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Full results I think. :)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2013-01-01 - Updated: 2013-01-01 - 295 words - Complete

Hi guys! Happy new year first of all. Second of all, what the hell happened on the review page?!? I was laughing so hard. I went to have food, then I had to spend time with my family, and then I checked on here and everyone was saying "PENIS" for some reason. I just... you guys make me laugh and I love you all so much! Haha. Okay, I thought I was going to need one more part, but I just realised who Matt Who was supposed to be. I thought you were talking about the time lord in my fic, and I was really confused, but I just read it again and I GENUINELY GET IT!!! So, here are the parts!

Gerard's girlfriend - Hozzie
Mikey's girlfriend - Amy
Ray's girlfriend - Raven
Frank's going to be ex - Jen (I'll make you end up with Bob. :))
Frank's younger sister - Mia
Frank's older sister - Juanita
Pregnancy teacher - Mazy
Doctor - The Doctor. :P
My children - Shayla and Rebecca
My sisters - Lauren and Sadie (If you guys want it. :D)

So, yeah. These are the parts. I'm really tired and I hate my entire family, but that's completely besides the point. Anyway, if you're reading this, especially if you got a part, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT KILLJOY FIC PLOT I SHOULD WRITE ABOUT?!? PLEASE?!? I WANT TO WRITE ONE!!! Haha. Anyway, congratulations to everyone who got a part. I'm trying to make it as original as it was before! If you didn't get a part, I'm really sorry. I can try to think up a part for you, but it probably won't be very big. :'( So, yeah. I'll get started on this as soon as I can. :D xx
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