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You’ll Never Take Me Alive, I’ll Do What It Takes To Survive.

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“Yeah, the blood is flowing and the Devil’s laughing cause we’re gonna hang em high.”

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Authors note: I changed Mikey's age (he's 16 in this fic forgot to mention that a few chapters back) and the guys are going to Gerard's after school, not at lunch, forgot the time set up I used.

Chapter 15: You’ll Never Take Me Alive, I’ll Do What It Takes To Survive.

Mikey’s Point of view

I frowned in annoyance as Frankie-once again- forced me to pull away from Ray, as he yelled at us.
“Hey tongue fuckers! Hello! I’m still here you know! I’m not exactly invisible!” he yelled, flailing his arms around.
“Unfortunately.” I muttered, grinning to show that I was joking.
Ray hushed me and punched my shoulder, laughing slightly and I grinned even wider.
“Are you guys even listening to me? Stop looking at each other all gooey eyed and whatever mushy crap that I’ll probably come up with later and pay attention!” Frank all but whined.
Well, now he knows how it feels. I mean it’s not like I appreciate watching my brother getting all weak kneed, stuttering like crazy and make himself even look more of an idiot by blushing and rambling like a nut job whenever Frank looks at him.
WHAT!?”” I yelled cutting Frank’s rant short. No pun intended there honestly.
“Can you guys quit shoving your tongues down each others’ throats for at least one motherfucking second?” Frank asked, “At least until I tell you something?”
I huffed and Ray laughed as I crossed my leg over the other, arms folded and pouted, Ray’s arm around my waist as I sat on his lap, “Fine, but it better be important.” I said, narrowing my eyes at him.
“What? You gonna kill me cause you’re already suffering from make out withdrawal?”
I narrowed my eyes even more so they no doubt looked more like slits. Ray gestured at Frank to cut it out and Frank seemed to have got the message-sort of.
“Okay okay, I’ll cut to the chase before you start getting the symptoms which so happen to include killing me.” he said hastily, “Possibly by the sick lovey dovey shit in the air.“ he added in quickly smirking.
Ray slapped himself and I just rolled my eyes, groaning in annoyance, “If you don’t cut to the chase Iero, I will kill you with my own two hands.” I said annoyed.
“O-kay I see we’re getting to the point where you start using my last name which means I’m this much closer to being killed in a very slow and painful way.” Frank realized, laughing nervously as he held his thumb and index finger very close together, “So I’ll do what you say and cut to the chase.”
It was quiet. Frank just blinked at us and me and Ray looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Ray, seeing the look that plainly said that I was gonna kill that half pint midget at any minute decided to take over.
“Which is…?” he asked gesturing at Frank to continue.
“Huh what?” Frank asked blankly.
“You gotta be fucking kidding me.” I muttered exasperated while Ray looked like he was trying not to laugh, “What cha mean what? What was it you were wanting to tell us? You better remember, or I swear to God, annoying the living shit outta me will be the last thing you do and I’ll make sure of it.”
Ray looked at me in amused bewilderment and Frank’s eyes widened, “Wow Gerard is right, you do suffer from Male PMS.” Frank said.
“He said what!?” I yelped while Ray burst out laughing as I fell off his lap; sitting up and readjusting my glasses I continued, “What cha mean he said I suffer from Male PMS? That’s coming from he guy who’s more feminine then that girl who lives next door and probably has the start of Gender Identity Disorder! God damn it when I get my hands on that skeleton, vampire looking, coffee addicted straighter than a round a bout, off centred asshole Imma rip his motherfucking balls off and staple them to his fucking forehead!”
“Sounds pretty painful.” Frank muttered looking squeamish while Ray patted me soothingly on the shoulder, trying his best to stop laughing, “Oh that reminds me of what I was gonna tell ya!” Frank exclaimed brightly.
“What’s that?” Ray asked amused.
“Well, while you guys were busy mouth fucking.” I flipped him off while Ray just put a hand to his forehead, “Gerard called me and told me he saw the video.” Me and Ray gaped at him in horror, “What?” he asked confused.
“He saw it? How the freaking fuck did you forget that he called you to tell you that?!” I exclaimed.
“Hey I didn’t forget completely just momentarily because I was too busy watching my life flash before my eyes thanks to you.” Frank pouted.
I ignored the fact that I probably had terrified my friend for life and said, “Is he okay? Did he say anything about it?”
“I don’t know.”
“What cha mean you don’t know?! Jesus Christ Frank!”
“Mikey, come on just relax.” Ray said hastily while Frank just looked at me with raised eyebrows.
