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More Than a TV Show

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Carla is a major Winx Club fangirl. She's also a senior in high school, and not very popular due to her love of Winx. If only she could be one of the show's characters. But that's impossible, isn't...

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´╗┐Chapter 1: Carla

On the outside, Carla was an ordinary girl for the most part. She was a senior in high school, she had a job, and she was in band. Pretty normal stuff. On the inside, she was the biggest dork on the face of the planet. She was practically addicted to The Winx Club, her favorite show. She'd been watching it since she was a little girl. Naturally, because she was very open about this love, she didn't have a lot of friends, which was even more reason to cling to the show. The characters were there for her when real people weren't. Even with this, she often felt quite lonely.

She did have one other friend who was just as much an outcast as she was. His name was Lae. People didn't like him because he was gay. What would happen is that superficial girls would be attracted to him for his looks and get shot down every time because he wasn't interested in girls. People quickly decided that they should stay away from him. People can be so intolerant sometimes. He was good looking, what with muscular build, short light brown hair, and light eyes. He kinda reminded Carla of a specialist from Red Fountain. She felt like her looks failed in comparison. She had short medium blond hair with the bangs over to the right side that kinda flared at the top of her neck, brown eyes, large rimmed black glasses, pale skin, and no figure.

They both worked at the same fast food place in town. It was an unbelievably sucky job, but the only place that hired her. There way too many workers, and the place was disorganized as hell. Carla hadn't even been trained for have of what she did. And customers were always mean. The managers were all mean, too. She just endured, knowing that at the end of the day she could go home and watch The Winx Club to make the stress go away.

In band, Carla played the clarinet. It was a fairly popular instrument and she thought that if she played it people might like her more. She was very wrong. The clarinet girls had their own little clique that Carla was not aloud to join. Band was a lonely class for her, as Lae was not in it. She was overlooked by everyone, including the band director himself. For some reason, he always called her Brianna. She was Carla! Not Brianna!

Her free time was always spent the same way. She either watched The Winx Club, looked up Winx related news on the internet, read Winx fanfiction, broused Winx fanart, or watched Winx fanvids. The show really did rule her life. She wished more than anything that it was real, that she could be a fairy herself and attend Alfea. She could actually fit in at Alfea. She would be in a dorm with wonderful fairies that would accept her for who she is. She would attend classes and become stronger. She might even find a Red Fountain boyfriend! Unfortunately, this was all an unrealistic dream.

All she could do was go through the motions that were her life without hope for something better.
End of Chapter 1
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