage an offensive attack, some day.

Ryan brings me out of my worrying. He’d probably noticed my eyes shifting to a worried orange.

“Sun. Are we having a dry wedding?”

“Hell no.” Says a familiar male voice. I fly (not literally. My wings were too bulky to open indoors) to it, excited he was safe. “oof.” He murmurs, when I hug him tight. “Sun! Easy!” he croaks out, making me release him. I forgot how strong I was sometimes. “Nice to see you too.” He says, placing a short peck on my forehead. I place one back, and he sneaks in a lip peck.

Ryan clears his throat, and I hear my son gurgle in want of my notice. I scoop him from his dads arms, and hug him tight. He squawks and laughs and pulls on my hair, at which point I put him down, let him crawl over to his sisters, who were just about asleep. I lift him into his playpen with them, then scoop up all three, lay them in their cribs after changing their diapers, and putting them in their pajamas. They all fall asleep rather easily and quickly, so I allow myself to breathe easy.

“So, we’re having booze at the wedding?” Ryan clarifies. I look to Party. He’s already looking at me.

“Well?” He asks. “You’re the bride. Your special day. I’m there for formalities, and cake.”

I mull over the possibilities, the pros, the cons, the expense. “I think we can do with some booze. We have quite a few adults coming that will NOT be happy if we don’t have it. And a bride who enjoys a few drinks too.” I stand up off the bed, crawling over party, and return with three wine glasses and a bottle of red wine I’d found in a store in the towns. I pour us all a glass, giving myself a much needed sip of it almost immediately. After the second sip, I look at Party, who smiles nervously. He was a binge drinker back a few years ago. It got really bad. Drugs too. He was just a all around addict. He stopped though, after an intervention and a few too many close calls. “You have to promise to not get too smashed. I do want nice looking pictures to remember in thirty years.” I instruct him, and he knows that what Sun wants at her wedding, Sun generally gets.

“So. Have you guys thought about food for the reception?” We nod, and had already picked somebody out to handle it, including wait staff. “Cake?” Another nod.

Party interjects. “We’re having two, and cupcakes for the little kids. There will be quite a few.”

“And have you thought about….” Ryan searches for something to ask. “There has to be something.”

“Vows.” I mumble, sipping my drink some more. Party was sipping his every so often, ryan was swirling his around still. “I think we’re writing our own. I’m writing mine, at least.”

“Shit, I have to do that.” Party replies. We all laugh, and smile. The wine was relaxing us all.

“Anything else on the agenda for tonights planning, Ryan?” I ask. He shakes his head at me, standing up, grabbing his binder and slipping on his boots, finishing his wine in one big gulp. He leaves, smiling and happy, already feeling a miniscule buzz coming on from the wine. I was on glass number two, though I was drinking half glasses. So, in my mind, it was glass number one. Party was still working on his. We set them down on our bedside tables, on our respective sides, and lean in towards each other. He holds me close to him, my head on his chest.

“How was Ari?” I ask him. He just smiles at me.

“Amazing, as usual. I took him to see a friend of mine. She has kittens. Ari likes cats. Cats like Ari. They do not like having apple juice spilled on them, though. We learned that very quickly. Ari didn’t understand.” I just laugh at him, imagining the scene. “how were the girls?”

I sigh, run a hand up his chest and rest it there. My ringed hand. “Fussy, today. They wouldn’t nap. So much energy. They’re doing better on the whole learning to walk thing. Hopefully they’ll be walking in the next three months.”

He laughs, just like I had earlier. “Three months and you’re my Mrs.” He says. “I’m nervous.”

“Why? You don’t have to do anything except roll out of bed and make it to the ceremony on time and be DRESSED.” I stress that last part.

“In my tux and converse.”

I sigh. He still wouldn’t back down on the converse.

“And I have to wake up, check everything, have my nails and hair done, have pictures taken the whole time, make sure the girls and my sister are ready, and Infernal who will be wearing Doc Martens I’ve been informed.” I take a deep breath, continue my run on sentence encompassing my wedding day to do list. “Get into that damn dress, which I still have to find and alter and make even sparklier than it already is going to be, make sure my makeup is fucking flawless, adjust my eyes and tan, drink a bit, memorize my vows, not forget your ring, get my jewelry on, not trip on the way down the asile, get there and try not to faint from the pure terror. Oh, and kiss you when I’m told to.”

He continues cracking up at my whole mini freak out of wedding day stuff. “And then we get to eat cake.”

“Yes,” I sigh with a small chuckle from the back of my throat. “Then there will be cake.”

“And dancing!”

“Yes, that too.”

“And you in a pretty dress!” he says, sounding excited.

I laugh and nod a bit, grabbing my glass for another sip, then replacing it on it’s spot on the table. He’s done the same. I breathe deeply through my nose. “So… have any ideas of a first dance song?”

He actually nods. “Something pretty. Something I can dance with you to, you know?” I nod, understanding. “I still think the Lion King song is a good idea.”

I smile at him. “And this is why we’re getting married.” I say, very simply.

(The Next Day)

(Cyanide’s POV)

I hated being rushed. Hated it. My hair wasn’t half done, and I had like, five minutes at MOST to get it done, pick out a shirt, and get to Sun’s block, which was a five minute walk anyways. Damn her and her little shifter abilities, able to roll out of bed, just make the air shimmer and look fabulous. Damn her to hell. A hell with humidity and NO hairspray.

I run a comb through my hair, decide its good enough, just as the shower water turns off from the room next to the main room I was in. Mikey walks out a moment later, towel wrapped around his waist. I’d taken to spending the nights here, and it’d been about a week and a half since I’d returned to my own block with my brother. He understood, I think. Mikey pecks my cheek, making me smile.

“Morning gorgeous.” He says, digging through his drawers for clean underwear. “Going somewhere? It’s Saturday, there’s no classes today.” I shake my head, searching for some kind of cologone or deodorant or SOMETHING to make me smell nice. Boys who don’t smell nice lose lots of points in Ryan’s big book of Points and Shit. Lots of them.