I took a deep breath, “Right, you’re right sorry.” I muttered, “Sorry Frank, I didn’t mean to freak out.”
“It’s alright, it’s you’re brother after all.” Frank shrugged as if me suddenly losing my temper with him was no problem, “I just meant that it was kinda hard to tell on the phone. I mean he sounded okay, he was laughing as I ranted about you guys, but I dunno he sounded kinda weird.” Frank looked rather nervous.
I looked at him, “What cha mean?” Ray asked, a hint of worry in his voice.
“I mean that he sounded oddly calm and focused.” Frank explained, “Like he was talking to me but focusing on something completely different.”
I relaxed slightly, “Yeah he does that sometimes. He’ll have a conversation with you alright, but his mind is somewhere else.” I laughed slightly.
“He asked if we could manage to go to his and your place after school.” I looked at him confused, “Said he’s got some sort of idea. He didn’t tell me much.” Frank shrugged looking just as confused as me and Ray did.
“What did he tell you?” I asked apprehensively.
“He said-and I quote this here- he said that I think its about time we stopped taking their shit and show em we ain’t so easy to take down.” Frank quoted,
“What does he mean by that?” Ray asked looking worried
“Maybe he’s actually thinking of fighting Louis.” Frank said.
“What makes you think that?” I asked quickly.
“Well it’d be the best way of getting back wouldn’t it? I mean, no offence Mikes, but Louis is the main one who’s made your brother’s life hell. You heard him say that himself.” Frank pointed out fairly.
“Yeah but come on” I said trying to hide my concern, “I mean look at the size of the guy compared to Gee. The guy’s built like a fucking tank!”
“Yeah Frank, I’m not saying Gerard’s not capable of fighting for himself, he probably could. But the fact is, Gerard’s not exactly the biggest built guy in the world. He doesn’t exactly do press ups or weights and-compared to all of the jocks and even some of the skateboarding kids-he’s got more meat on him then a fucking stick.” Ray pointed out, “Louis would maul the poor guy to death.”
“Hey, size isn’t everything dude.” Frank pointed out, “I mean look at Mikey for example.” I looked at him, “He’s scrawny and probably can’t even lift a hundred pound weight because he looks like he barely weighs that himself.”
“Hey! I resent that ya know!” I yelped outraged, “I weigh a hundred and twelve thank you very much! I’m just tall for my age!” I said defensively.
Ray chuckled and I slapped him on the shoulder while Frank just waved dismissively at me, “Yeah yeah whatever but my point is.” Frank held up his index finger, “My point is despite the fact you probably weigh less then that Jennifer chick, you’re still able to do karate and break a guy’s nose despite the fact he’s built like a fucking machine.”
“He’s got a point.” Ray grinned.
“And I don’t mean to boast here.” Frank smirked slightly, “I may not reach the five feet mark and weigh a hundred and nine pounds but I can fight like my life depends on it if you must know.”
“Oh really?” I asked sceptically.
“Ever wondered how I got expelled from that Catholic school I went to?”
“I put another student in hospital.”
Mine and Ray’s jaws dropped.
“No need to look so shocked.” Frank muttered looking a bit put out.
“You put a guy in hospital?” Ray asked in disbelief.
“Yeah, nothing serious or life threatening.” he added in hastily, “I just fucked his jaw up and ,maybe broke his arm in about two places.”
“What did he do to you?”
“He pissed me off by calling me a filthy faggot.”
It was quiet then…
“What/” Frank asked confused.
“Remind me to never piss you off.” I said bluntly.
“You can remind me the same thing.” Frank grinned.
“Wait so let me get this straight.” Ray sat up a bit more on the hood of his car, “You seriously think Gerard can take on Louis?”
“I don’t see why not.” Frank shrugged, lighting up a cigarette and completely ignoring our looks of disbelief, “I mean if you’ve been pushed around, beaten, put in hospital, and made to feel like shit and add the fact that you’ve been filmed and made to feel publicly humiliated wouldn’t you feel pissed enough to murder someone never mind beat the living shit outta them?”
Me and Ray glanced at one another as Frank jumped up on the hood of my brother’s car, taking a drag of his cigarette and exhaling.
“Besides, don’t take this the wrong way, but if he can hurt himself by cutting his own skin open on purpose and take the pain, who knows what he could do if he actually fought the person that made him sink to that level.” Frank shrugged taking another drag of his cigarette.
“You’ve got a point there.” I said quietly lighting up a cigarette of my own and leaning against the side of the truck.
“I know I do.” Frank grinned exhaling as he spoke, “I always have a point, no matter how insane the things that I say sound.”
“Yeah well, Gerard actually thinking about taking on Louis is insane itself.” Ray replied flatly, propping his leg up on the hood of his truck and lying his arm across it.
“Yeah it does.” I said exhaling, “But Gerard’s not exactly sane is he?”

