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First Auditions on This Account

by FrankIsMySexGod 45 reviews

For an uncompleted story. :)

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Basically, I'm going to redo T9MAP on here. A lot of shit happened. It was rated down on the first chapter so no one could see it, and some people who were in it before left, and I think I'm going to make it slightly different. Who knows? But, audition anyway please! :D


Gerard's girlfriend
Mikey's girlfriend
Ray's girlfriend
Frank's going to be ex
Frank's younger sister
Frank's older sister
Pregnancy teacher person
Doctor (preferably male)
My child. I might possibly have twins. It depends.

I think that's it! Here's what I'll need:

Anything else?

I think that's it again. Guys, this fic isn't exactly going to be smutty, but it won't be full of abstinence either, so if you say that word, god help me I will break my waters on your face! :P Happy new years eve by the way! It's about 2 and a half hours until 2013, and I could not care less for some reason. Haha. Also, I really really want to do a killjoy fic, but I can't think of any good plots. If you can help me that'd be great! Thank you! Audition pretties! :D xx
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