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Chapter 25

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After we had cleaned up downstairs Gerard and Bob had 'disposed' of our friend and I had taken a shower. Questions reeled around my head, who was Alicia? I mean apart from the ex-drug runner nurse who had taken such good care of Mikey and I, something didn't sit right with me. She's hiding something, I know she is.

I made my way downstairs and found Ray in the kitchen "Hey man, could you help me out here?" Ray looked up to see me holding out a pile of bandages at him "Sure thing man, sit down". I Sat down so my back was facing him and he began putting the ointment I had been given on my wounds "So what's on your mind Frank?"

"Huh? Oh nothing just thinking is all..."

"Alicia right? Something don't add up with that chick..."

"That's what I was thinking! It's like she has,no fear or remorse you know I mean I don't have the remorse but you gotta have the fear because I dunno it makes you human?"

"The fear is what makes us different from those we take down...All done dude" I stood and turned to face Ray, it felt good knowing that although we were killers we we're better than them.

The coffee machine clicked just as Bob and Gerard walked in "Honey I'm home, and is that coffee I can smell?" Gee strode into the kitchen and pulled me into his arms, he scooped me up sitting me on the bench so he was standing between my legs and pressed his lips to mine "Mmm lets go upstairs baby..."

"Nuh uh..." I shook my head and kisses his neck "Not until you've had a shower and besides we got things to discuss" He groaned, pressed his forehead against mine and kissed my nose "Fine but you owe me later"

"Of course..."

When Gerard came back downstairs I set about making him a coffee. I handed it to him as he sat down and joined him at the table with Bob and Ray who were already sitting down. Almost immediately the conversation turned to Alicia "There is definitely something off about that girl, killing just came too easy to her..."

"Like she's done it before"

"exactly! I think that she's hiding something and I wanna know the truth..." Gerard and I just observed our friends talking for a while, Bob slammed his hand down on the table and stood up "I think we should go and fucking ask her..."

"Yeah we should!" Ray stood too

"come on then boys...ask me..." We spun to find Alicia standing in the doorway with an expectant look on her face and her arms crossed. She walked over to Bob and squared up to him "Go on then...fucking ask me, I got nothing to hide..." I stood quickly and gently grabbed Alicia's wrist, she turned to look at me and I smiled softly "Sit down Alicia please...we just need a few answers that's all"

"Ok..." She sat down "I'll tell you everything, not that's there's much to tell,but only because I owe you some answers..." Bob sat down again followed quickly by Ray. He looked at Alicia and took a deep breath "I'm's kinda hard to know who to trust, go on then. Give us answers..."

"When your in the business I was in things can get kinda...dangerous, especially if you are a teenage girl..." I leaned forward a little and rubbed her arm in a sort of silent understanding she smiled and carried on "The first time, duck it sounds like I'm talking about my virginity...the first time was the most terrifying experience of my life. I was 15 and I had to drop off a delivery of pure liquid cocaine apparently the full order wasn't there so I would have to make up for the shortages...he..he tried to touch me so I hit him. It wasn't very hard but his nose bust and that made him angry, he slammed me against a wall and and told me that by the time he was through with me I would be 'unrecognizable' and my pretty little face would be a distant memory...if I survived that long. He pulled a blade from his pocket so I slammed my knee into his crotch..." At this point we were all leaning towards her. Intrigued and a little shocked at her story, I wasn't sure I wanted her to carry on.

"I tried to run but he grabbed my leg and I fell face first into the ground, I was so scared..." She stood up and lifted her left leg to reveal a purple ragged looking scar on the back of it "He stabbed me here and slid the knife back into his pocket, he...climbed on too of me and started kissing me and grabbing at me, I was so so scared..." Her tears were coming thick and fast now "Between trying to push him off and screaming for help I got the knife and stabbed him in the side with it, he rolled off of me screaming so I plunged it into him again and again. I don't know how many times I stabbed him but when I was done I wasn't scared anymore. Everyone someone tried ended that way..." Bob reached over and took her hand. She looked at him and brushed the tears from her eyes with her free hand "I'm sorry Alicia..."

"It's fine guys, I'm gonna go to bed" we simply nodded and she walked away. None of us spoke after that, we just went to bed too. She belonged with us.

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