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Chapter 26

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Ok this is a short chapter but I will update quicker this time because I finally have a new laptop HOORAY!! I hope you enjoy this little filler and the next chapter shall be full of blood and violence xo

Paul Greyman: Fat slobbering mess of a man with a penchant for hookers. Hired goon and wannabe gangland leader...Our next target...

We all piled into the car with Alicia taking Mikeys place, for the past month we'd been scoping out Greyman and had everything we needed to know about how to get to him. Taking him from his home would be too risky especially after Karls sudden disappearence so Alicia kindly offered to use her assets and play dress up for the evening.

We found out that Paul was a fan of the younger looking girls...schoolgirls to be more presice and Alicia just about pulled of the teenage runaway look. It made me sick to my stomach. there was a small motel nearby where we could get Alicia to go with him and Gerard, Bob and I would be waiting inside. I raised my hand to pull on my ear, a nervous habit, when I heard Mikeys voice. He was angry that he wasn't well enough to come with us so he forced us into wearing headsets so he could give orders and be a part of the action. Gerard had called him a nerd and Mikey threw a shoe at him which is why Gerard was currently nursing a bruise on his head...

"KingAwesome to Dickwad...KingAwesome to Dickwad are you recieving?"

"Mikey these aren't fucking walkie talkies and I doubt Gerard is gonna answer to Dickwad..."

"God...fine...Gerard you fucking killjoy do not let anything happen to Alicia I am fucking warning you!" Gerard grunted and sighed before pulling his microphone to his mouth and rubbing his head
"Do you think i'm fucking stupid?"

"Do you really want an answer to that?"

"Fuck you Mikes..."

"Eww gross, no just take care of Alicia okay? promise me..."

"I promise now shut the fuck up..."

"Over and out..." Grumbling Gerard turned to me and pouted before resting his head on my shoulder. I kissed his head softly before burying my nose in his hair. he snuggled closer and closed his eyes knowing we had time for a little nap before we had to get ready, i heard him whisper 'annoying little fucker...' as he took a deep breathe and began lightly snoring. He hadn't been sleeping well, not since Mikey's attack and it was starting to worry me but i couldn't mention it yet. right now we had work to do.

About a half hour later the car rumbled to a stop in the parking lot of the motel causing Gerard to blink open his eyes and rub at them with his curled right forefinger. He looked so innocent when he did that and I couldn't stop myself from smiling at the action. Gerard looked up into my eyes and grinned flashing those oh so tiny teeth at me "What you looking at Frankie?"

"You, your'e so cute sometimes its unreal..." we heard a cough and turned our heads to see Bob laughing softly at us. He jumped out of the car and shuffled around to Gerards side door, pulling it open and leaning on it "Come on lovebirds, you can finish this..." he waggled a finger between us " home later" Gerard looked up into my eyes again and laughed, he kissed my nose and hopped out with me following behind.

Ray went to the manager and gave him a hefty pay off for his 'Discretion' about our presence at the motel and clearly the manager was used to this sort of thing asb he handed Ray a pile of garbage sacks and some rope with a do not disturb sign and winked at us before shuffling back inside his office. We had already dropped Alicia off at her destination and she was wearing a hidden microphone so all that was left to do was await her arrival. Just in case anything went wrong Ray had taken the car to watch everything that was going down.

Gerard, Bob and I were sat around the room just idily chatting when ray's voice came over the headset "Guys...all systems go. The fat fucker is on his way and should be arriving in about two minutes" we all looked at each other and got up to position ourselves when Mikeys voice crackled through

"Game on motherfuckers..." Suddenly the door swung open and our target shuffled in pulling Alicia by the wrist. The second the door shut we sprung out and I swear to god the dude shit his pants, I could tell that this was going to be fun...
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