“I’m taking Sun wedding dress shopping. She does in fact need a dress.”

“Can’t you get that the week before?” he asks, looking confused. I just scoff, turn to look at him, as he’s pulling on boxers quietly. “What? It’s just a dress.” He looks geninuly confused.

“Yes,” I say slowly, like I was explaining taxes to a four year old. “But this is her WEDDING dress.”

“Okay, so a white one? Long. Something sparkly, knowing her.” He shrugs. “That’s simple.”

I just roll my eyes. “Yes Mikey-moo, but the SHADES of white. It has to match her skin tone. She has a certain STYLE in mind. Probably princessy, glamourous. You know, not a cupcake…. But a sparkly dress with a ice skirt and something to show off her shoulders or whatever. It’s a very complicated process. Don’t even get me started on shoes, veil, garter, all that fun shit.” He looks like a very confused deer in the headlights.

I just sigh, give him a peck. “I’m off to battle. I’ll be home.”

“Brush the glitter off before you come in tonight!”

I turn and look at him, grabbing my sunglasses. “Sweetie, glitter is in my VEINS.”

“Ryan?” he says, right before I leave.

“Yeah?” I turn around and look at him, hand on the doorknob.

“I’m kind of in love with you.”

My hand drops from the door knob.


“Aw come on man, do I have to say it twice?”

“Yes please.”

“I love you.”

I smile. A big cheesy grin that may be forever plastered on my face. “I love you too.” And with that, I walk out of our Block, and fucking skip like a pretty princess to Sun’s Block.

(Sun’s POV)

Ryan came at me, skipping, just as I walked from my Block, dressed in some jeans and a loose and flowy purple tanktop, something comfy and easy to get in and out of.

“Ryan?” I ask, and he ignores me, continuing his singing.

“I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!”

I clear my throat, yell a bit. “Cyanide! Look! Corsets!”

“I feel charming! Oh so charming!”

Uh oh. Corsets didn’t work. This is serious.

“Ryan!” I try again. “Sparkly pink corsets with black laces and kittens and cute shirtless boys with nice abs and hair dye!”

“ feel STUNNING! And ENTRANCING!” He sings, still skipping, but now in circles.

What the hell. No luck.


He freezes, leg raised to begin his next skip. It drops quickly. “Oh hell no.” he says to me. “You better as hell not.”

I laugh. “Glad I got your attention, hun.” My sister comes bouncing up to me, ready to go. She apparently had stolen my purple skinny jeans. And Black lace tank top. And gotten another piercing. Lovely. My sister now had her doubles in her ears, cartilage on one, and a Monroe.

“You’ll not have a nose ring for the wedding pictures.” I say, and she nods her understanding. “But I like the Monroe.” The one thing I couldn’t make APPEAR on myself was piercings. I hated that.

“So.” Ryan says, and I can still see him bouncing happily in his boots. I wasn’t sure about what, but it was obviously something universe shattering. In a good way, of course. “Let’s go.”

“yes, Let’s.” I say.

(About an hour later.)

The shop we were in was huge, enclosed on the second floor of a rundown mall that Killjoys had aken over as a black market of sorts. It was set inside a mountain, easily able to be defended from any and all BLI attacks. I doubt that the bastards would ever find it though. We had directions and got lost at least three times.

The whole room was exceptionally well lit, making me glad I’d be taking good care of my skin, and was able to magic away the few black heads on my nose. A kind woman with turquoise hair greets myself and my group. “Hello, my name is Eve. I’ll be helping you today.” She says, shaking my hand.

“I’m Neon Sun.” She looks at me, and her eyes widen a bit. I flick my eyes to a normal looking blue, having decided in a split second that perhaps purple and gold eyes were a bit much for her.

“Ah.” She notes, voice notably higher than it was during her introduction. I‘ve released her hand, and smile warmly. I can’t think of where I’ve seen her before, but she’s very familiar. Maybe from the Academy or at a bar or something. “And is this the groom?” She asks, leading us to a small sitting room that was empty excluding ourselves, and nodding to Cyanide Killer.

I’ve never heard Ryan laugh that hard. “no, no, just the helpful friend here to be the guiding force in her search for a wedding dress. Se refuses to let the groom see it before the wedding.”

Eve nods. “That’s how it should be. Nice and traditional. One of the only traditions I agree with in weddings.” I smile at her. “now, what kind of dresses are we thinking?” She asks me, and we’ve all sat on a large, very comfortable black leather couch, sitting behind a pedestal, which is seated in front of a three way mirror. Obviously it’s sole purpose was to provide something for me to stand on once I have a dress on. “And Price?”

I, thankfully, had discussed this with Party, who knows that I was going to be a bit pricy, what with my love of sparkle and glitter and all things princess.

“Well, actually, we were thinking to just find what I like and deal with price afterwards.” I reply. Her eyes light up. Obviously, she worked on commission. This should be easy, then. The girl will haggle over price if it means making her sale. I smile at her, and she seems a bit more relaxed around me. “Strapless, sparkles, a nice skirt.”

She nods. “Thank god, you aren’t fussy.” We all laugh. “I get some brides who are so picky it’s damn near impossible to find them anything. If you’ll just follow me, we’ll start getting you into some dresses. What size?”

“Four.” I reply, and am promptly whisked off to a dressing room, sans Ryan and Spark.

And so the battle begins.

(Ryan’s POV)

She comes out a good fifteen minutes later, completely decked out in a dress. Her hair was down in it’s curls, making her look less scared girl playing dress up, more bride. I have tissues ready, as does Spark.

We would not be using them on this dress. It was poofy. Too poofy. It killed her beautiful figure, was covered in gaudy flowers on the skirt, and was a weird cut in the bodice. She stands on the pedestal, takes one look at her self and shakes her head. “Sorry.” She looks at Eve, who shrugs.

“At least you’re honest and willing to experiment. What’s wrong with it?”

“Everything.” I say. Eve looks at me. “It kills her gorgeous figure, it’s the wrong color, those flowers are fucking hideous… shall I continue?” I ask. Sun just smiles at me appreciatively. I was going to speak up, even if she couldn’t, or rather, wouldn’t.

