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One-Shot for Penina

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A one shot for Penina.. just practicing some smuttiness.. gonna be shit,I just know it..

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Righty-o people-o's
Here's a one-shot for Penina..
I can't think of a title so I just called it..
'One-shot for Penina'
gonna be smutty...

Frank had just gotten home from work.He had dreamed of this day ever since Penina married him.
Today was the day they would do it for the first time,in married life that is.Though thay had only been married for two months.

"Penina!You home yet?"Frank shouted as he shut the door behind him.He ran up the stairs to the bedroom to see Penina laying on the bed,on her side,with a big grin on her face.
"You ready?"She asked flirtatiously,with her smile never fading.
"Been waiting all day,Penina."Frank smiled back as he crawled on top of her and they made out.
"You can do better then that Frankie,c'mon!"Penina whined.
Frank then smiled his unique smile as he removed his t-shirt.
Penina was laying there,staring at his many tattoo's with her face red with excitement.
"Good,but not good enough.."She was still smiling as Frank removed his bottom half of his clothes.
Good thing he had the condom.
He then got back on top of Penina and began his thrusting.
With each thrust it made Penina moan louder and louder,and made Frank thrust quicker and quicker.
He thought he was safe,until he pulled out his dick and looked at the broken condom.

3 weeks later,Frank had gotten home from work and sat on the sofa,letting out a huge huff as he kicked off his shoes.
It was hard work being a guitarist for a well-reknowned rock band that toured all over the world,and girls constantly wanting a peice of him and Gerard.
He heard the sound of Peina running down the stairs.
"Boo!"She suprised him,putting her hands on his shoulders.
"Hey,babe!"Frank kissed her and pulled her onto his lap from behind.
Penina started giggling as Frank attacked her with kisses,just like a daddy does with his young daughter.
"So,I took a test today,and..."Penina began.
"And?"Frank said.
"I'm PREGNANT!!"Penina mused.
"Oh my god!That's great!"Frank smiled and kissed her again.

So,that my friends,marks the end of this story...
Penina and Frank have a beautiful daughter named Lily,or so they have told me.
The rest of their story is in your hands.

Ok,there you go Penina!
If anybody else wants me to do them a one-shot,just tell me!
R&R guys!
I think my writer's block could be gone now..
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