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Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Teens can be crazy. These teens know better than anyone. -Auditioned One-Shots-

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Jennifer smiled as she walked through the doors of the school. She has never, in her 15 years of existence, ever been so happy to return to school. She was a new person. Her friends had made her into a new person, and she was ready to take on the school. She got into the school and went into the cafeteria, where she and her friends waited before school. Surely enough, they were there.

"Hey, guys! Ready for school?" Jennifer asked, brightly.

Her friends groaned in response.

"That's what I thought." Jennifer said, sitting down next to her friend, Frank.

"JENNIFER!!!!!!!" a girl yelled, running over to Jennifer.

"Hey, Ellie!" Jennifer yelled back.

In, what appeared to be slow motion, the two girls ran at each other with their arms open wide. Romantic music was playing.

"FRANK, SHUT OFF THE MUSIC!" Gerard scolded.

Frank shut off the music and frowned.

Ellie and Jennifer finally collided in a hug.


"What? Ellie, we're sisters. We live together."

Ellie ignored this.

"So, who's your first teacher?" Ellie asked, getting her schedule out.

"Um... Ms. Richardson. " Jennifer said, quickly adding "Chemistry."

"Oh. I have Mr. Paison. He's so hot." Ellie gushed.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. She didn't and wouldn't ever say it but...yeah, he was hot.

"BUT ELLIE!" her friend, Ryan, screamed "ABSTINENCE!"

"I AM BEING ABSTINENT RYAN. GET OFF MY BALLS!" Ellie screamed back, gaining looks from everyone else, and giggles from Jennifer's table.

"Dude!" a boy exclaimed, as he rushed into the cafeteria, looking frantic.

"What's wrong, Mikey?" Jennifer asked, worried.

He started babbling things in a different language(or so it seemed) until his girlfriend, Amy, appeared beside him.


The whole cafeteria didn't seem to care, except Jennifer's table. Frank was crying, while his girlfriend, Sara, comforted him. Amy's older sister, Becca, was hyperventilating. Gerard and his girlfriend, Sadie, were both crying. Raven's face turned red while Ray tried to calm her down before she got violent. Ellie was shouting in Spanish, a language she had picked up while living with Jennifer. Their friend, Liam, was a bit shy, so he tried not to react. Skye, Frank's adopted sister, stopped making out with her boyfriend, Jimmy, to hear the announcement, much to Frank's glee. Jon, his girlfriend Sam, Liz, her boyfriend Axel, and Miranda were all too shocked for words.

Lauren, Jennifer's sister, appeared beside them.

"What's up, guys?" Lauren asked.

Mikey was still babbling on in some different language.


Lauren was gasping for air.

"BREATH, LAUREN, BREATH!" Jennifer screamed, fanning her sister.

"You know what we have to do now, right?" Ellie asked.

"What?" Ryan asked, suddenly appearing behind Ellie.

"We have to steal coffee from the teacher's lounge." Ellie said.

"Why don't we just buy coffee mix and make our own coffee?" Ryan asked.


"Brilliant idea!" Lauren exclaimed. She was always up for an adventure, that fearless bastard.

Ellie smiled at her sister, who had just gained points in her book.

"But how are we gonna get 20 cups of coffee from the teacher's lounge?" Ryan asked.

"RYAN DON'T YOU DOUBT MY WAYS OKAY SHUT IT!" Ellie screamed. She was certainly not amused.

"Well, there's 30 minutes left before classes start. We need to figure something out." Sadie said.

"Right, okay. So, here's what happens: I make out with Mr.Paison're on your own." Ellie said.

Ellie was really attracted to Mr.Paison. Maybe it was his bright red hair, or the fact that he wore really tight jeans sometimes. No one knows.

"I say someone causes a diversion while we sneak into the lounge and make our coffee." Raven said.

"BRILLIANT!" Jennifer screamed "Now, who wants to create the diversion?"

Ellie was the first to raise her hand.

"Okay, we'll go in, three at a time, and make our coffee, quickly." Jennifer said "We'll create the diversion according to which teachers are in the lounge at the time."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Sara checked her watch.

"We have 25 minutes to make a diversion, make the coffee, drink it, and get rid of the evidence." Sara said.

"TRASH BAG PATRICK!" Miranda shouted, calling over a boy with glasses who had a trash bag over his clothing. "Do you have a trash bag?"

Patrick nodded and, somehow, got a trash bag and gave it to Miranda.

"Hey, why do you wear a trash bag?" Miranda said. Patrick puffed up his chest and spoke.

"A new day is dawning within these halls. Can you smell that?"

"No, wha-"

"Smells like fear. Fear of change. For too long, this school has operated under the hood of hate and oppression." Patrick continued, until Miranda shoved a hand in his face.

"Alright, run along now, Patrick." Miranda said.

"NO LONGER CAN YOU USE YOUR GESTAPO TACTICS TO HOLD US DOWN!" Patrick screamed, before a jock came up to him and punched him in the stomach.

"Change will come..." Patrick mumbled, as he lay on the floor. Miranda rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, we'll just fill the bag with our coffee cups and dump the bag somewhere." Miranda said.

"ALRIGHT, SLUTS!" Frank yelled "LET'S GO IN!"

They walked through the empty hallways to the teacher's lounge.

"Ugh, he's coming with us?" Frank asked in disgust, looking at Jimmy.

Jimmy balled his hand into a fist, but Skye calmed him down.

They finally got to the teacher's lounge and peered inside the window. Only Mr.Paison was there. It was Ellie's time to shine.

"Alright, doll" Jennifer said, turning to Ellie "It's your time to shine"

Jennifer ripped open Ellie's top, causing more cleavage to be shown. She also ruffled up her hair a bit to make it slightly messy in all the right places. She grabbed Ellie and turned her facing the door.

"Go get 'em!" Jennifer exclaimed, slapping her ass before she went in.

They watched as Ellie said something to Mr.Paison, then started making out with him. She did it within 10 seconds.

"Atta girl!" Jennifer whispered.

Jenifer sent in everyone three at a time to make their coffee, which only took about 2 minutes. It was a beautiful sight. Jennifer made sure to make Ellie her coffee, too. Soon, when they were done, Ellie opened her eyes to see that they were done, and stopped kissing Mr.Paison. She got up, winked at him, and left, leaving him baffled.

"Awesomeness!" Jennifer exclaimed, high-fiving Ellie. "Now button up your shirt because...Ryan, tell her."


"Damn straight!"

"Guys, we have 20 minutes to drink our coffee and get rid of the evidence. " Ray said.

They quickly drank their coffee and threw it in the bag Miranda got. Then, with 5 minutes to spare, they all used the bathroom. When the bell finally rang, they slowly walked to class. One by one, they each got off at their stop. Soon, Ryan, Ellie, Jennifer, and Lauren were left.

"I still don't get why we couldn't sneak out of school and buy our own coffee." he mumbled. Ellie gave him a death glare. Ryan quickly went to class.

"Well, this is my stop." Lauren said to her sisters. "That was crazy, guys."

"Well, you're just a freshman. They'll be so much more craziness to come, especially since we're going to be in the school for a while more." Jennifer said.

"Yeah, right. That's about as crazy as you guys get, I bet." Lauren said, before going into class.

Ellie and Jennifer looked at each other and burst out laughing.

She had no idea.
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