Sun is led off and hopefully changed into something a little less insulting. She returns shortly, only a good ten minutes later, and I can see she feels good about this one.

“Well?” She asks, stepping up on her pedestal. Eve was off in the back finding more dresses. This dress was strapless, no poof to the skirt. Instead, it was long, flowy, and she’d found herself flowers to make a crown from, a circlet of small little flowers. I stand up, walk around, looking at her from every angle. “Not very princess-worthy.” She mumbles.

Spark hops up, and purses her lips, tongue sticking out of the side the same way Sun has hers when she’s thinking. “No sparkle. At all. I do like the flowers though.” She says.

Sun nods. “it was a whim. I’m just trying everything she brings me.”

I nod, sit back down.

No tissues yet.

( Two hours and Thirty minutes later)

And out the tissues come. Sun turns the corner with one hell of a big ass smile on her face, and one hell of a dress on her body. It’s princess. It’s dress number seven. And she obviously is in love. She takes her place on the pedestal, turns to face us and smiles. It was a big cheesy grin. I knew that smile. She got that smile around Party. She got that smile around Helena and Fia and Ari.

“Guys.” She says, and then just looks at us. Her sister is blubbering all over the place, running her eye makeup. Though, it appeared to be waterproof, a good choice, I note that much. She gets points in my big book of Point and Shit.

I stand up, and walk over to her. The dress is perfect on her, or damn near it. The back is a corset style lace up, which plays up the figure a bit. The top is perfect on her. Beading, sparkle, with some lace even. Not gaudy lace, just a very minimal print that is absolutely gorgeous on the fabric, barely noticeable. The bodice of the dress itself appears to be crisscrossed, and the whole thing is just a gorgeous mix of crystals and beading. The skirt is full, but floats enough for her to not be drowning in it, or look like a cupcake. The skirt itself had some kind of shimmer laced in to the fabric, which I liked, and Sun had founded a dress that had lace on it as well. Where the skirt met the bodice, there was beading, looking nearly like a belt, and it extended to the back, the sparkle and beading, all of it, and the panel behind the corset was lace. Perfect. “Sun?” My voice was a bit hoarse, from me trying not to have a happy sob with her.


“You look like a princess.” I say simply. She finally starts crying a bit, turning to look at herself.

Eve appears, sees me blubbering like a baby, and Sun too. She’s carrying some things in her arms, including a piece of paper and a clipboard and two pens. She stops, puts everything except the veil she was carrying down, and fixes it to Sun’s head. It was long, incredibly long, giving her the trail she desperately wanted. It was lace trimmed, with a small crystal here and there. Perfectly long, and she could use it to cover her face if she chose. Perfect perfect motherhumping perfect. I see a necklace, and a hair clip all go in. Sun’s goddamn bawling her eyes out now, but in a cute, lady like way befitting a bride.

“Is this what we’re taking home?”

“If I don’t get this dress my wedding will be only half as amazing. Maybe a quarter.” Sun says with a watery eyed chuckle. I hand her tissues, which she gratefully except to save her makeup from running, while Spark just hugs her sister. “I guess I’m getting married. Holy shit.” It seems to have sunk in a bit for Sun.

“Holy hell.” I say, looking at her. “Party is going to faint when he sees this.”

“The kids are going to think you’re a princess.”

Moments later, I hear a familiar noise walking into the small room we were in. I hear three little squalls, and they’re all Sun’s kids. She’s turned, and see’s Mikey, holding her kids. He damn near drops them when she turns around. “wow. I just brought them to get dresses and maybe a little tux for Ari, maybe they have that here I just followed you guys but I got lost then the girls were hungry…” He hands me Helena, Fia is given to Spark, and he holds Ari. Spark approaches her sister, holding Fia. Sun scoops her up immediately.

“Hello Fia, mommy’s getting married to Daddy, and this is her dress.” Sun coos. Fia pokes her boob.

“Sparkle.” She says. Another poke. “Sparkle.” Fia has repeated herself, to make sure we all heard her.

Sun damn near drops Fia. That’s the amount of shock she’s in. “Fia can talk!” She, Sun that is, looks bout ready to explode into a ball of excitement and pure shock. “My baby girl can talk.”

“and her first word was SPARKLE.” I say excitedly. “Oh, I hope Ari’s is ‘fabulous’….”. I say, bouncing Helena on my hip. “And your’s…. well, I’m sure Daddy would like it to be ‘converse’ or ‘piano’ or something like that.”

“I have a baby girl that can talk, and I’m getting married in this dress. Holy hell.” Sun looks ready to fall over in a dead faint. She hands Fia to Mikey, and hurries off to change back into normal clothes. She apparently used some of her super human ability, and had signed whatever payment papers she needed to in a flash, because she’s back and holding Fia (and soon enough, Helena and Ari as well), sitting down on the couch, nearly sobbing. She was so emotional today.

I sit with her, shooting a happy glance at Mikey. I was still feeling a little like goo had replaced my bones ever since his little admission of love. Declaration? Admission? I think admission is right. Declaration I too strong. It was perfect and casual and yet super adorable and just perfect.

He slouches while he stays standing near me. “The brother is going to cry when he sees you.”

I sigh. “Sun’s all grown up. A family and a husband and kids… next thing we know these girls will be buying THEIR wedding dresses.”

Sun just chuckles, playing with Fia and Helena and Ari all at once. “Don’t say that. I’m only 20, god forbid these girls get married this young.”

“No grandbabies until I’m at least 50, you hear me?” She says. I know that she understands they don’t understand her, but it’s still cute. Ari gnaws on her finger, and Spark returns from her talk with Eve.

“Come on, let’s pick out some cute dresses for the girls.” She says, leading of Sun, who leaves Helena and Ari and Fia in my care.

I sit down on the couch, and Mikey joins me. Once Sun and Spark turn the corner, he gives me a short peck. “Couldn’t resist.” He says with a small, nervous smile. “I missed you. So I came after you.”

