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Chapter 2

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=) enjoy ... i have decided i would tell you the secret about Joel now :) just be care if you have a weakish tummy it might up set you im not sure

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"morning Joel" said Ben as Joel walked into the kitchen. "oh morning" Said Joel getting himself some breakfast "how are you this morning Hun any better? asked Ben a bit worried of what today would bring Joel "yeah I'm better thanks, yourself Ben" "I'm fine you looking ford to the concert" "oh thats right we have the concert today do we um yeah im happy that were going" said Joel seeming happier "good and you do realize we have to leave in an hour because you didn't get out of bed till 1:00pm" "oh god i got to get ready" Said Joel racing upstairs and Ben couldn't help but laugh. "omg where are my clothes ... oh here they are damn! my sleeping getting in the way all the time arr" said Joel grabbing his clothes , eyeliner , eye shadow , hair straighter and rushing into the bathroom. "damn it i need more time. more time". after about half hour Joel came down stairs really to go. "wow you look amazing Joel" said Ben Coming from his mothers room "thanks you do too , but why were you in your mothers room" "because you were using my bathroom , so i used my mum's" "ohh okay , well are you ready to go" asked Joel walking towards the door "yeah just let me grab the tickets and the car keys" said Ben walking into the kitchen. it was about 4 hours before they got to the show grounds of Brisbane. "arr it feels so good to stand up again" said Ben hoping out of the car "i know but we gotta go come on Ben come on" said Joel grabbing Ben and pulling him towards the entrance of the show "okay slow down hum jeez" said Ben handing the tickets to the girl in the both. Ben and Joel walked in and it was a stunning scene. the lights dimmed and a big loud voice of the speakers said " KILLJOYS GIVE IT UP FOR MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" and the crowed cheered as mcr run onto the stage and began to sing Na Na Na, Joel began to dance and sing along with the lyrics and Ben couldn't believe how happy Joel was he had never seen him like this, Ben began to sing and dance aswell and the concert basically went on like this.. once the concert had fished Joel and Ben waited in line to meet Mcr. it was about an hour before it was their turn.. "hey , whats your name? asked Frank "ummm ummmm" is all Joel could get out "his names Joel" said Ben form behind Joel "thanks, so you know him" asked frank "yeah were best friends" said Ben "thats cool so Joel your a big fan" asked Frank "omg yes and let me just say you have done so much for me , i just dont know how to thank you i mean besides Ben your the only thing that keeps me alive and i just" and at that moment Joel began to cry "aw no dont cry" said frank as he got up to hug Joel "im sorry its just" and Joel just couldn't finish his sentence "its okay" said frank still hugging Joel "im sorry sometimes he gets like this , he just hasn't had a perfect life i know people have had worse but there is only so much someone can handle" said Ben standing next to Joel "thats sad but can you just wait here a second please" said frank letting go of Joel and going over to Gerard "its okay frank will be back soon Hun" said Ben hugging Joel. about five minutes later frank came back with the rest of the band "they Um Kid can you come with me please and Joel can talk to the rest of the band" said Frank Lending Ben out of the room.. "so Joel , um we have time to talk to you and you seem really upset so we wanna know why hasn't it been easy for you" ask Gerard " well you see i have been bullied all my life from like the second day i started school" said Joel sobbing "but why you seem so nice" asked mikey shocked " its because i was born was a disability i was born with spinabiffa" said Joel "oh well what is spinabiffa" asked ray "well im not sure but i have problem with my tummy , back and feet" said Joel "oh" is all ray said "but its not just the bulling that is painful" said Joel starting to cry again "well what else" asked Mikey "well okay when i was first born i had to have a operation staight away because my spin was sticking out of my back, then um i couldn't walk unitl i was 4 at least and i had shoes to help me , later on i had a operation to fix my feet because they were inwards and then i had my first operation on my tummy for too reasons um yeah so due to that op i now use a cathider in my belly button to urinate and i have to wear nappies also and through the years i have had to have many more ops and i have had a least 14 and i have nearly died my bladder busted and my lung collapsed and i had 24 hours to live and i have a lot of scars and some holes for things and its really horrible to have to live with that" sighed Joel "oh im just i dont know what to say" said Gerard hugging Joel "but you know what you will make because your not in this alone" said Gerard now with that disability i dont know how to spell it which is sad because i have it haha but um i hope you like it and with what i said there it is true what has happen to Joel like with his disability is true it has happen to some one but i hope you liked it sorry again for the bad spelling
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