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Chapter Three: Questions of Crushes, Bert, and First Concerts

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Crushes...Bert...Crushes...First Concerts...CRUSHES!

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Lilly took the paper Gerard handed her. It had ten questions on it. She looked up at him and nodded. He understood that she wanted to be alone to answer the questions. He left for the front of the bus, and Lilly went to work.

"Question One: Why did your brother beat you?" she read aloud. She thought for a moment and began writing her response.

"I think he beat me because right after I was born, Dad left. Dad was his biggest role model, considering he is five years older than me, and that busted his visions of our father. He blames me for him leaving," she wrote wondering if it was true.

She did not hesitate to move on to the next question, which read: "Question Two: Why did you do so well in school?"

She smiled to herself, and commenced writing again. "School was my only outlet. It was the only thing that made me feel like I was not useless."

The questions were not as bad as she thought. They were kind of therapeutic. She finally came to the last question and it read: "Question Ten: Is it true you have a crush on me?" Lilly choked. Holy crap! Do I tell him? I'm sure he could tell... she thought. She wrote "yeah" on the paper and got up. She stretched and walked stiffly to the front of the bus.

Gerard smiled at the sight of Lilly. He saw the paper in her hand. She had finished the questions. Lilly handed him the paper turning a pale color of crimson.

"We'll be at the venue in twenty minutes," Mikey said.

Lilly nodded and told the guys she was going to change. She dug through her bag. She found a pair of black and blue bondage pants and a Marilyn Manson tank top. She changed in the bathroom and came out, almost running into a person.

She looked up to see who that person was, and Gerard was smiling down at her. She smiled back with her dirty clothes in hand and tried to pass him to put them up, but he stepped in front of her.

"What is your deal?" she asked him hostilely.

"So, you have a crush on me?" he asked knowingly.

She turned a bright color of red -- not just red, but Coke can red. She smiled and tried to pass again. Again, Gerard stepped in front of her.

"Wanna know something, Lilly?" Gerard asked. Lilly looked up at him questioningly. Gerard bent down so he could whisper into her ear and said, "You're cute."

Lilly's eyes grew large, and she pulled away from him. She pushed past him to go to her bag. There is no way Gerard thinks I am cute! Just -- NO WAY! He's famous, and I am not good enough to live with my own family! she thought.

"Lilly?" Gerard's voice came from behind her.

"What?" she spat as she put her clothes away.

"You don't believe me do you?" Gerard asked.

Lilly shook her head "no."

Gerard sat down on the bunk so that he could see Lilly's face. He saw her face was full of shock. Her black hair was wisped in her face. He touched her cheek, and she looked up at him. A tear escaped its watery confine.

"What's wrong?" Gerard asked.

Lilly looked away and played with her dog collar. She did not want to tell him that there was no way that she was good enough for him because she did not want to get sent back to her house, but, then again, if he truly cared about her like he claimed, he would not be angry with her.

"Lilly, I like you. You're cute, and I bet you're funny," Gerard said.

"We just met, Gerard," Lilly pointed out.

"I know, until we get to know each other better, let's just be really good friends," he said brushing Lilly's hair out of her eyes.

She nodded, and he embraced her.

"Hey! Gerard, come on, we have sound check!" Frank's voice came from the front of the bus.

"Oh! That reminds are going to need this," Gerard handed Lilly her crew pass. "You are going to need to keep up with it the whole tour, k?"

Lilly nodded and they walked off the bus hand in hand. They made their way toward the venue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When they got inside the venue, Gerard dropped Lilly's hand and walked to the stage. Lilly followed staying in step with Gerard. She had never been to a sound check or a concert.

"You know, this is going to be my first concert," Lilly said looking up at Gerard.

"No fucking way! You're seventeen and have never been to a concert? That's WRONG!" Gerard said jokingly. "Don't worry, this will be your best concert ever." Just then his cell phone rang, and he walked off so he could hear.

Lilly walked to the edge of the stage and looked out into the arena. It was huge. She felt like an ant that had walked into a gigantic cavern. She looked at the thousands of chairs and the pit area. She had heard many kids at school talk about mosh pits. She heard that some bands even had people die in their pits.

"Hey, Lil!" Gerard called, startling her out of her thoughts. She whirled around and saw Bert McCracken standing next to Gerard. Lilly's eyes grew wide with shock. Too many famous people in one day! she thought to herself.

"Hi, I'm Lilly Matthews," she said extending her hand toward Bert.

He took it with a smile. "She's a cutie, Gerard," he said causing Lilly to blush. She withdrew her hand and began rubbing her arms.

"Lilly, why don't you come backstage with me and Bert? They are about to start letting fans in and it's going to get really loud in here," Gerard suggested. Lilly nodded and followed the two down a pristine white hallway and into a white spackled room that had a sign that said "My Chemical Romance Dressing Room." They all took a seat and Gerard and Bert stared at Lilly who was staring out the window.

Bert nudged Gerard and pointed to the door to signal that he needed to talk to him. Gerard nodded and told Lilly they would be right back. The walked out into the hall and Bert began asking questions.

"So, how did you meet her? I know, you laid her, right?" Bert asked smiling.

Gerard shook his head and launched into the story of what happened earlier that morning. As he finished with them getting on the bus Bert looked like he was going to be sick.

"You mean her mother was letting her get abused by her brother? What a sick bitch!" Bert said with disgust. "Poor kid, I don't know what it's like being in her shoes, but I'm sure it hurts like hell."

Gerard nodded. "I'm the only one she trusts, I think. She heard Mikey asking me whether or not I thought I did the right thing and saying that he thought we should bring her back. I can't do that to her. She's been hurt too much," he said to Bert.

"She's really cute, Gerard. Are you gonna lay her?" Bert asked with a smile.

"Jeez, Bert, is that all you can ever think about?" Gerard asked, and Bert nodded. "She's seventeen! She's not even legal!" Gerard growled.

"What the law doesn't know won't hurt it," Bert sung as he walked back into the room.

Lilly was still looking out the window. The rain had seemed to follow and settle over them. She was watching the droplets hit the window. When she heard the door open, she snapped her head to see who it was. She smiled at Bert and Gerard and went back to watching the rain.

"Lilly, we go on in five minutes. Are you going to come out and watch us?" Gerard asked, as he sat next to her.

She smiled and threw her arms around him. He hugged her back.

"I'll take that as a yes," he said.

"This is my first concert. You think I'm going to sit back here and miss it? Ha!" she said.

Bert looked at Gerard and mouthed, "First concert?"

Gerard nodded and got up with Lilly's hand in his. They pranced to the stage and Lilly was ready to watch her favorite band rock out.
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