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Kids And Their Shenanigans

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"Ugh. Kids."

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Gerard and Frank walked into the cafeteria. Gerard had two little girls in his hands and Frank had one girl. They were all excited.

"Ohmygosh!" Ellie gushed, as Frank and Gerard approached their usual table "Who are these cuties?!"

Two of the girls giggled. The third hid behind Gerard.

"These two girls are me and Mikey's little sisters. They're twins. Her name is Penina." Penina smiled and waved "And her name is Hozzie." Hozzie hid behind Gerard. She was scared.

"This is Christy!" Frank exclaimed. Christy waved at Ellie, happily.

"They're adorable!" Jon said.

"Ugh. Kids." Raven said. She didn't really like kids.

Frank raised an eyebrow.

"Here. Christy, Raven's going to spend the day with you." Frank said.

Christy smiled.

"FRANK NO WHAT NO WHAT NOOO!"Raven screamed. She raised her clenched fist at Frank, before Ray stopped her.

"Raven, not in front of her." Ray said, motioning towards Christy. Raven sighed and put down her fist, knowing Ray was right.

"Wait, why are they here in the first place?" Skye asked.

"Well, today's 'Take Your Younger Siblings To Class Day' for 10th graders." Gerard explained

"YES!" Jennifer shouted "LAUREN, YOU'RE COMING WITH ME!"

Lauren smiled. She hated class, but couldn't ditch because she has sisters, and her sisters have spies...everywhere.

"Hey, Jen, do you mind taking Penina of my hands today?" Gerard asked "Penina already knows you and I don't want to leave her with Mikey. She's bound to witness Amy and him making out, or worse."

Jennifer shuddered.

"No kid should have to suffer that. Sure." Jennifer said, taking Penina's hand.

"Listen Penina, " Frank said "You be a good girl. I know you get into trouble, but none of that today, alright?"

Penina nodded.

"Alright!" Frank smiled, high fiving Penina. They always had a special bond.

Hozzie was still hiding from everyone. She was a bit shy. She tapped on Gerard, and motioned at him to pick her up. Gerard smiled and obliged, picking her up.

Soon, the bell rang, and classes had begun.

"Frank, I'm tagging along with you." Skye said, grabbing Jimmy's hand and walking with Frank.

"No. Not with him! " Frank said, glaring at Jimmy.

'Yes, with him! Whether you like it or not!" Skye said. Frank groaned.

This was gonna be a long day.


Raven hated chemistry. Not the subject, but the teacher: Mrs.Hemsworth. She had the saggiest boobs on the planet, she had a hunch back, and she hated Raven. She always called her out in front of the class.

As Raven walked with Christy to class, she thought about how Mrs.Hemsworth would react to a kid. When Raven walked into class, Mrs.Hemsworth smirked.

"Who's that kid? Is she the result of you whoring yourself out to that fro kid?" Mrs.Hemsworth smiled.

"Woah, Lady!" Christy spoke up "You should really use those things as a scarf or something!" she said, referring to her boobs "You might trip on them while walking to get your next divorce."

Raven stared at Christy in awe. Christy barely knew Raven and stuck up for her. Raven had just changed her mind about kids.

Well...just this one kid.


Penina was skipping along with Lauren and Jennifer to her first class. When they got inside, not many people were there. Most of them had ditched. There was only a brown haired cheerleader, a blonde haired boy, and a few other people.

Lauren and Penina sat down by Jennifer and waited for class to start. The teacher must've been late.

"Ohmygosh! Hey cutie pie!" the brown haired cheerleader exclaimed. Her boobs were sticking out so much, it was painful to watch.

"Hey." Penina answered, looking down, playing with her thumbs.

"Yo." Lauren said.

"I was talking to the girl." the cheerleader snapped.

"Oh /hellllll naw/!" Lauren thought "Ain't nobody gon' talk to Lauren Fucking Flores that way! Oh, she dead."

Lauren was about to say something when the most incredible thing happened. Penina looked up from her seat and her eyes widened.

"Are those real?!" She asked, pointing at the cheerleader's boobs "Because they look like one of my Barbie doll's face."

The girl's eyes filled with tears as she ran out of the room. When she ran out, Jennifer hugged Penina so hard.

The blonde boy had, apparently, heard everything and was dying of laughter. He turned around to face Jennifer.

"Amazing! I freaking hate Jennifer Lopez!" he said.

He laughed more before turning around. Jennifer stared at the back of his head before Lauren tenderly whispered in Jennifer's ear.

"You like him, don't you?"

Jennifer blushed.

"No I don't, Lauren, now stop breathing on my neck like you want to molest me." Jennifer said.

Before she could say anything else, Frank appeared at the doorway.

"FRANKIE!" Penina shouted, as she ran over to him.

"Hey doll!" Frank said, lifting her up. "Yo, Jen. We're getting out of here. You in?"

Jennifer got up and nodded. Lauren smiled widely and jumped out of her seat. She was finally ditching for her first time ever.

"Oh, hey Bob." Frank said "Wanna tag along?"

Bob nodded and got up.

They all left the classroom and walked out into the hall, where Gerard was yelling at Mikey.

"You do NOT talk to mah child that way, child. You hea me? You don't come all up in mah house and do dat. I wil beat you upside the head, boy!" Gerard said, like an independent woman that don't need no man.

"Why's he yelling?" Jennifer asked

"Mikey called Hozzie a scaredy cat." Frank explained.

Raven soon appeared with Christy in hand, Ray following her.

"How was she?" Frank asked.


"SHE LOVES HER!" Ray exclaimed, kissing Raven's cheek.

"You got Raven to like you!" Frank exclaimed "You're really something special."

Christy grinned.

Soon, Sadie, Amy, Sara, and the others appeared and once the group was together, they left.

"So, I here you think we're boring?" Ryan asked Lauren. She nodded.

" Silly freshman. If you only knew of your sister's shenanigans. Soon you will join in the mischief too youngling. Welcome to the dark side." he said.

Lauren shook her head.


The group was in Starbucks, chilling.

"So, this is what you guys do when you ditch? These are your shenanigans?" Lauren asked.

Ellie nodded.

"Well, then I hate ditching. It's boring." Lauren said, getting up and going home.

"It's a good thing we didn't go to the amusement park today." Jennifer whispered, getting up.

"Or to New York like the last time." Ellie snickered. Both girls giggled.

Once again, Lauren had no idea.
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