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"Please don't hurt us!" Tiara shrieked, still crying.

"Just let us go!" Becca yelled, trying to pull away but the draculoud had a firm grip "Where are you taking us? Tell us!"

The draculoids didn't reply of course. They dragged the two girls out into the garage where there was a white hovercraft waiting for them "I'm not getting in that thing!" Becca screamed "Get off of me you freaks!"

She couldn't pull away so she was taken into the white hovercraft a long with Tiara "What are you gonna do to us?" Tiara asked tearfully.

The draculoids ignored her and the one in the front started driving and then it began to fly "LET US OUT!" Becca shrieked.

"For crying out loud, it's us!" Gerard pulled his white draculoid mask off and his little sister breathed a sigh of relief before throwing her arms around his neck.

"What took you so long?" Becca cried "I was worried sick!"

"Yeah I know I'm sorry but we needed a plan. Listen to me, did they hurt you?"


"You swear?"

"No. They injected some weird thing into me that made me stop moving for a couple of days but that was it." Becca sighed "Thanks. For saving me. Oh by the way, this is Tiara." She pulled away from her older brother "She's kind of my friend. We were in the same room." Tiara waved shyly at them while Becca introduced everyone.

"Hey Tiara." Gerard smiled at her and took her hand "Well you're safe now, I promise."

"Thank you." Tiara whispered, smiling back at him.

"Callie, I'm booooored!" Mia moaned loudly "CALLIE! CAAAAALLIE!"

"Oh My God, I'm not good with little kids, what does she want me to do?" Callie whispered to Lauren.

"She's just in a bad mood because she's worried about Gerard." Lauren replied "Don't worry about it. She'll be okay. And so will Gerard. I hope."

"Hey... About your brother Mikey..." Callie said "Is he, like, single?"

Lauren looked at her "Yeah. He's never had a girlfriend before."

"Oh. So... Do you think that maybe-"

"He'd go out with you?" Lauren asked, smiling and raising her eye-brows.

Callie blushed bright red "Well I kinda like him, you know."

"Not really since he's my brother, you know." Lauren teased, causing Callie to go even redder "I don't know. I think he likes you. He kinda goes bright red around you. You should just tell him."

"Tell who what?" Mia asked loudly, running over to the table and then bumping her head off it causing her to scream.

"You should be more careful." Callie sighed, pulling Mia onto her lap as she sobbed "And I was thinking of telling Mikey that I have a crush on him. I was asking Lauren for advice."

Mia stopped crying straightaway "Tell him, tell him, tell him!"

Lauren smiled as she heard a hovercraft outside "I think they're back now."

They all stood up and went towards the door and a draculoid got off of the hovercraft "You can take the stupid mask off now." Callie laughed but her laugh soon disappeared when she saw a figure behind the draculoid. It was a bald man wearing a long coat. And she'd seen him before.
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