Ray’s point of view
After lunch both me and Mikey left Frankie outside his Art class before heading for Technical design feeling rather guilty for leaving Frank on his own. Especially as Frank had argued with one of the jocks at break. Alex was laughing about Gerard and Frank-being surprising very protective of Gerard- had all but walked up to him and told him he had two choices: Either to fuck up or fuck off. Needless to say, Alex didn’t take too kindly to that and had grabbed Frank by the collar of his jacket and threatened to beat the living shit outta him-only for Frank to be either really brave or really stupid and spit in his face. If it wasn’t for the fact Mrs Thompson had been walking over to us at the time, wanting to speak to Frank about the project he had to do for Art class and catching Alex, Frank had said he would have probably gotten the shit kicked outta him. Though like Mikey said, (he was still pissed off at the fact someone had filmed Gerard) he would have liked to see Alex try it with us standing there, he wouldn’t have gotten a hit before Mikey broke his jaw for even thinking of touching Frank.
Seems like someone else has took over from Gerard for being protective of Frank. The thought was kinda sweet.
After what was a pretty boring class (honestly having to sit there listening to some old guy drone on about cutting wood precisely for nearly thirty minutes before making us draw some designs for bird houses ain’t exactly fun) we met up with Frank outside his Art class, where he immediately started ranting about getting a two thousand word essay about an artist and a project to work on. According to Frank, he should have got ten let off from doing the essay seeing as how he started the class mid term.
“Hey Mikey can I ask you something babe?” I asked as we made our way to music class-our last class of the day.
Frank just smirked and I flushed furiously while Mikey glared reproachfully at him, “Yeah Ray?”
“Do you think Gerard really is contemplating on fighting Louis?” I asked.
Mikey chewed on his lip, a habit of his which I found kinda adorable, “Probably. I mean he’s insane enough to do something like that.” the idea of that seemed to amuse him, judging by the grin on his lips.
“That’s what I was afraid of.” I sighed.
Mikey just grinned wider, “You know what Gerard is like, if that is what he’s gonna do, then there’s no way we’re gonna be able to change his mind.”
“You got a point.” I admitted grudgingly, “But if he’s gonna fight him, he’d better not go off and find the guy himself.”
“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Frank asked perplexed.
“What, you seriously thinking of letting Gerard go off, find Louis and fight him? The chances are, Louis will have his beat up patrol with him and Gerard will get caught up in a five on one brawl!” I exclaimed, “He tries that, I’ll fucking kill the psycho himself never mind letting him go off on what definitely sounds like a suicide mission!”
“You sound oh so confident in him babe.” Mikey said sarcastically though he smirked in amusement.
“I am confident in Gerard, honest! Just that I don’t want him going off by himself that’s all.” I admitted, “If he’s gonna go and get himself into shit, I at least want one of us there to back him up.”
“Aww, is the lovable puffball showing his soft side for his psycho, vampire friend?” Frankie asked sweetly making Mikey laugh.
“Oh lay off half pint.” I said rolling my eyes though I grinned as I shoved him playfully.
“Hey! Who you calling a half pint midget who doesn’t grow cause he doesn’t drink milk!? I’ll cut off your feet and stick ‘em on your head you asshole!”
Me and my boyfriend looked at one another with raised eyebrows as Frank continued to rant .
“Call me that again! I dare you! Then we’ll see who’s the small one cause I’ll fucking chop you up and turn you into sushi!”
Me and Mikey just burst out laughing while Frank ranted again.
“Hey! Stop laughing! Not my fault you’re all abnormally tall and probably descended by fucking giants! You assholes!”

