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4- The Morning After

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The search for a pulse.

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(Ryan’s POV)

I woke with a start, feeling sore in a way I had never before felt. As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes Taylor shifted beside me, her cold body rubbing against mine. I shifted a little, placing more blanket over her. She had to be cold. She felt so cold. I’d have to check the air conditioner after hitting the bathroom.

I placed a foot out of bed and Taylor sat up quickly, eyes open as if she’d been awake for hours. I wish I woke up that well. “Morning.” I smiled at her, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Taylor smiled, but then frowned. “You feel okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

“I was kind of rough on you the other night.” Taylor said, glancing at my body.

I shrugged, “Nothing I can’t handle.” It was something I loved, and hoped to do again and again. Taylor was something else. She was something special.

Yeah, so I was a sappy musician who got attached quickly. I couldn’t help myself. It was who I was. I paid hell for it in high school but now I was out in the real world, and I’d found such a beautiful girl. And she was in my bed. Take that world.

I didn’t even hear Taylor’s footsteps behind me but then she gasped as I reached for the blinds. I just wanted to let some sunshine in. I was in such a good mood…

“Please don’t.” Taylor placed her hand over mine, stopping me. “I have a sensitivity to the light.”

“Really?” I’d never heard of that before. “Do you like break out or something?”

“It’s a deadly sensitivity.” Taylor’s eyes darkened, “Prolonged sun exposure can kill me Ryan.”

Well, how’s that for a good morning.

“Damn.” I dropped my hand away from the blinds. “Thanks for telling me. I could put up sheets to keep it darker if you need.” Why was I offering this? It was probably just a one night stand to her.

Her eyes twinkled in amusement. “You’re a sweet guy.”

Yeah, and I like you.

The words never left my lips though.

“So I have you for the entire day?” My tone became playful as I watched the way she licked her lips, so provocatively. She was a little ball of sex. Guys like me didn’t get girls like her often… Damn.

“It appears that you do, unless the sun decides to uncharacteristically disappear today.” Taylor said, grinning playfully.

“The sun happens to be my best friend right now.” I informed her, wrapping my arm around her waist. She easily fell against my chest, and I groaned- once again feeling sore.

“Did I hurt you?” She looked concerned.

“Nah.” I smiled, “I’m a man baby. You can’t hurt me.” Okay, so that was very macho- and so unlike me.

She laughed, seeing right through me. “Sure baby.” She replied, quite sarcastically.

“I need to hit the bathroom.” I dropped my hand from around her waist. “Do you need to shower or something?” My eyes fell to her naked body and I temporarily forgot everything, including how to breathe.

Taylor laughed, “We could shower together.” She gently ran her finger down my chest, and I trembled. “If you want.”

“I want.” I choked out.

Taylor grinned, “I’ll be in there in a second.”

I just nodded, hurrying to the bathroom. My mind was full of dirty, dirty thoughts.

Taylor was very sexy, and I was just a guy. How was I to resist?

Then I entered the bathroom.

I paused, glancing in to the full body length mirror.

How the hell?

My body was covered in darkened bruises, where Taylor had touched me.

The sex hadn’t been that rough… had it?


Ten minutes later Taylor walked in to the bathroom, glancing at me in worry. “I’m sorry.” She immediately apologized, “I was too rough, wasn’t I?”

I couldn’t quite make out the expression on her face but it was awfully close to regret and I definitely didn’t want her to regret our wonderful night together. “No, my hair just looks awful.” I joked, tearing my eyes from the mirror. “Shower?”

Taylor gazed in to my eyes, but eventually gave in. “Sure.”

I let the water get warm, turning my attention to Taylor.

She stayed in place as I stepped towards her, and without even thinking about it I kissed her.

It was a deep, long passionate kiss. I put everything I had in to the kiss, and she seemed to do the same, her fingers twisting through my sleep fussed hair.

I nervously lifted my fingers to her neck and gently rubbed, my motives mixed. I wanted so badly to feel her skin against mine but I also knew she was too cold. She was always so cold.

Where was her pulse?

Taylor didn’t seem to mind as I increased the pressure I was applying. She moaned in to the kiss and I tried harder. I tried so hard.

I ran my fingers down her stomach, her skin remaining cold.

So cold.

I started kissing Taylor’s neck and she remained in place, letting me have my way. I became worried as I grabbed her wrist, feeling for a pulse.

It wasn’t there.

I continued kissing down her stomach, pressing my cheek against her bare skin. The silence was so loud, the silence inside of her body.

It was like she was dead.

She wasn’t dead though.

She was letting me kiss her.

She was standing in my bathroom, waiting to shower with me.

She was so cold.

“Taylor-“ I started, but as I raised my eyes to look at her…

Her eyes were black.

“Yeah Ryan?” She smiled, blinking and then her normal eye color returned.

I couldn’t take back what I’d seen though.

“You’re beautiful.” I whispered, letting my hands fall uselessly to my sides.

I wasn’t going to find a pulse.
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