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Gerard walked through the hospital doors with Hozzie and Penina. They both had doctor's appointments, so him and Mikey were taking the girls. They got into an elevator with a bunch of old people in it. It was unrealistic how many old people were with them, and they all had hoodies covering their faces. When the elevator got on Gerard's floor, he got off, and so did all of the old people. Gerard looked back, and opened his mouth to say something, when the old people took off their hoodies.

"SURPRISE! " they shouted. They weren't old people. The whole gang was there.

"Frankie! " Penina exclaimed, running over to Frank.

"Hey, darling!" Frank said, picking her up. Hozzie slightly waved at Christy, who happily waved back.

"WHY ARE YOU GUYS HERE?!" Gerard screamed in fright.

"Well, I'm here because I have an appointment and so does Ellie." Jennifer explained. "The rest wanted to ditch."

Gerard nodded. Frank,with an arm around Sara, rolled his eyes at Skye and Jimmy, making out with way too much tounge. Bob, who had apparently, become a part of the group now, just smiled. Gerard went over and put an arm around Sadie, and Mikey did the same to Amy.

"Y r u hea?" Asked an Asian nurse with an accent , giving the teenagers an evil eye. When she saw Miranda, she lightened up and smiled. "How may I help you?"

"We just need to check in for my two little sisters." Gerard said.

"Okay, okay. You check in nd wait hea. Da rest of da ppl half 2 leave...except 4 her." the Asian nurse said, pointing at Miranda.

"AW YEAH! ASIAN BONUSES!" Miranda said, high fiving everyone.

The Asian nurse chuckled and guided Gerard, Mikey, Penina, Hozzie, and Miranda went to check in. Jennifer and Ellie went to a different floor for their appointment. Jennifer walked in, and all of the nurses exploded into an orgasm.

"Jennifer!" one of the nurses cheered.

"You've grown up so much!" another nurse gushed.

"If it weren't for your smile, I wouldn't have recognized you!" a nurse said, pinching Jen's cheeks.

Everyone was fussing over Jennifer. Even the damn receptionist was gushing. At one point, there was an elephant giving piggy back rides to kids...they were in the adolescent center...

"Oh, ummnm....Ellie Flores?" the receptionist called out.

Ellie stood up and walked towards the counter.

"AWWWW YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR SISTER!" the receptionist gushed.

LIES! WE'RE SEVERAL SHADES AWAY FROM THE SAME SKIN COLOR! Ellie thought, while the receptionist went on about her orgasm.

"Anyways, Ellie, you'll have the same doctor as Jen, because your doctor is currently out." the receptionist said.

Ellie nodded, as she went back to her seat. As she was about to sit down, she heard someone yell "OH, JENNIFER?! SHE'LL GO FIRST!"

"For fucks sake!" Ellie exclaimed, standing up.

Jennifer stood up, everyone patting her and Ellie's backs as if they had just won the fucking Olympics. They went into the room and sat down. They quickly took height and weight, were touched in places that they didn't want to be touched in, and, finally, started to talk to the doctor.

"So, Ellie, I'm Dr.Ratzkin." he started.

Ellie giggled.

The doctor turned away from whatever he was typing on the computer and stared at Ellie, who was pursing her lips, trying not to laugh.

"Anyways, I'm Dr.Ratzkin"

Ellie giggled again.

He turned away from the computer to look at her. Ellie still was trying not to giggle, and Jen had a poker face on.


He turned to look at Ellie. She had a straight face.


He turned again to look at Ellie. Nothing had changed.


Ellie burst out laughing, while the doctor facepalmed.

"And I will be your doctor for today!" he exclaimed over the laughter.

The doctor typed more stuff into the computer, while the two girls sat, waiting for him to ask his questions. Finally, he turned to them, and started to ask them questions.

"So, what does your diet consist of?"

"Mayonnaise, marshmallows, and alpacas. Fried." Ellie responded.

"Apples, whipped cream, and baby sharks." Jennifer answered.

The doctor rolled his eyes, probably typing in healthy shit in order to make them seem healthy.

"Are you currently pregnant?"

"No. Our species doesn't have mating season until another 2 years." Ellie answered. Jennifer giggled at her response.

"Are you currently sexually active?"

The girls giggled.

"No." Ellie responded "But Jennifer is...with Bob." Ellie grinned as Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"With Paison" Lauren whispered, somehow making it into the room to defend Jennifer.

That sure shut Ellie up.

"GUYS NO! ABSTINENCE! " Jennifer screamed.

The doctor turned to look at Jennifer.

"FUCK YEAH!" he said, high fiving her.

The doctor cleared his throat and moved on.

"Are you currently menstruating?"

"No. Our species does not follow the menstrual cycle." Jennifer answered.

"We're done!" The doctor exclaimed, frustrated.

The girls giggled, and high fived.

When they went outside of the room, the nurses exploded into a party encore orgasm, gushing over the girls as if they had just survived the apocalypse.

They quickly checked out and met Gerard and Mikey. Frank was carrying Penina with an arm around Sara. Raven was with Christy, the only kid she minded, with Ray's arms around her. Liz and Axel were hugging. Gerard was protectively holding Hozzie, with Sadie, of course. Mikey was hugging Amy. Sam and Jon were off making out, and Skye and Jimmy were having sex with clothes on, while Frank was spitting fire balls at them. Miranda was talking with that one Asian nurse, talking about Asian stuff, and Ryan was lecturing some poor, frightened kids on abstinence. Becca was eating something. No one had a clue as to where she got the food. Bob was just standing there like a lonely duckling, smiling.

"Ready to go?" Gerard asked.

"I'm ready to go." Ellie said, looking at Jen.

"Get me out of my mind." Jennifer responded with a smile, as they all walked out of the hospital.
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