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Chapter Five: Losing Something Special

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gerard and lilly...sittin in a treeee!

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Gerard was walking out of the bathroom wrapped in a white courtesy towel that are in hotel bathrooms, and noticed that Lilly was not in his double bed any more. He looked around the room and could see no sign of her in there except her black duffle bag, gray backpack, and black laptop computer case. He put on a black button up shirt and a red tie and some baggy jeans. He hoisted his pants up with a faux leather belt, slipped on a pair of Van's, and walked down to Bert's room to see if he had seen Lilly. He knocked on the door and heard some giggling -- Lilly's giggling. The door open and Bert smiled at his wet haired friend.

"Hey, I knew you would follow her here. How did you know she was here?" Bert asked smiling.

"You are the only other person she talks to. I figured she was lonely when she woke up and knew if she came here, I'd follow her," Gerard shrugged and walked through the door.

"GERARD!" Lilly shouted and ran up to him. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. He kissed her on the forehead so Bert would not know what they were planning on doing that night when they got to Dallas. Lilly continued talking after she was cradled by Gerard for a moment, "Bert said we are leaving today! We are going to Dallas! I've never left Louisiana! I'm so excited!" She added emphasis on "Dallas," but she did not need to. Gerard knew what she was referring to.

Bert and Gerard sat down on the couch in Bert's room, and Lilly sat on the floor between Gerard's legs. They were watching "Viva la Bam." Gerard was playing with Lilly's hair. He reached over and grabbed a hairbrush off the table and began brushing her long ebony locks. Bert looked over at Gerard and Lilly. She was so beautiful. Bert was overwhelmed with jealousy watching them.

There was a knock at the door and Bert got up to go see who it was. Lilly looked up at Gerard, who flashed a brilliant smile at her and mouthed, "Good morning, beautiful." She blushed and turned around to watch Bam Margera do an ollie off his diving board into his crystal clear swimming pool. Gerard ran his hand through her brushed hair, and sent shivers up her neck. He ran his fingers up and down her neck, and finally when she could not take it any more, she bounced up and ran to a returning Bert.

"Bert! He's tickling me!" she accused, smirking at a Gerard who gave her a look as if to say, "You're so going to pay later."

"Gerard, stop tickling her, or I will let her tickle you!" Bert smiled. He knew Gerard was extremely ticklish. Bert bent down to feed this information to Lilly. She nodded and smiled sweetly.

"I'm sorry for accusing you of tickling me and running to Bert. I will not do it again," she said opening her arms for Gerard to give her a hug. He hugged her and the tickling began. Bert chose this time to duck out and see where all the other guys were. He did not want to get too jealous over the light of his best friend's life.

When they heard the door close, they both stopped the tickling. They looked into each other's eyes.

"Can I really kiss you 'good morning' now?" Lilly asked smiling.

"I thought you would NEVER ask!" Gerard laughed, leaning in and kissing her with great passion. His hands slipped up the back of her hoodie and under the tank top which she was wearing. Their tongues were dueling when they heard voices in the hall. They lazily pulled apart and sat back down so no one would suspect anything.

Bert walked back in only seconds after the great divide. Whew, that was close! Gerard thought.

"Guys, we are leaving in thirty minutes," Bert informed them.

They both nodded and left. They told him that they were going to get their stuff together and left. They hurried down the hall and into their room. They packed hastily kissing each other hungrily whenever their paths crossed. Lilly went into the bathroom to take a quick shower, and Gerard took the bags that were ready to be loaded down to the bus. They had a show that night in Dallas, and then Lilly would be his. He would be free to do anything to her that he wanted that night. He could not help wishing the day would move faster; alas, it seemed to do quite the opposite. It seemed that the day was not made of twenty-four hours, but an entire year.

They got to the venue in Dallas, and went to sound check. Lilly wandered around the venue aimlessly. She could not help being excited that she was losing her virginity (Yes, she was a seventeen year old virgin.) to THE Gerard Way. Of course, she would not be having sex with him unless she had feelings for him. She might have been beaten to a bloody pulp by her brother, but she still had her own values she lived by.

"Hey, Lil?" Mikey called from the stage.

Lilly skipped up to the stage. She did not like Mikey particularly, but she could not be mean to anyone on this of all days.

"Hmm?" she asked, avoiding eye contact with him.

"I want to apologize for what I said yesterday."

"Oh," Lilly said, looking up.

"Do you forgive me?" Mikey asked hopefully.

Lilly nodded and wandered off again. What is up with that kid? Mikey wondered and went back to playing with the amps.

Lilly skipped up and down the stairs all over the venue. She darted here and there. She was living on a bus and did not get a lot of exercise. She had to get it some how.

"LILLY!" Gerard called from the stage because Lilly was all the way in the back of the venue.

"HUH?" she called back.


Lilly skipped up to the front of the venue and grabbed Gerard's hand. He led her back to the dressing room. They sat there and waited for them to go on with Bert. They were both thinking about what they were going to be doing later that night. Lilly was getting more nervous by the second. Gerard sensed this and began playing with her hair to try and calm her down. It worked, until he had to go on stage.

After the show, Lilly told Bert that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Gerard said that he would go with her because she was whining to him that she did not want to be alone.

Once they shut the door to the hotel room, their lips crashed. Lilly pulled on Gerard's shirt. He lifted his arms. She successfully removed his shirt as he did hers. She worked on his belt as he sat on the bed and took off his shoes. She kicked her flip-flops off and laid on the bed next to Gerard. He straddled her and began unbuttoning her pants. All in all, they were completely naked within a matter of less than three minutes.

Gerard was extremely careful with Lilly. He did not want sex to be another thing that she was going to be scared of. She noticed how gentle he was. Wow, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be, she thought.

All of a sudden, they heard the door open and a voice that shouted, "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?!"

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