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6- Journal

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Ryan toys with an old idea, meanwhile Taylor goes further in to town.

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”Goodbye.” hung to my lips but it was something that I never said. Taylor didn’t really give me the chance. She left with her playful smile. She left me wanting to know more.

That’s exactly why I ended up calling my dad. Who else was experienced with the supposedly imaginary? Anyone else that came to mind was committed… you know, in a mental ward. “Hey Dad, how are you doing?”

He sounded excited to talk to me.

We didn’t talk much anymore.

I usually didn’t call because he tried talking about his crazy theories. Right now I needed to hear about his crazy theories. “How about coffee Dad? It’s late but I know a great restaurant.”


Taylor was disgusted by the scent in the club. It was a mixture of sweat and alcohol. The sweet scent of Ryan was lost on the crowd, and she was more than happy when the door closed behind her. The cold night air carried the scent of nature, and that was something she could at least deal with.

The majority of the town seemed drawn to the club. The noise amplified as people inside seemed to multiply. The streets were empty.

Taylor closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, allowing herself to become familiar with all of the scents around her.

When she caught the scent of fresh human blood she began to move in that direction, effortlessly and quickly.

The hunt was on.


“How old is this?” I gazed down at the journal my father had just handed me. It was large and worn, obviously well used. Words and drawings were scribbled all through out the journal, pieces of paper falling off as the book fell apart.

“Older than I am.” My father answered. “It’s been in our family for years, and years. It keeps us alive, and keeps the information we have alive.”

He said nothing as I gently turned the pages, skimming through the fascinating book before me. Before now I wouldn’t have given it any consideration but now… now it was like I had just opened a whole new world. “Wait…” I paused, “Right here, it says…” I struggled to completely make out the words. “It says that once a vampire was subdued for testing. They used this weird mix of herbs and sleeping pills, as well as pain killers… and oh it killed the guy.” I spoke very softly when using the word ‘vampire’ as I wasn’t as comfortable with it as my father seemed to be. I didn’t want to be overheard. This was still all too crazy for me to handle.

“Derrick.” My father spoke the man’s name so softly, and there was love there. “He was a great man. He died for the cause. There was no other way. The only way we could get the vamp to injest it was by spiking someone’s blood. He offered. It was too strong for him. He died. The vamp was subdued, brought down to the level of a mere human. It didn’t last long though. We weren’t smart about it, and we did not keep dosing the damn thing. Other than that it was brilliant. The things can’t smell it. It has no telltale scent, like other poisons.”

“What if there is a way to alter the ingredients, make it safe for consumption?”

“If it is safe for us to consume then it is most likely safe for the blood sucker too.” My father replied, staring at me with an intensity that I did not like. I looked back down at the book.

“But… holy water? Mix that in, replacing or lessening another ingredient. Garlic?” I had heard in some movies that garlic was deadly to them, right?

My father chuckled. “These aren’t Hollywood vamps Ryan. Garlic won’t do anything other than give them bad breath.”

“Oh.” Well, now I felt stupid. All of this made me feel stupid though. “What about silver? Small traces of silver?” I thought that was werewolves, but right here… in fine print, it was noted that it seemed to have an ill effect.

“Brilliant.” My father commented. “You could note it down, maybe someday someone will give it a shot. The risk of death still remains however.”

Death was a pretty fucking big risk.


Taylor stopped abruptly as another scent became overwhelming.


She wasn’t the only one in town.
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