Frank’s point of view

Okay despite everything that has happened today, I have to admit, music class is by far, the best class. Okay it’s only the third class I’ve been in today but that’s not the point. The fact is, it is awesome!
“Frank, can you please stop drooling over the guitars over there and just take one, then drag your skinny ass over here/ if you don’t mind?” Mikey asked exasperated.
I mocked him underneath my breath making Ray chuckle as I grabbed a glossy black acoustic from the rack of guitar stands and made my way over to the guys.
“Okay so what are we doing?” I asked, plopping myself down on the table.
“We’ve to work on our compositions.” Mikey explained, “Basically we’ve to work in our band groups; I’ve all ready spoken to Mrs Lindsey and she says its fine for you to join our group as you put down that you play rhythm guitar which is what we’re needing in our group.”
“Gerard’s the singer I guess?” I asked grinning in a knowing manner.
Ray grinned, “Yeah, took us awhile to convince him but he came around.”
“What about a drummer? We have one of those?”
“Yeah, Mattie’s our drummer. But he’s not in this period, got some art trip or something but he’ll be in tomorrow for band practice.” Mikey said, “You’ll be able to meet him then. He’s a good guy.”
“Cool, so what’s band class for if we’re in our band in music?” I asked confused.
“Well usually we have written work to do; you know like learning the chords and reading music. Plus we also learn the different types of music and styles.” Ray explained, “Double music is for working in our groups to come up with compositions and have a bit of practice to learn our parts while band class is for actually playing as a full band, like a performance.”
“But our teacher is awesome and gave us the day off from writing.” Mikey grinned, “Plus it’ll give you an excuse to get used to playing with us.”
“Alright sounds good.” I grinned, “Any you guys got any compositions?”
Mikey suddenly slapped himself and yelled loudly making everyone in the class look over at us, “Fuck!”
“Mr Way please refrain from swearing.” Mrs Lindsey said in an exasperated voice.
“Sorry.” Mikey apologized meekly.
“That’s twice you’ve been told that.” I laughed.
“Oh shut it.” Mikey said flipping me off, “Anyway I just remembered; Gerard had the compositions in his bag. But due to what happened earlier…”
“We obviously don’t have them now.” I finished for him; Mikey nodded looking apologetic-we had looked over the compositions last night and they were awesome along with the song lyrics that Gerard had written. See what I mean by being creative and talented?
“Well if it’s any help I got some compositions in my bag that we could work on that have got some lyrics to them.” I said nervously; I always kept a black notebook in my bag back in my old school, in case I came up with anything worth keeping while in my classes. Guess the habit stuck with me, “We can work on those if you want.”
Mikey and Ray’s eyes lit up simultaneously, “Awesome, let’s see ‘em.” Mikey said eagerly, a huge grin on his lips while Ray nodded enthusiastically his fro bouncing comically as he did so.
I laughed at their excitement, “Okay let’s see.” I grabbed my bag from underneath the table and looked through it, shoving aside the copy of Romeo and Juliet Mrs Grech had given us to read over and the notebook I had been given by Mrs Thompson to write my essay I was set so I wasn’t too far behind the rest of the class, my art class sketch book and my chemistry homework before I found my black music book, “Ah ha got it!” I cried out triumphantly, my head stuck in my bag as I waved my book around my head, making Mikey and Ray laugh, “Okay I only really started writing songs and compositions properly only last year so they might not be as good as yours.” I said warningly, handing the book to Mikey.
Mikey scoffed, “Yeah right, I bet you they’re fucking awesome.” he complimented making me flush; he carefully turned the pages, making sure not to rip any of them and reading the music and lyrics thoroughly while I bit my lip ring anxiously.
After what seemed like ages, he said, “I really like this one.” he said pointing one out to me.
Ray and me leaned over his shoulders to get a better look.
“Lloyd Dobbler huh?” I asked perplexed, “It’s more of an acoustic one to be honest.”
“Yeah, but it’s still good.” Ray persisted.
“Can you play it for us?” Mikey asked, reading the lyrics over again.
“What? Now?” I asked surprised.
“Yeah we haven’t heard you play yet.” Ray said as if that settled the matter, “Then maybe we can work on…” he flicked through a couple of pages, “This one.”
“You just picked that one out randomly.” I said though I grinned.
“Yeah so? It’s still good.” Ray stated bluntly as he shrugged while Mikey sniggered at us.
I huffed dramatically making them chuckle, “Fine I’ll play it. But don’t start any of your shit if I suck.” I said warningly.
“We won’t cause you won’t suck. The only thing you suck at is guitar hero and dicks.” Mikey said simply.
“MIKEY!” both me and Ray yelped as he laughed.
“What its true!” he said grinning, “Anyway forget what I just said there and play it! Pleaaasssee?”
“Sure no pressure.” I muttered under my breath before taking a slow deep breath to calm my nerves, “Alright here goes.” I closed my eyes and began playing, singing the lyrics as I did so.
“Why are you so far away?
Even when you're standing next to me
Your eyes give you away
Telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talking