I smile in response, kiss his forehead. “What brought on your admission this morning?”

He shrugs, after a moment to think has passed. “I just… I needed to say it to you. I’d practiced and all that, something romantic, but it all flew out the window. It just happens, you know?” I nod, holding his hand, able to since we’d decided to keep all mention of us away from everybody that wasn’t myself, Leslie, or Mikey. We’d announce it a little after Sun’s wedding.

“So.” I say, smiling at him. “Are we sitting together at the wedding reception?”

“Of course.” He says, giving me a quick peck. I hear Sun coming, and we quickly move apart, appearing less like a couple and more like two dudes on a couch. Sun has bought dresses already, and I’m very excited to see them on the girls when they get home. She walks towards me, and smiles, carrying one hell of a large bag, several smaller bags, and a dress bag that holds her wedding dress. We could alter it to fit at the Academy, which will save us a hell of a lot of cash.

“Ready?” she asks. I nod, and Mikey and I are forced to leave, parting ways as he takes the kids in his car, and Sun takes Spark and I out to lunch in celebration.

(Two month later, a week before the wedding)

(Party’s POV)

I’d been staring at a blank piece of paper for an hour and ahalf, while Sun was out helping move tables and everything into the reception space, make sure her dress was perfect, adjusting every tiny thing she possibly could to make this wedding her fairytale night.

And I? I was staring at a piece of paper, holding a pen, and wishing to god I’d been blessed with some ability to write something. Anything. I couldn’t exactly just DRAW a vow, could I? I feel like Sun wouldn’t appreciate it.

I bit the end of my pen, thinking hard.

I hear a nock on the door. “Come in!” I say, thankful for the distraction. It’s Frank.

“Hey man. Still writing the vow?” He asks, plopping down in a chair he’s dragged up next to me, after carefully moving Fia’s giraffe off it. She loved that damn giraffe.

“It’s hard, man.”

“Yeah, I know.” He laughs. “I hadn’t written mine for her either, the week before.”

“You were busy fucking a stripper.” I say coldly. It comes out harsher than I meant it to.

He shrugs. “yeah. Mistakes. It’s the past. I’ve grown up.”

“Not really, you’re still short.” I joke. He cuffs my shoulder playfully. It was nice, being back to normal with him. There wasn’t an iota of tension between the two of us anymore. He really liked this new girl he was seeing, whoever mystery girl was. He refused to tell us. Probably a good choice on his part. “What were yours about?”

“well, I told a story in mine. Something about how we met, and how our marriage will always be about honor and honesty, something along those lines. We were doing the whole catholic vows too, but she was too down with the whole “obey” thing. You know how she is.”


“I’d say free-spirited and kind of bitchy sometimes, but yeah, fiery works too.” He replies.

There’s a brief moment of laughter we share. It felt just like the old us. The best friends us that I’d missed for so long. “So just make it meaningful. Don’t make it too flowery, or fake. Just… look, I had to look at a picture of her I had at the time and just imagine saying it to her. Pretend she’s the only person that will ever hear those words, no matter what.” He shrugs. I nod, sketching on the lined paper in front of me, doodling a church with zombies coming out of it, and a spaceship shooting lazerbeams at it.

“What if I mess up? What If I don’t say the right thing at the right time? This is scary man.” I say, kinda quietly. He sighs, and I can almost hear him run a hand through his hair.

“Look, it’s Sun. She’s always loved you. I hate admitting it, but she has. It was a matter of time man. She will not fault you for getting tripped up. I’ve seen the dress. You’re gonna fuck up something. It’s boobtastic.”

“Boobtastic?” I say, head perking up. “That’s a new word. I don’t like it.”

He laughs. “You’ll like the dress, man. It’s great. The girls are adorable in their little dresses too. And Ari, dear god. I got him a little fedora to wear. It’s too perfect.”

“My kids are great.” I say with a smile.

Frank is walking around the room. It was about time, considering how hyperactive he is, and his inability to stay still for more than ten seconds. “What if you tell the story of how you first met?”

I shake my head. “She was fresh out of the labs and attacked me when I reached out to hug her.” He laughs.

“Find a story. About you two. And compare it to marriage.” I hear a drawer open. “What’s this?”

I turn over my shoulder, stopping the current shading I was completing on the now enflamed church of zombies and aliens. “Hm?” I ask, not paying much attention.

“This!” he asks, walking over to me, carrying a beat up, thin leather bound journal. I snatch it from him immediately. “ohhh, is it Poison’s diiiaaarrryyy?” he coos to me in a singsong that makes me want to punch him in his midget face.

“No, dumbass. It’s something I wrote. It’s a journal.” I’m speaking fast, and I’m almost sure I’m blushing.

“Love letters?”

“Sort of.”

“hm. Well, have fun. I gotta go see my lady. She’s busy today, lots of crap to do.”

“Are you bringing her to the wedding?”

“Nope!” He says, before he prances out of my door.

Once the door is closed, I pull the curtains, leaving myself in a dark Block, holding a leather bound book.

I flop down on the bed, leaving the idea of writing vows alone. Instead, I choose to leaf through this journal. I know within moments what it is.

It was my journal when I was trying to make it back to the Academy. Up until the day I was arriving at the diner, jus tin time to see Sun before she fell asleep after she had our children. I smile as I leaf through it, and it finally hits me.

I was going to write my vows.

I sit down; pick up a new piece of paper, setting aside my drawing for later, for it to be improved. Right now, I had a story to tell. Several.

(Day of the Wedding)
(Sun’s POV)

I was going to piss myself.

(Party’s POV)

“I think I’m going to piss myself, I’m so damn nervous.” I mutter, while Mikey fixes my bowtie.
(Sun’s POV)

Ryan was hard at work on my hair, while some girl from the Academy worked on my nails. We were set up in the dressing room we had claimed for my big day for me to get ready in. My sister was running about, her hair and makeup not yet done, making sure everything was perfectly set up, all my bags and Party’s were packed and ready for us to leave for our honeymoon after a long night of wedding bliss. She was a little bit frantic, but Infernal heartbreak, who refused to take off her damn converse with the dress she had on, was completely relaxed, floating between my room and my groom’s, the ceremony room, and the reception room. She’d had a good amount of champagne, and I’d only had a glass or two. I just needed to calm down, I could feel my eyes turning bright orange with the nerves. This morning they were bright yellow, like a cats, I was so excited and terrified and confused and completely and utterly amazed. I was wearing my engagement ring, as always. Fia and Helena were still happily asleep, as was Ari. They’d get ready last, right as I was getting the final touches on everything.

