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Woo! Wedding Stuff!

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Because I can't write half the details in just one chapter.

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First cake but white cake, silver designs, red accents.-

Black stuff stays, red cake, silver decorations. -

Centerpieces and kind of table set ups. –,r:3,s:0,i:96

Sun’s garter-,r:90,s:100,i:274

The bodice STYLE of Sun’s dresses top, the beading and stuff will be in the following links. Skirt is this style too, including the shimmer.–

This kind of beading, lots of sparkle, you know. Actually, just fuse the top two dress, and add this beading, and that’s her dress! ☺ -

Bouqet, but bright neon pink roses, some black ones, a few silver…. -

The music they used was….

Time of Your Life
Can You feel the love tonight
Crazy Love
When The Day met The Night
Northern Downpour

y'all are welcome!
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