And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boom box out in the street
And I'll be there if you need someone
Even if he isn't me

Lying in your bed
As lights dance across the ceiling
I listen to you breathe
Toss and turn in your sleep
And I wish that you'd believe

That I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boom box out in the street
And I'll be there if you need someone
Even if he isn't me

I played a small acoustic guitar solo, not daring to open my eyes and just letting my fingers glide gently over the right chords, the lyrics still fresh in my head.
“There's a Norman Rockwell painting
Two kids sitting on a bench
It reminds me of all the stupid things
I'd like for us to share
But I don't care.”

I finished playing and I heard Mikey let out a low whistle. That’s when I noticed the whole room was silent.
“Mikey, Ray.” I said quietly.
“Please don’t tell me that the whole class is looking at me.” I begged meekly.
It was silent then, “Okay, we won’t tell you.” they both said in unison.
“They are aren’t they?” I asked resigned.
“Hey you begged us not to tell you.” Mikey pointed out.

After that rather embarrassing moment and being praised by Mrs Lindsey and getting applause from the full class, me, Ray and Mikey decided to work on another one of the songs that I had written which I had titled ‘the secret goldfish.’ we decided to try it out on acoustics and then try it on electric, bass and drum tomorrow along with the songs Gerard had written.
Pretty soon, much to my relief, the bell finally rang. I let out a small sigh of relief as I put the guitar away.
“What’s up Frank?” Ray asked doing the same.
“Nothing, just kinda glad its over, I’m not used to people listening to me play and sing never mind getting an applause.” I admitted.
Ray clapped me on the shoulder as Mikey said, “Hey get used to it dude. Cause those songs were great. You’re really good at this sort of thing.“
“And guitar too. You’ve really got some talent.” Ray grinned.
“Thanks guys.” I grinned gratefully, “I really appreciate it.”
“No problem man, just telling the truth.” Ray shrugged.
“Exactly.” Mikey grinned, shrugging his bag on to his back, “Now come on, better see what Gerard’s got all planned out in his head.”
“That’s if he’s planned it out.” Ray pointed out.
“Good point, he doesn’t exactly think things through does he?” I asked raising an eyebrow as I placed my bag on my shoulder as we exited the classroom to join the crowed hallway.
“Nope, never has and never will is my bet.” Mikey admitted, “Oh hey there’s Gracie.” he said suddenly, “HEY GRACIE! OVER HERE!” He called loudly, waving his arm around.
“HEY MIKES!” She called back, waving over at us energetically.
We waved back, me and Ray looking at each other perplexed.
“YOU WANT TO COME OVER TO MY PLACE AND HANG OUT WITH US AND GEE?!” Mikey called over again ignoring the looks from the other students and a pointed glare from one of the hallway staff.
Me and Ray snickered and Mikey, frowning slightly, glared pointedly at us and we both zipped it-though we still giggled slightly.
“I WON’T!”
“I’LL TEXT YOU LATER ALRIGHT?” Mikey called back.
Mikey looked over at me and Ray, the two of us trying to hold back our laughter/
“What are you guys laughing at?” he asked confused.
That just set us off.
“Idiots.” Mikey muttered rolling his eyes as we pushed our way to the school exit and mad our way outside.
Gracie had already left, seeing as how Gerard’s dodge wasn’t next to Ray’s truck.
“I hope she doesn’t crash it.” Mikey muttered as we piled into Ray’s truck, “Gerard likes her and all, but if he crashes that baby of his, I would not want to be in her shoes.”
“So I take it Gee’s picking the dodge as his first car then?” I asked grinning as I messed around with Ray’s radio, trying to find a rock station as he pulled out the parking lot.
“Don’t know, I’m just saying that because Gerard just loves any type of vintage car and if he drives it, it’s his baby.” Mikey informed me rolling his eyes, though he smiled fondly.
I laughed, “Hey Ray any decent rock stations on this thing?” I asked.
“Yeah good to 81.89 fm, that’s WSOU, they’ve always got decent rock tracks.”
“Awesome.” I said switching to said station, “Oh you do realize I just called your radio a thing right?” I grinned teasingly.
“I know, the only reason I haven’t hit you yet is because I’m driving. But wait until we hit the traffic, then you’re getting it.”
Mikey laughed as I stuck my tongue out childishly.

