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5- Goodbye

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“You gave me the bruises; I have to give you something in return.”

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Taylor’s eyes sparkled as she watched me while slipping in to her jeans. They hugged her body just perfectly, and I found it hard to focus on anything but her.

She had me questioning that though, because of what she obviously was… and that was something I still couldn’t come to terms with.

“You’ve been distant since last night.” Taylor murmured, stepping closer to me. I tensed. She noticed. “Don’t fret Ryan, I’ll be on my way out once the sun goes down.” She leaned closer, leaving a soft kiss upon my forehead.

I stopped her from pulling away, though I had no doubt that if it came down to it I’d never be able to overpower her. She didn’t show her strength but it still suffocated me. “That’s not where I want you to kiss me.” I breathed out, staring in to her eyes.

Taylor stared at me, as if trying to read something below the surface. It was like she was probing my soul for information. I’d never before felt so bare in front of another, and so on fire at the same time. Taylor made me feel things that I never thought I’d be able to feel outside of music. She was like my favorite song on replay, but I couldn’t fathom the idea of ever getting sick of the words.

She didn’t seem to find a reason to object and a smile twisted her lips gracefully. I leaned forward just to smell her. Her smell was so different from anything else I’d ever smelled. What was it? The part of me that still feared what I thought she was, /what I knew she was/, thought it was blood. She smelled like blood.

“You’re bleeding again.” Taylor commented, right before her lips came crashing down on to mine.

Oh, right. That smell was me.

And I liked it.

Because Taylor liked it.

“So, where are you going tonight?” I tried to sound casual, as I scrubbed at random dishes sitting in my sink.

Taylor was brushing her hair. She had shiny, soft hair. How could she be dead, and still have such vibrant hair? And such a vibrant smile? I should have listened to my dad all those times he went off on rants. He knew so much. I thought him crazy. Evidently, there was some truth. Either that or the family mental issues were catching up to me.

Taylor set my brush on the bedside table and walked towards the kitchen counter. “Nowhere in particular.” She glanced at the dishes, “Would you like some help?”

“Why don’t you just stay in?” I asked, “And I’d never turn down help. I happen to hate washing dishes.”

Taylor came around the counter, “Well, I’ll probably be taking the bus out of town tonight. Here, give me that. You’ve been scrubbing the same spot for five minutes now.”

I laughed uneasily, handing over the dish. I moved out of her way but continued to watch her. “You’re leaving so soon?”

“That’s the plan.” Taylor answered, shooting me a smile.

I didn’t have a response for her. I honestly wanted her to stay a little longer. I wanted to know more about her. I couldn’t quite relay that message without sounding like a total creep though, or without revealing what I kind of knew about her.

“Should I put on some music?” I finally asked, swallowing down my uneasiness.

“Sure.” Taylor smiled, “You know, this is the earliest I’ve been up in a long time.”

“And it’s four in the afternoon. With my musician schedule I’m not even that bad.” I responded, grinning. My CD player was large, with speakers situated all throughout the small apartment-like living quarters.

“Well you’ve never had to hide from the sunlight before. What’s the point in being up if you can’t even go out?” Taylor asked. She was still smiling but her eyes told a story that was far from happy filled. I’d never really thought over her situation. The sun was such a natural part of life.

“It does give you the most delicious looking skin…” I answered, moving back towards Taylor after turning the stereo on. I ran my fingers up her arm, amazed with how soft and cold her skin was.

“If you start something now then there is a chance your dishes won’t get finished.” Taylor warned, unable to keep the smile off of her face.

I laughed, “That’s a chance I’m willing to take.” Then my lips found hers and breaking away seemed like the worst possible idea.

I loved the taste of her, and her soft lips… They made me feel so alive. When I kissed her there was a surge of energy between us and I craved it. I couldn’t bare the idea of her leaving so soon when I’d just found her.

I moved my hands through Taylor’s newly brushed hair. It was so smooth. She lifted her hands from the soapy water but did nothing with them, giggling as my lips found her earlobe. I sucked gently, biting down but not hard enough to break skin.

I slowly kissed from her earlobe, down her neck though I made sure to suck gently whenever I got a reaction- even just a smile- from her. It was well worth it with how she reacted to my touches, leaning towards me as if she craved more as badly as I did.

“You need to tell me-“ I kissed all along her collarbone, “-exactly what you like, so that I can make every single touch perfect for you.” I wanted to be a straight forward lover, and in all honesty I wanted to be the perfect lover for Taylor but to do that I needed her input. I was kind of an idiot so I couldn’t do it on my own.

Taylor hummed and leaned her head back, giving me better access. “Kiss me here-“ She pointed at the base of her neck, “-to here-“ She drew a line with her finger upon her neck up to her ear. “-then to here-“ She brought her finger along her neck to her other ear, “-and back to the beginning.”

I was more than happy to follow her direction. “Gently.” She laughed, “I know I’m rough but believe it or not… I like it soft sometimes.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as well, “That’s probably for the best. I think I wear bruises best.”

Taylor pulled away, placing her soapy hands against my chest. The front of my shirt became wet immediately. “You look quite sexy with those bruises.” Taylor agreed, running her somewhat wet fingers across my cheek in a caress. “I like the idea of how they got there mostly.” She had the most devilish smile.

“I like that too.” I answered, with an affectionate kiss to the lips. “I like it a lot.”

“Will you please just take my hoodie?” I pleaded, offering up my favorite hoodie. It was completely black, and fit quite snugly.

“It’s not that cold out.” Taylor said, though she was smiling.

“It’s pretty cold.” I argued, “Plus, you know it has a habit of raining here. That’s already happened with you outside. I don’t need you drenched and freezing again.”

Taylor’s smile grew, “I won’t be able to return it Ryan.”

I had to stop the frown from surfacing at her mention of leaving. I kept telling myself that she was just going out, and then I kept trying to pretend that it didn’t matter either way. I’d just met her but she was obviously so different- you know, minus the pulse and everything. She was different in an even different way too though.

“You gave me the bruises; I have to give you something in return.” I joked.

Taylor laughed and reached out, grabbing the hoodie from my hands. “Thank you Ryan. I will appreciate the warmth on my journey.”

“About that.” I bit my lip, “You never told me your destination.”

“I didn’t.” Taylor answered, leaning forward to press her lips against mine. It was sweet but way too short, and then she was heading out in to the hallway.

All I could do was watch her leave.
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