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Chapter Four: Legalities and Nonexistent Crushes

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What the law doesn't know, doesn't hurt it...

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Bert and Gerard watched Lilly sleep in Gerard's hotel room. She had had so much fun at the concert. Gerard had pulled her out on stage during "Cemetery Drive" and made her sing with him. Originally, she had been petrified, but he got her to come out of her shell by dancing with her. After My Chemical Romance and The Used's show, they all went out to eat at Denny's. Normally they would have gone to a bar or club, but they had a minor with them. It was at Denny's where Lilly fell asleep with her head in Gerard's lap and her feet in Bert's lap. They had carried her onto the bus and then into Gerard's hotel room. They did not want to wake their Sleeping Beauty.

Gerard looked at Bert, who was eyeing Lilly with care and consideration. "You like her, huh?" he asked cautiously in a whisper so he did not wake Lilly. He had never known Bert to think other than with his male parts, but he looked like he was genuinely concerned with Lilly's well being. Bert had dated girls that were frilly and girly and that whined if they had to stand for longer than ten minutes. Gerard really thought that Bert needed someone that would not complain about much.

"Nah, man," Bert shook his head, "But you do." Bert noticed as soon as Gerard began talking about Lilly that he was head over heels with her. He noticed how much he worried about Lilly and that whenever she went out of the room for longer than five minutes, he would get up and start pacing until she came back. He had known Gerard to quickly have one night stands, but never to have a girl friend. He knew that this was exactly what Gerard needed.

"No, Bert. Even if I did like her, I couldn't do anything. She is a minor!" Gerard pointed out for the second time that night. He knew that Lilly did not really want a relationship. She just wanted to finish high school. He knew that Lilly was not just on tour with them to "get away" or "be with famous people," but she was there because he wanted her there. And NOT to have sex with! Gerard growled to himself.

"Come on man, you do. Why else would you have rescued her from that ogre of a brother of hers?" Bert inquired.

Why HAD he rescued Lilly? He had not thought of that. He just remembered watching that bastard Josh smack Lilly across the face and knowing it was wrong if he left her there. He knew that he could do so much better by her if he brought her with him. He could protect her. He could keep her safe from harm from anyone.

Gerard shrugged. "I don't know, Bert. It just felt like the right thing to do...and I was NOT thinking about sex!" Gerard growled knowing exactly what Bert was thinking. EVERYTHING was about sex with him, but Lilly was not about sex to either of them. She was their idol, and they had both known her for less than a day.

Lilly rolled over onto her side, and both Gerard and Bert looked at her in case she woke up. They did not want her to wake up and be alone. They wanted her to know that she had people who cared about her, and they were not going to abandon her.

When she did not wake up, Gerard pointed to the door. Bert understood, and they both rose and went out the door with one last look at Lilly.

Once out in the hall, Gerard and Bert wandered to the hotel restaurant, where they ordered something to eat. That's when Gerard realized something.

"Oh my God!" Gerard said out loud.

"What?" Bert asked taking a sip of his Pepsi.

"Lilly's a girl, and I don't know one thing about girl things. What if she asks about sex?" Gerard asked slightly freaked.

"Don't worry, I won't ask about sex," said a voice.

Gerard and Bert's heads jerked to see Lilly walking towards them bare foot in an Atreyu hoodie and a pair of red plaid pajama bottoms. They both couldn't help but smile. She was cute even with messy hair.

"Hey, sleepy head," Gerard said moving over in the booth to make room.

"Hey there kiddo," Bert said smiling.

Lilly smiled and rubbed her eyes sleepily. She leaned her head on Gerard's shoulder; he automatically put his arm around her waist to give her some support.

"Want something to eat?" Gerard asked.

Lilly shook her head. She was not hungry. She explained that she heard the guys leave and wanted to be with Gerard.

Gerard smiled that someone just wanted to be with him, not to have sex, just for company. He looked at Bert who's eyes were filled with contempt. That was when Gerard knew for sure that Bert liked Lilly. He was not going to force them together. Actually, quite the opposite. He was not ready to share Lilly with anyone, even his best friend. He liked having someone that relied and trusted only him.

"Gerard, why did you leave without waking me up?" Lilly asked, adjusting her head so that she could see him.

Gerard shrugged and said, "I didn't want to wake you. You've had an exciting day. I figured you were pretty worn out."

Lilly nodded and closed her eyes sleepily. When she got comfortable, the guys' food came. She waited patiently for them to finish eating. Bert and Gerard took her back up to the floor they were staying on. Bert went into his room and Gerard led Lilly into theirs.

Gerard went into the bathroom to change into some pajamas, and Lilly thought she would be cute and snuggle into his bed. When he came out of the bathroom, he smirked at Lilly.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm going to sleep," she said smartly.

"Get in your own bed," he said tickling her.

She giggled and sat up. She put her arms around him and hung on tightly. He put his arms around her. He felt the urge to kiss her right then, but his "Good Gerard" brain took over.

Lilly felt that he was fighting with himself, so she had to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to thank him for everything. She pulled out of the hug. She looked at him with her sea green eyes. Gerard felt shivers crawl up and down his spine. He felt that she could have been staring straight through his soul. She reached up and brushed a dark wisp of hair out of his face. They were an inch apart by now and closing in at a steady pace.

Finally, their lips met. Lilly put her arms around his neck and Gerard ran his tongue along her bottom lip. It was begging for entrance, which Lilly most certainly obliged.

Their moment ran for almost ten minutes, and when Lilly started pulling at Gerard's tee shirt, Gerard pulled back. He shook his head, and Lilly looked at him puzzled. She could have sworn that earlier this morning on the bus that this was what he wanted.

"Lilly, you are only seventeen. You aren't legal," Gerard said.

"Oh, so this is all about legalities? There is a state where I am legal," Lilly said quietly.

"Oh?" Gerard asked.

Lilly nodded with a hungry smile on her face. "Texas," she said simply. She laid herself down next to Gerard and fell asleep. Gerard smiled to himself. Dallas, Texas was their next stop.
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