Gerard’s point of view.

I cracked my fingers before wiping my hands on the all ready paint stained baggy denim jeans that I was wearing, leaving charcoal smudges on them before brushing my hair out of my face. Maybe I should take my mom’s advice and tie it up, stop it getting in my eyes-and avoid rubbing charcoal on my skin as well.
“Fuck, I always forget that!” I muttered annoyed, as I grabbed what was no doubt my fifteenth cup of coffee.
After I had spoken to Frank on the phone and texted back to Gracie to say that she had my permission to drive the dodge back home and to school tomorrow (in perfect condition may I add) I had changed into a pair of my old jeans and a baggy white shirt and started working on my project, my music playing in the background. I smoked my full pack of cigarettes now, having just took the last one out to light up and made a mental note to buy a pack before I left for work later.
I had finished my second drawing, this one being the black, grey and white angel, which I had decided to do in charcoal, and I already finished the red, yellow, and black version, choosing to do it in paint for the colors were more vibrant for the sunset, the painting now set up on a separate easel to dry off.
I set up another easel quite quickly and placed the charcoal drawing on it before selecting another plain A6 canvas and placing it on the easel, ready to start working on the blue, grey and white Angel, deciding to do it in pencil. The last one was gonna be in ink. I grabbed a 2B pencil and did a rough sketch of the Angel, singing to Taking Back Sunday as I did so, not bothering to keep my voice down. After all I was home by myself.
After doing the rough sketch and smoked my cigarette, I had just grabbed a HB pencil to add detail to the facial features and wings when there was a loud knock at the door. Knowing straight away who it was, I called out, “The door’s open!” before going back to my drawing.
“Hey Gee!” Mikey called, Frank and Ray behind him, “Wow check it out, the artist at work!” he exclaimed, “These are fucking wicked!”
I rolled my eyes, blushing slightly but still focusing on my drawing, “A tad bit over dramatic bro?” I asked, stopping for a second to drink some coffee.
“No, he’s right Gee these are awesome.” Ray said awestruck, “You’ll pass the project for sure man.”
“Thanks.” I muttered going back to my drawing, “I’m not done yet though.”
“Maybe not, but it’s looking really amazing so far Gee.” Frank grinned lighting up a cigarette and flopping down on to my bed, “How long you been working on these?”
“Well I called you just before lunch so about…” I stopped drawing for a couple of seconds, eyes screwed up in concentration as I calculated, “A good couple of hours now I guess? I haven’t really took a look at the time but I’m guessing it’s about four thirty nearly five?”
“Yeah, we stopped at Starbucks downtown to grab some coffee and we stopped at my place to park my truck-dad needs it to help one of his friends move some boxes.” Ray explained, “Then we grabbed some pizza.”
“We were gonna call you but we figured you might be busy.” Mikey shrugged, placing the coffees and two boxes of pizza down on top of my folders.
“Yeah you’re right.” I grinned, rubbing the back of my neck and frowning slightly, noticing I still had charcoal over my fingers so probably had it on my neck as well, “Fuck I must look like shit.” I laughed.
“Nah just look like you’re in the creative zone dude.” Frank grinned, taking the coffee Mikey passed him, “Still look pretty hot to me.” he added in winking.
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah like dressing in old paint, chalk, ink and charcoal stained baggy clothes is totally sexy.” I said sarcastically, before draining the rest of my coffee.
“Hey don’t knock it dude, a lot of people dig the arty look.” Ray grinned, taking a slice of pizza.
“Yeah yeah whatever, I’m gonna go and wash up, I got work at seven thirty anyway.” I said.
“Oh yeah you work at that music place don’t you?” Frank said clicking his fingers, “Missing right?”