My bouquet, a mix of pink, black, and silver flowers with little rhinestones throughout. Ryan was messing with the curls in my hair, adding sparkly pins throughout, just to add to my overall shimmery look for the day. I’d been perfectly tanned over the past few weeks, my teeth were white and gorgeous looking, my hair was freshly dyed, the perfect mix of platinum, pink, blue, and purple. The colors shot through absolutely perfect, the curls having little pops of color. It was perfect.

Ryan’s done with my hair, and lets it set, all the curlers he’s put in being given a spritz of gloss in a bottle, though I had my hair done by him with an actual clear gloss. The man worked wonders with my hair. It was long and shiny and perfectly dyed. He’d done perfect. I almost wanted to pay him with favors, but he refused, saying it was my wedding.

I turn, watch Infernal and Spark, get their hair done, as my nails are put under a dryer, drying. Just a French manicure, no sparkle, just nice and simple. I look at my dress, hanging up, perfect looking with the veils, and the necklace, and earrings laying in their box on the table next to it. My shoes were sitting on the floor, just waiting for my to put them in.

I sit down on the couch, sneak a handful of grapes to eat, while I wait for everything to be ready. The wedding was right before sunset, due to a gorgeous floor to ceiling window that’d look great as a background for a few pictures that would be taken while the whole ceremony went down.

Somewhere, Ryan has a record playing, something soft and relaxing.

And I relax, happy for a moment to breathe. Ryan exits, letting his tools heat up, and goes off to check on something.

(Ryan’s POV)

I was rushing about, making sure everything was ready. Sun had a red fabric canopy draped over two pillars, for her and party to stand under while Jet Star preformed the whole ceremony. It was perfect, as were all the little candles floating in bowls of liquid everywhere. The drapings between pew benches were perfect, a silvery material that Sun had picked out on her own, that I just so happened to love.

I run to the left side of the room, and exit, walking into where Party and the groomsmen where all standing about, shuffling nervously, still not dressed, except for Party.

“You look like you’re going to be sick.” I say to him, though his head was buried in a piece of paper, obviously read several times over. He was trying to memorize it.

He just lifts a finger at me, and then looks up a moment later. “I don’t know if I can do this, Cyanide.”

I walk over and promptly slap him.

The hell was that for?” he asks, rubbing his cheek.

“First? For saying you can’t do this. You will not leave Sun. Don’t you dare.”

“I would never!” He says, indignant look on his face.

“And Second, your lack of eyeliner.”

“yes, I figured I’d wait for you to do it all perfect and shit.” I nod, taking this as a complement. I sit him down in a chair, and do the base of his eyeliner.

“And third, for being this nervous. You know she loves you. She’ll love whatever is on that paper, no matter what, or how many times you mess up. Besides, she’ll be worried about a million other things that SHE could mess up. Don’t worry. She’s there. And that’s all that matters.” I fix his tie, and he smiles a bit. I lay down the eyeliner, and stand back. “Have a little nap. I’ll be in to do you hair and makeup five minutes before you have to walk out there. Things will go great. Chill.”

(About an hour later)

(Sun’s POV)

Ryan was lacing me into my dress. All my bridesmaids were outside, watching my kids with the groomsmen. It was silent.


“Yes, sweetie? Is it not tight enough?” he asks, pulling it tighter.

“Thank you.” I say. I still hadn’t seen myself. I wasn’t allowed, apparently, until he was all done with everything. “For being there. Always.”

“You were always there for me.”

“I don’t think I can do this.” I say to him quietly, just as the record shuts off. “I really don’t.”

He stops lacing me in for a moment, and walks around to look at me. “You can. I know you. You made it through the labs twice, triplets, and losing the love of your life. He’s waiting for you, or he will be soon, and I damn near expect the boy to faint when he sees you. You can do this. You’re strong. This is easy.”

I take a deep breath, and he laces me up, and I hear him finish it. He covers my eyes without touching them. “What color have you decided on for your eyes?” he asks. “Pick it now.”

I smile, close my eyes, and let them turn their natural purple with golden flecks. Ryan moves his hand after handing me my bouquet, fixing the small little rhinestone comb that kept my veil in place, and I finally get a look at myself.

And it finally hits me. It hits hard.

I’m getting married.

Right now.

Holy hell.

I’m gonna be MARRIED.

“Sun, breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.” He says, misting my face with setting spray just to make sure my makeup wont run, I wont sweat, none of that.

“Garter?” I ask, and he hands me it. I slip it high up my thigh, smiling happily to myself.

“I have something for you.” He says, and he walks over to me. “you have your something blue, the small rhinestone on the garter, near the cameo. Your something new is the necklace and dress… you just need something old and borrowed.” He reappears from his bag he had with him, handing me a small cuff link. “It’s one of mine. Your borrowed. Where do you want it?” I take it, pin it to part of the bouquet. He smiles. “And your old… your sister had this for you.” He hands me a piece of gorgeous lace. “From your grandmothers wedding dress. Where do you want it?” I pin it with his cufflink to my bouquet, and smile at him. “Are you ready, Sun?”

I nod.

He sprays some more perfume on me. “I’m right there, and Party will be right across from you. Now. Smile. Today you are a princess. And today, you’re going to be the center of attention. Bring out the inner diva. You wouldn’t want Party stealing your sassy spotlight.”

I walk out with him to the hall way, and see that the grooms men have gone already. I fix my veil, laying it so it covered my face, while Ryan get’s ready to walk out with my sister. He was one of my bridesmaids, I’d made that choice, and he’d accepted. My sister was holding Fia, and Helena, who were standing, holding their baskets and each others hands.

