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Its too cold for angels to die

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i hope you like it i worked hard on this

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012-12-30 - Updated: 2012-12-30 - 991 words - Complete

the wind blow cold as Joel walked up the empty streets of a little town called Miles as thoughts fly through his head listen Joel and listen good you are nothing. you will never ever do something with that pathetic thing you call your life!. Joel was the type of person that you just had to feel sorry for he hasn't exactly had a perfect life. but he had this one friend named Ben, ben was his only friend he had, no one else wanted to know who he was... Joel open the door to bens place "hello is anyone home??" shouted Joel "yeah im up here" yelled ben from his room. So Joel went up to his room and open the door. "hey howz it going?" ask Joel "not to bad joey amd yourself ?" "oh not too good , im over everything to be honest" said Joel with a sad look on his face "oh im sorry" said ben giving Joel a hug. "no its okay and dont be sorry you know your my whole life" said Joel hugging back "aww same to you" said ben. "now i got a surprise for you so close your eyes and hold out your had" said ben as calm as possible. "okay but if its a frog like last time your dead haha" said Joel doing as ben sai. ben place the object in Joel's hand "now i know how much you love My chemical romance sooo..." said ben. Joel open his eyes and could not believe it. "YOU GOT ME TICKETS TO A MCR CONCERT!!!!!!" yelled Joel jumping up and down "yeah i did and there is two so we can go together if you want to" said ben smiling because he couldnt believe how happy Joel was "OF COURSE I'LL TAKE YOU WITH ME OMG THANK THANK SO MUCH OMG I LOVE YOU!!!" said Joel hugging ben as tight as possible "aww thats nice and all but could you let go of me , your kind of squeezing the air out of me" said ben trying to break free "oh sorry" said Joel letting go of ben.. "hey look i got to go but i'll be here tomorrow to pick you up at say 2:00pm" Joel said smiling "um sure see ya then". Joel started to head home he couldn't believe it not only is he seeing mcr but he is also going with ben, Joel has had a crush on ben since they were both 11... "well someone is happy" said Joel's mother "yes i am the happiest boy alive! said Joel skipping to his room. "omg what should i wear i have to look perfect and i gotta pack yet! arrr i need more time" said Joel to himself "okay so ill take all my band t-shirts , 5 pairs of skinny jeans, my fingerless gloves , my eyeliner, my platform boots , sneakers and my jacket which means i'll wear my torn jeans , my black sneakers and my purple t-shirt. okay thats done now ill wear black nail polish and ill wear my red eyeliner" said Joel out loud but he didnt realize his father was standing in the door way. "Son i have told you that i don't want you wearing eyeliner its for girls!!! and unless your a girl i forbid you to wear it!! understand?" shouted Joels dad "But dad its who i am!! okay you have no right over me im 17 now!! "i do so have right over you as long as you live under my house you will eat meat , you will date only girls and you will not have any piercings or tattoos and you will not wear make up! "okay dad i will not wear make up or do anything you dont want me to do" said Joel bowing his head "good now do you father a job and go buy some more beers this is the last one" said Joels dad holding a beer "okay dad i'll go straight away" said Joel sadden that his father was drunk again. Before Joel went he gathered his things , got his car keys and drove to Ben's house. Joel went up to ben's house and knocked on the door "hello? asked ben opening the door "ben im leaving home for good can i live with you? asked Joel quite sadden "oh of course hun come in" "thanks Ben" said Joel sitting on the arm chair "do you have anything in the car? asked ben "yeah just my clothes and some other stuff" said Joel turning away from ben... this was the worst ben had ever seen Joel and he knew it was ethier going to be a long night or a very serous couple of minutes.... "ill go get the stuff and put it up in my room okay" sadi ben waiting for a awnser vut only got a sigh. After ben had put the things away he run over to Joel and hugged him tightly. Joel started to cry he was over it all.. "its okay just letit all out" said ben still hugging Joel"i think ill go to bed" said Joel pulling out of Ben's grip and going up stairs "okay good night hun sweet dreams" said ben watching Joel shut the door. Ben decided he would make a difference in Joel's life and will not give up until Joel is totally happy....Ben turn off everything locked everything and went upstairs to his room. he open the door and hoping in bed next to Joel and couldn't help but start to think about what he could do to help the person he had a crush on.....okay sorry for bad spelling and stuff and sorry if it stinks and um if you guys like it ill post the rest of it and there is something about Joel you will not know until at least the last part of the story i dont know just yet =)x
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