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"I've finished the hovercraft." Ray told them the next day at breakfast "We can leave as soon as you want. Raven have you finished the draculoid outfits?"

"Yeah, they're done now." Raven replied.

"What are you gonna do?" Callie asked shyly.

"It's official business, we can't tell you." Raven told her.

"We're gonna go save my sister." Mikey said, ignoring Raven's evil looks. He told her their entire plan.

"Can I come?" Callie asked.

"No." Raven said. Mikey opened his mouth "This isn't me being a bitch, this is me being kind. Callie you're too weak to come. Don't take that as an insult because I bet you're strong. You've gotta be to have survived this far. But look at you. You've been walking around the desert by yourself with no food, water or rest for like weeks. Right now, you're not strong enough to fight BLI. I'm sorry."

Gerard sighed "Raven's right. You'll be better off here Callie. You can look after Lauren and Mia, okay?"

"But Gee, we wanna come!" Mia cried "We're healthy! We're not weak! Please let us come?"

"Mia, I've already talked to you and Lauren about this. You're too young."

"Mikey's allowed to go." Mia pouted, crossing her arms and starting to sulk.

"I know but Mikey can take care of himself. He's older than you two."

"I bet when Becca gets here she can be a killjoy." Lauren said sulkily.

"Becca's older and tougher than you." Gerard said through gritted teeth "Lauren, I'm just looking out for you and Mia. Why do you have to beat me up about it?"

"Because I wanna go!" Lauren cried.

"Well you can't. Not yet. You're not old enough yet."

"... So we can in the future?" Mia asked "When we're old enough?"

"Yeah, sure."

Mia cheered up and Lauren felt a little better "Alright fine." Lauren said "We'll stay home. Just this once."

Gerard knew it was gonna be more than one time where they had to stay in the diner but he didn't say anything in case he started an argument "Yeah, sure. Anyway, I wanna leave. Right now."

"Okay, I think I know how to fly this thing." Ray said, getting behind the wheel. Penina, Frank, Gerard and Mikey were in the back and Raven sat in the passengers seat "Are you guys ready?"

"Yep." Gerard replied. No one else said anything. Ray started up the hovercraft.

"... And they're gonna come and get me, they wouldn't give up on me." Becca told Tiara "And they'll save you too. I promise."

"But what if they don't come?" Tiara asked tearfully. She hadn't stopped crying since being throwing in the same room as Becca "Then what do we do? They're gonna kill us Becca!"

"Y-You don't know that." Becca said nervously "They haven't hurt us so far. They gave me something to make me stop moving but it wore off. It was probably just a test or something. They... They haven't hurt us."

"They haven't hurt you. Look at this!" Tiara rolled up her sleeve and showed her several cuts and burn marks "I dunno why they did, they just did. For fun I think. It was no stupid test. And I don't think making you not be able to move was a test. They're just doing this for fun. Because they can. Because they want to."

"Well then what's the point in keeping us here? I don't understand!" Becca groaned and went over to the window. When she couldn't move, they'd painted it black so she couldn't see out. She pounded her fists against it "Why can't we just break the windows?"

"They did something to the windows. I don't know what but we can't break them. I tried at my house."

"Well why have they put us together? I don't get it."

"I don't know. I just know that they're sick people!" Tiara wiped away one of her tears "They already killed my baby sister. Just because she was a baby. That doesn't even make any sense! And something's wrong with my parents. I think they were brainwashed or something."

"Mine too." Becca bit her lip "But it's gonna be okay. My brother's are still alive. And my sister's. They wouldn't leave me here on purpose. At least I don't think they would."

"But they-" Tiara's eyes widened "Do you hear that? Footsteps."

The door to their room opened and two draculoid's stepped inside "What do you want?" Tiara cried, more tears falling down her cheeks.

The draculoids didn't say anything. One of them grabbed Tiara's arm and the other grabbed Becca's. They were dragged out of the room.
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