I nodded, sweeping my hair out of my face again, taking the coffee that Mikey passed to me, “Yeah oh by the way Mikes, mom and Dad called, mom’s working a bit later in the office and Dad’s going out for drinks with some of his friends from work tonight so they won’t be in until about eleven. And I don‘t get back until about eleven thirty as Bert can‘t make it tonight so I need to do his stock up shift, so try not to wreck the place cause I won‘t be here to save your sorry ass like last time.”
“Gerard that’s the third time he’s done that you.” Mikey frowned, ignoring the jibe I threw at him, “Seems kinda coincidence that he just so happens to be busy on a Monday night when he knows he’s got the stock up shift.”
“I know it looks that way, but he is actually busy tonight.” I said matter of factly before drinking some coffee, hand on my hip, “Got band practice scheduled for that time.”
Ray practically spat out his coffee over himself, “What cha mean, ‘band practice’? Since when was he in a band?” he exclaimed, wiping his mouth.
I rolled my eyes, “The band only started three weeks ago, hence why it’s the third time I’ve had to do his shift.” I explained before gulping down some more coffee, “But him and my boss are gonna arrange for him to cover my shift on Thursday, so I’m getting the stock up shift on Mondays.” I shrugged drinking the rest.
“Oh.” Mikey said simply.
I made a weird noise of agreement as I swallowed and placed the empty cup, “Yeah so.” I said as I grabbed a pair of grey jeans and a motor head shirt from the floor, “I’ll be working late, now try not to find something to blow up in here while I go shower.”
“Fine.” they said in unison in mock disappointment.
I laughed and walked upstairs.
“HEY GEE! WHAT’S THE PLAN YOU WERE TALKKING ABOUT!?” Ray called as I walked down the hallway.
“See. I told you he was gonna do that.” Frank said smugly.
I couldn’t hear them clearly as they muttered but what they said next was clear as day.
I bit back a laugh as I shut the bathroom door, placing my clothes and a clean towel at the end of the tub.
I stripped off my old clothes and looked at my reflection; I was slim, feminine built, my shoulders small, and my hips rather curved, my skin paler than snow, making my eyes and hair stand out. My arms were slim and fingers long and spider like and my legs looked like they belonged to a girl than a guy. My stomach was flat and-due to the fact I hadn’t eaten anything yet for the past nine hours and was starving- looked hollow when I breathed in, my ribs sticking out slightly. I wasn’t concerned about that though; what got me was the amount of scars, bruises and just healing cuts that covered nearly every inch of my skin. Some of the fading bruises were a sort of black, yellow color, some more a dark pulsing purple and hurt to the touch. Most of the scars were fading but you could still see a hint of them, a long nine inch line running from my rib to my hip the most vivid.
Again I felt that sudden anger pulse furiously through my veins as I looked at the work Louis and his beat up patrol had done to my body over the past years.
“Shouldn’t have to put up with this shit.” I growled at my reflection, “Man up Gerard, shut those fuckers up once and for all. Take down the one in charge and they’ll all fall down with him.”
I showered thoroughly, the thoughts of all the times I got ganged up, dragged behind the gym shed, slammed against lockers, even beat up in the locker rooms and left knocked out underneath the showers, all because some guys decided they didn’t like me, my look, my music taste, the things I liked and did, and my sexuality and thought it would be oh so cool to beat the shit out of me. Plus all the times I had hurt myself to rid myself of the shame and the pain I felt only to feel even worse the next day, the times I contemplated taking my own life because I couldn’t handle the shit they put me through on a daily basis.
“Think that’s a good enough reason to pick a fight.” I muttered before turning off the shower.
After drying myself off and changing into the clothes I had picked, I went back to my room to find the guys casually chilling out, Anthrax now playing from my HI-FI. Frank was lying on my bed reading a Batman comic, his leg shaking as he crossed it over his other leg, Mikey and Ray were, well…
I took the towel I was using to dry my hair and threw it at them, making Mikey yelp and fall off Ray’s lap. Ray wrinkled his nose as he picked up the towel and tossed at Frank who was giggling uncontrollably and laid the towel beside him.