I hide, so party can’t see me, when the doors open for them to go. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Ryan put them down, as they were squirming. He’d been holding them, and they were just not having that. I can see perfectly, but know Party can’t see me. My girls stand shakily, seem to look at each other, and nod. First Helena makes a shaky movement, and my girls hold each others hands, and take their very first steps together.

I cannot bawl, but it seems my husband to be is about to. They toddle their way to him, dumping flower petals everywhere. He scoops them up, and hugs them close, kissing them excitedly. I peak around the crack, and make simple eye contact with him. He’s beaming. So am I.

Ari takes his turn, and gets right up, taking a few awkward steps and then making his way to dad, who scoops him up to, and looks damn near ready to cry already.

My kids seemed to be stealing my thunder. I laugh a little, and smile. Everything was falling into place. First steps, right before I started my first and ONLY marriage. How fitting.

The nerves are gone. I hear the piano cue up, the end of the song Stall Me Slowed down, as my bridesmaids are walking in, My sister and Ryan dead last.

The aprt that should have “She said she’s got more where that came from to spark me!” being sung by a man with a rather beautiful voice, is fused with a piano tune, and the doors open. Show Pony, who was giving me away, was by my side, though I hadn’t noticed. He was in a baby blue tux, skates still on.

I take my first steps out and try not to bawl. He’s got a grip on me, though he was matching my pace in his skates. I look around as discreetly as possible. Students, family, people I loved and cared about. Tey were here. Little kids, big kids, old kids, young couples. Former students, friends from the towns, everybody. They were all here.

I couldn’t breathe. There wasn’t enough air, and there was too much. I look up, trying to not shake.

I hear Party choke a bit, and make eye contact with him. He swallows heavily, and a huge grin over takes his face. I chuckle a little, and feel Show Pony let me go as Party steps forward.

He touches my arm gently, leading us back under our canopy.

I could almost swear he muttered “holy shit”

(Party’s POV, while Sun is walking out)

Holy mother of all that is unholy.

Frank and Mikey weren’t kidding. The dress. The veil. The hair, everything. She was gorgeous. Sparkly and princess-like and absolutely perfect. She was radiant. Shining like a diamond, as cliché as it sounds. I couldn’t breathe. The room got too hot too quick. I hear Helena and Fia make excited noises, though Fia was the only one speaking so far. Just one or two words so far. They were so advanced.

But right now, all I could see was Sun. My breath catches in my throat, and she looks up at me. We make eye contact, and her eyes, their natural purple, shine at me. Was she crying? I was tearing up. I make my way down to take her from Show Pony.

“holy shit.” I think. Her head perks up a bit, and I realize I must’ve said it out loud, based on the smile she had on. I blush as red as my freshly dyed atomic cherry bomb hair, and lead her to our place.

(Sun’s POV)

Ray had gone through the ceremony without a hitch. The whole thing was perfect. The pictures, the light, the sun was about half way through setting, so everything was right on schedule. In this one instance, I was glad we stuck to the schedule, the time line. For now, I ws type A. I could be type B once we hit the reception.

“And now, our bride and groom wrote their own vows.” Ray says. “And Sun, of course, has chosen to go first.” This earns him a much deserved chuckle form everybody watching. I look at Party, who nervously grabs my hands.

“Gee.” I say to him, using my big girl voice, as Spark calls it. I try not to let it waver, nothing at all to betray how nervous I was.

He just gives me his grin, and I try not to turn to goo.

“My vow to you is one of eternal, unconditional, unlimited love. No matter what, I will always love you more than anything n this planet, aside from our beautiful children.” He smiles. I continue. “I have loved you from the very moment I saw you. Well… after I was done beating you up. Sorry about that one.” Everybody laughs. Good. I was doing everything right. Nobody was booing, and there were for sure some tears. “And the most terrifying moment of my life was thinking I’d lost you forever. I will never forget hearing that you were dead.” The room is somber now. “I was destroyed. I lost a part of myself.” I pause a bit, try to not tear up. He’s grinning still. “And the idea of never seeing that grin again? That was horrible. Absolutely unbearable.” Another pause. “And then, you waltzed back into my life. Though, strutted may be the more appropriate word.” More laughs, warming the room up again. “And the most amazing moment so far, has been when you asked me to marry you. Not because you asked me, but because it was the start of the rest of our lives together. You are a wonderful father, who has given me the three most precious and perfect things in the entire world. You are a beautiful artist, and the man I promise to love without reproach, until something takes you from me. I don’t think anybody can take you from me though. I’d love to see them try. I Love you, gee. Always have, always will. No matter what, I will support you, care for you, and respect you. You are the only hope for me. You will always be my Moon.” I finish.

He smiles. I see a few tears in his eyes. I squeeze his hands, a reassuring action to remind him that he can do this.

He takes a deep breath, and alunches into his speech. And my, what a speech, based on how bad his hands were shaking.

(Party’s POV)

Holy shit I was going to piss myself.

I feel her squeeze my hands, and suddenly, my mind clears. I could do this. She was here.

“Sun. My gorgeous, perfect Sun. You look like an angel today, though that’s different from no other day. Including when you’d just had our children. I remember, walking in to that room, seeing you, black hair and eyes that looked suspiciously like mine,” some laughs break out, I wait for them to stop before continuing, a smile on my face. “And thinking that I’d never been happier.” People sigh happily, and one of them was Sun. Good. She wasn’t laughing at me yet. This was good. Much better than planned. I take another calming breath, and look at her. Suddenly, she was the only person there, besides me. Nobody else. I was calm. I could do this. “And my vow to you, is much like yours. The vow of unconditional, limitless love, no matter what. You’ll always be my Sun.” she thinks I’m done. “But unfortunately, this vow comes with a story.” I let go of one of her hands, and Frank hands me the leather bound book, which has been sticky noted with key passages. I open it up, and look at my bride. She looked mildly confused, her eyes flashing to an orange color, then snapping back to purple. “this is a journal I kept while I was making my way home after my time in the labs.”