“Hey, knock it off, my room ain’t a kiss and fuck hotel thank you very much.” I said, smirking slightly as I grabbed my red Doc Martens from beside my bed.
Mikey blew a raspberry at me as he flipped me off, Ray rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, grinning rather embarrassed at me.
“Oh yeah that’s only for you and Frankie boy over there.” Mikey smirked in retaliation.
Frank and me blushed furiously before nodding at one another-before I threw one of my docs and Frank threw my comic book at him.
“Ouch! I was joking! No need to get violent!” he whined, rubbing his arm while Ray chuckled, holding his hands up apologetically as Mikey glared at him before throwing my boot back at me.
“Whatever asshole.” I said rolling my eyes as I pulled my boots on.
“So…all joking aside right now, are you seriously gonna take on Louis?” Frank asked.
“By yourself?” Mikey asked.
“Uh huh.”
“And kick his ass?”
“That’s the plan.”
“Are you out of you’re fucking mind?!” they all yelled at me.
“Course I am. It’s a dark and scary place in there, trust me.” I smirked.
“You are fucking insane.” Frank stated bluntly.
“What! You were the one who said Gerard could kick his ass in the first place!” Mikey exclaimed, pointing at Frank accusingly.
“Aww didn’t know you had so much faith in me Frank.” I grinned.
“Course I do.” Frank said blushing, “I think you can, just think you’re insane taking him on by yourself that’s all.”
“Wait how bout this.” Mikey sat up on Ray’s knee, a mischievous glint in his eyes, “How bout we take them on?”
“What cha talking about four eyes?” Frank and me asked in unison, our heads whipping round to look at him.
Ray bit back a laugh and Mikey flipped us both off, “Less of the four eyes bitches.” he said warningly, pointing at us, “Or you won’t be able to suck each others dicks cause I’ll cut them off.”
“Ouch!” Frank winched and Ray looked squeamish.
“Harsh much?” I asked just shivering at the thought.
Mikey rolled his eyes, Love how you didn’t deny the blow job part.” he muttered; both me and Frank looked at one another, realizing and went scarlet, “Anyway what I mean is we-as in me, Frank and Ray- also take the pricks on.”
“Yeah I got a bone to pick with Alex.” Frankie said smirking, an evil glint in his eyes which I found rather sexy.
“And I don’t really appreciate having a cup smashed over my head thanks.” Mikey said, frowning, “Who you targeting Ray?”
“I’m gonna find the fucker who posted that video up online and make him wish he was buried six feet under.” Ray said menacingly, cracking his knuckles.
“Loving the angry side babes.” Mikey smirked nudging him in the ribs and making Ray blush.
Both me and Frank looked at one another-and made retching sounds, fingers down our throats.
“Okay so it’s settled, Frankie takes on Alex, you take on Jason and Ray finds the fucker who posted that up while II get dibs on punching the fuck out of Louis.” I said ticking the names off, “Okay sounds great.”
“So how should we do this?” Ray asked, wrapping an arm around my brother’s waist and laying his head on Mikes’ shoulder.
“Why plan it?” Frank asked shrugging before I could reply, lighting up a cigarette and passing it to me, “Go with the flow dude.”
“Yeah a blood flow.” I muttered, taking a drag and exhaling.
“Yeah, the blood is flowing and the Devil’s laughing cause we’re gonna hang em high.” Frank said, taking the cigarette daintily from between my lips and taking a drag, blowing a smoke ring in my face before placing it back in my mouth.
“Uh huh, no one’s got pity for the Devil and ain’t no one gonna have pity for those fuckers.” I said blowing out a smoke ring myself/
Frank smirked at me and I smirked back.
“Shit dude you guys are fucking evil.” Ray muttered.
“Yeah maybe you should hook up. The Devil’s couple ya know?” Mikey suggested.
“Dude if we hooked up, we’d be too hot for The Devil to handle.” Frankie smirked.
“Bellville high is our personal hell Mikes.” I grinned, taking a drag.
“Be fitting if it had their own couple from hell.“ Frank muttered smirking.
I looked at him and he looked away.
Is Frank actually hinting he wants to go out with me? Or is he just teasing?
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