I clear my throat, and read.

“Day one: I miss Sun. Everything about her.” I flip to the next passage, but look at her. “This whole vow comes with a story. A story called “I remember.”” She smiles at me, and I see a tear or two. Good, she was happy crying. “I remember the first time I saw you. You were gorgeous, even though you were emaciated and wild looking. Unbrushed hair, dirty clothes, and you were gorgeous, absolutely flawless.” Iflip to another page.

“Day 15:” I read. “I miss everything about her. Without her, it’s unbearable. I can’t take it. But I have to. I have to get home to her, to our child.”. I clear my throat again. “I remember the first time we kissed. I was dizzy for a week and a half.”

“Day 48: I’m only a few zones out. Every night, it’s sleepless, without her there, being my space heater. I miss smelling like her perfume and body wash, her shampooed hair leavingit’s scenet all over my pillows. I can’t imagine life without her.”. I take a shaky breath, hear a few people crying in the audience. “I remember the first time I told you I loved you,” I laugh a bit. “And I remember almost fainting before it.”

She smiles and laughs.

“Day 56:” I breathe deep. “I’d have given up by now, if it wasn’t for my Sun. Just laid down and stopped. She is the only thing that keeps me going. The promise of seeing her again, holding her close. Telling her I love her.” She’s crying now, holding my hands close. “I remember you telling em you loved me back. You looked ready to faint.”

“Day 60: Our baby should be here soon. I can’t wait to be a father, and have a family with her.”

“I remember the moment you told me you were pregnant.” I laugh, and look at our kids, who are sitting happily next to Leslie. “And I remember being a whole bunch of emotions. I remember being afraid, and so excited, confused and so amazed.”

“Day 96: It’s there. I can see it. The Diner. I could swear her car is parked outside it. It’s not dafe now though. I’ll have to go tomorrow.”

“I remember us, that first night. I remember you not believing I was real. I remember the tears. I remember being so relived that you were okay. Remember the first cries I ever heard from my daughters and son. I remember feeling like I was home.”

She’s about to just melt. I can feel it. But she’s the only person that could make me feel the same way.

“I really struggled, writing these vows. But it hit me, eventually. That everything with us is about remembering. Remebering that we have made it through hell and abck, fights that’d kill a T.Rex, and have come out so in love that it’s almost absurd. So my vow to you, is to never judge, to always support you, listen, and love you without end. Our marriage will be about us. Not the world, nothing else. You are my better reality, my only one. You will always be my little spunky, fiery ball of girl, that I have no idea how to handle, but can’t live without. You’re so passionate, and alive… and unafraid. You pulled me from one hell of a dark place, and I will always be indebt to you for that. I vow to protect you until they take you and our family by force. I’d love to see them attempt to ever separate us again. You are a perfect mother, and I’m so glad you and I have made it through everything we have.” I take a deep breath. Here we go. This is it. Last words. “It has always been you, it will always be you. It was always you. Say the word, I’d run away with you. Anytime you want. You are the only hope for me. You will always be my Sun.”

“Aw hell, put the rings on and fucking kiss her already!” Ray says, through his tears. I get the veil away from her face, and pull her close to me. The rings are on, and she’s beaming at me. I lift her face up to look at me.
And then….

The kiss.

(Party and Sun’s POV)


(Sun’s POV)

That. Kiss.

Perfection. Just perfect. I was so happy. Everything was perfect. The sun was just setting, the sky a mix of orange and pink, with some purple and yellow swirled throughout. It was perfect. The lighting, the vows, everything.

We finally break apart, to much cheering. Ray speaks, clearing his throat. “And I assume you take him as your husband? Till death do you part?”

“I do.”

“And you take her as your wife? Till death?”

“I’d like to see death try to take her from me.” Party says with a smirk that makes me melt. He kisses me again.

“By the power vested in me by the gods of rock and roll, I pronounce you two, finally, thank god, married.”

And another kiss. We turn, make our way down the asile, holding hands, and make it to the hallway, as our guests go to have cocktails as we take pictures.

(An hour and a half later)

I was holding Party’s hand in mine. It felt perfect.

“You are MINE now.” He says playfully. He kisses me again, a short peck. “I tink Mrs. Poison fits you perfectly.”

“I think Mr. fits you just as well.”

“First dance time?” He asks, and I nod.

We’re announced, and make our way into the reception room, hand in hand.

Somewhere, a record Dr. Death Defying made cues up on the speakers, and I smile. Party takes me in his arms, and everything is okay. I’m in a complete state of bliss. We’d designed a mix for our first dance, and I was perfectly happy as me and him swayed. The lighting was low and perfect, and I could see Fia and Helena smiling at me, and Ari too. I wave to them.

The record scratches. Purposefully.

A small, animated voice is on.

I smirk at Party.

“Couldn’t resist.” He whispers, kissing me for the millionth time. “Yes, it’s from the Lion king. The movie, not Elton John.” He smirks, and we both laugh when everybody in the room recognizes it. We finish our dance, and everybody claps.

“Can the bride make her way to the cake with her groom?”

I make my way there, and Party and I cut the first cake. I pick up the forkful I’m supposed to give him, and right before it’s in his mouth, shove it in his face, smearing it a little. He laughs, and gets a look in his eye that means I’m in for it on the next cake.

And I get the same treatment, though he’s careful to not mess up my makeup, or dress. Good thinking, on his part. Once we’re cleaned up, it’s time for toasts.

My sister makes some long speech, and during which, people laugh a lot. She tells horrendous stories about me when I was young, all of which make me blush and promise to get her back one day. Mikey tells his best man speech, and it’s cute, talking about how his brother told him, from about three months into the relationship, that I was “the one” and he was dead serious. There were some funny jokes throughout the rest of the speeches, and a toast, in which Party and I both sipped out of each others, arms intertwined.

He hadn’t let my hand go since we left the ceremony, I’d noticed.

I hear a beat take up, just background music. Dinner passes flawlessly. Everybody is having a wonderful time. I’m dancing with everybody, and the little kids too. Helena waddles to me, and her father, who couldn’t seem to let me out of his arms for too long.

She pokes dad, and smiles at him. He smiles back, and we move off the dance floor, just for a moment or so, to see what she needed. She reaches for daddy, and the song changes.

She points to a speaker, and proudly declares “Ramones.”

I have never been prouder of my little girl. Her dad swings her around, completely overjoyed. Same as he had been when I got Fia to call him Daddy. He cried both times. I’m surprised either of us have any tears left after all the crying today.

Ari has yet to speak, but I assume Ryan hasn’t said the world “fab” around him enough yet.

Speaking of… I’d not seen Ryan, and I’d be damned if I was not dancing with him at my own damn wedding.

I look around, and am told he’s in the center of the dance floor, near the stage. I make my way there, and see the catwalk is lit. Odd, I don’t remember doing that. Probably Ryan’s idea.

There’s a chair. I figured it was for the garter thing, and then me to throw the bouquet to one of the girls, some old, historical symbol of who was getting married next. I’d take off the cufflink and lace before that.

Everybody seems to clear the dance floor. The song has changed by now, so the empty floor is understandable.

And then a beat takes up.

And a howling noise.

And My husband sits me in the chair, smiles, and walks away.

What the hell is going on.

The curtains on the stage are thrown back, and I laugh my ass off, almost immediately.

Ryan has strutted down the catwalk. In one of MY corsets, a bright pink and black one, in short shorts, thigh high stockings, and a pair of my heels… to Shakira’s She wolf. There was glitter. A shit ton of it.

This. This is my wedding.

And it’s perfect.

Ryan is dancing, in drag, to Shakira.

Things are perfect.

Without a single flaw, he goes through a dance, complete with back up dancers. I’m cracking up, eyes watering from the tears.

He ends the number, sitting on my lap, and hugging me, as the music dies quietly.

“good luck, Sun.” he says. I hug him tight, give him a kiss on the cheek.

“You just made my entire night, ry.” He laughs, and gets up. He scoops Ari up, who is wearing a mini feather boa, and hands hi mto me.

Party rushes over. If these were first words, he wanted to hear them.

I hold Ari up, samba Style, so he was facing his father and I. He demands to be put down, by making an unhappy gurgling noise I recognize all too well. I set him down, he gets on his feet, puts a hand on his hip, and loudly says “faaaaaaabulouuuusss daaaahhlliing!”

Once again, I’m sobbing with laughter. Our kids can walk and talk. I’m married.

Things are perfect.

(Three hours later)
(Party’s POV)

So currently, sun was sitting in a chair, smirking at me. I’m standing in front of her, trying not to laugh or blush or be embarrassed.

“So, now our lovely new husband has to go get that garter sun’s got somewhere eon her leg. Have fun, Party…” doctor Death says. Everybody gives a giggle that is just dripping with innuendo.

Frank shouts, and I know it’s frank, due to the wolf whistle that follows “On your knees, boy!” Everybody cracks up. I do, Sun does, even the kids that don’t understand it laugh.

I get down, try to figure out how to get under the dress, and dive in. Dr. Death has cued up some other black man with a ridiculously deep voice saying “ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh.” I get a little lost under the skirt, but eventually find the damned garter, grab it with my teeth, get it down her leg, and whip it at the waiting group of bachelors. I wasn’t really aiming for anybody, but I do of course watch who ends up grabbing it.

My kid brother, of course. Of course he’d catch it. He would. He holds it up in triumph, all the guys cheering. I stand up, and help sun up. She thanks me with a peck.
“Chuck those flowers!” Doctor Death informs her, and she makes sure all the girls are waiting, and simply tosses the flowers back.

She turns around. And just facepalms, immediately.

Her sister caught them. Cute.

“You better not be getting married anytime soon!” She shouts, then hugs her.

(Sun’s POV)

Somebody taps my shoulder. I recognize the smell.

“Can I steal her for just one moment?” Frank asks my husband. Party nods, willingly handing me over. Frank takes me, fondly in his arms. “So. Mrs. Poison.”

“Yeah, mrs.” I say, and we both laugh.

“You know, you’ll always be my first love.” He says. “And my best friend.”


“Of course. I expect you to be at my wedding sobbing like I was sobbing.”

“If I ever meet the girl, of course!” I laugh. He gives me a friendly forehead kiss, which I return.

We dance for a few more songs, and he smiles. “I’m glad you chose him. This girl is… she’s amazing, Sun. Perfect. I can’t believe it. It’s meant to be.”

I give him a smile. “I’m always here, for anything you ever may need. Children, relationship troubles, somebody’s hand to hold when you get whatever tattoo you want next.”

Party cuts back in, and after a few more hours of lots of dancing and drinking, it’s time to go.

Everybody lines the driveway, holding rice and rose petals, dyed purple and other alice and wonderland esque colors, and party and I run to my waiting car. He opens my door, gets me in and we drive off.

(Later that night, about 30 minutes later)

(At the cabin they’re staying in somewhere secluded, in the forest mentioned in an early chapter in a dream.)

(Party and Sun’s POV)



OH HAI. GUESS WHAT. THIS IS ALMOST 12K. YOU'RE WELCOME Anyways, i missed you guys bunches. Sorry, but my computer and a lack of inspiration were just... bleh. roadblocks. Anyways. New boyfriend also distracted me lots. he's great. I like him lots. So..... only two more chapters.... then you get...... KJA 2: SOPHOMORE SLUMP. (yep. it's gonna be amazing. y'all are in for one hell of a wild ride.) Much thanks to ryan for helping me get this done. Much thank to the interwebs for wedding ideas. the next little page on this will have stuff so you can visualize some of Sun's wedding crap. it's pretty great, won't lie. Oh, i expect reviews and rates....

Happy holidays, happy New Year, and keep on keepin' on. You're all amazing. Promise. Wouldn't trade you for the world. And I apologize for all of the perfection in this chapter, but damnit, this is a happy wedding chapter, I will have my perfection if I please. Anyways, I'm out like ponchos!


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