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Chapter 27

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My heart began to race as the motel door handle was twisted, adrenalaine coursed through my veins. I was going to enjoy every second of this. The pain the guys had to go through because of these assholes and the excruciating pain Mikey and I suffered physically was begining to change me when it came to doing this 'business', I was no longer the scared little bag of nerves who vomited at the sight of blood on my hands. I was ready to kill and yearned to feel their blood on my skin, they deserved to die and I was more than happy to end their pathetic existence.

From my hiding place I watched Alicia as she tried to take his filthy hands off her, we couldn't make our move. Not yet. We had to wait for Ray to come inside and close the door before the party could really begin. I watched the beads of sweat roll down the folds of fat on the back of my neck and it made me nauseus, it amazed me how alicia had managed to stay so calm and collected never once breaking her character. She should have been an actress.

Suddenly my attention was drawn to the door again as Ray stood at the entrance whistling with his arms across his chest, the fat bastard ceased his pawing of poor Alicia who quickly darted away from him and looked at Ray "What the fuck do you want?" his voice was strained and breathless as if his lungs were working extra hard to keep him alive, the fat bastard

"Is this a private party..." he kicked the door shut and we all stepped out around him, his face turning the colour of a sunburnt tomato, I wasn't sure if it was fear or anger but he sure as hell looked fucking funny "...or can anyone join?"

"WHO ARE YOU?" Before Ray had time to answer Bob stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, looking him square in the eyes

"We are the food police and we're here to bring you up on charges against baked goods..." the mans face twisted into a sort of cross between confusion and bewilderment before he started laughing out loud, this in turn made Bob laugh, then Ray and then Gerard, Alicia and I. Bobs face suddenly dropped into seriousness and he tightened his grip on the fat fucks shoulder "...Not really we're here to kill you because your'e a perverted murdering asshole and honestly if we don't do it obesity will..."

The man scanned our faces as if looking for a sign that we were joking and then just like that he began screaming, Bob quickly silenced him with an elbow to the gut before gagging him and pushing him down onto the bed. I gazed at him quivering with terror and realised this was the first time I had seen real fear in somebodys eyes, the others before him had a fear but a slight hint of hope in theirs. This man was different, it was pure terror. He knew he was going to die and although I was looking forward to making him suffer I knew that there was still some part of the old me inside as I felt a pang of pity for him but mainly I wanted him to die.

We had tied him to a chair and circled around him deciding what we should do to him, he was whimpering like a pathetic child so I swiftly smacked him around his face. Bob suggested we put some music on and Alicia quickly ran out to the car to grab her cell. When she returned she put her music on loud and rejoined us gathered around Greyman "So my friends what do you think we should do to him?" Bob looked at us expectantly then Gerard clicked his fingers

"I got it! He could stand to lose a pound or two, lets help him out" Bob grinned and pulled out his flip knife. He looked down at our latest target and laughed before looking back at Gerard

"I like your thinking Gerard, YOU have a beautiful mind...."


Muffled screams filled the air as Bob sliced carelessly into the mans flesh. Gerard had wanted Greyman to watch what was happening to him so had glued open his eyes and Alicia and I waited patiently by the door, watching his deep crimson blood drip to the ground which Ray had covered with plastic. A foul smell filled the room causing me to gag a few times but I covered my nose and continued to watch as his flesh was sliced and torn from his body. I knew what I wanted to do to him and I was just biding my time.

Bob stood up and admired his handiwork. He swiped his hand across his forehead and left a bloody trail across his face. Gerard stepped in front of him and began nodding "Well Bob, remind me to never let you perform any surgery on me..." Bob laughed and patted Gerard on the back, he turned around and looked at Alicia and I "So whos up next?" Alicia looked at me and smiled then turned back to Gerard and holding up her hands

"Not me, I wanna see what my boy over here has planned..." I laughed and moved forward to stand by my lover, He already knew what I was planning after hearing a particular story in the research we did on him.

Apparently a few years back he had been to a resturant with some of the other assholes, it was a small family run place and when they had finished he refused to pay. The owner had threatened to call the police and this made Greyman angry. In the restaurant that night there was only the owner and his 16 year old daughter in and Greyman had forced the man to watch as he brutally and violently raped his little girl. Then what Greyman did next was just as awful, he blinded the man ripping out his eyes so he would always remember the last thing he saw was his little girl being attacked. The man died of his injuries and his daughter screamed out so they cut her throat before burning down the restaurant. Greyman had been brought up on charges but released when the evidence they had against him 'disappeared.'

I was going to cut his dick off and rip his eyes out. He deserved every single ounce of pain that we were going to put him through and when we were done that motherfucker was gonna burn in hell.

I took the hunting knife Ray had stuffed in his pocket and pulled off the cover. I walked slowly over to the man. He looked up at me through bloody stained teared eyes and I couldn't help the grin that had crept onto my lips "This is for the father and daughter that you brutally murdered those few years ago. They will finally get the justice they deserved..." I leaned over him so our faces were almost touching and stared into his eyes. He began mumbling as I ran the blade up hi thigh til it was almost touching his crotch. I pulled down his gag and he began coughing before whimpering "I'm sorry...please..." I smiled and stood up turning my back to him before quickly spinning back around and stabbing the knife straight into his crotch. Blood bgan pooling across his lap as he screamed and trickling down his legs. I repeated my action again and again until I knew I had mutilated him beyond repair. Not that he would ever be able to get it repaired because he was going to die.

Without hesitation I went straight for his eyes digging the blade in and popping out his left eye as Gerard covered Greymans mouth, then I did the same with the right. When i was done I stood up and Gerard took the knife from me "Well I gotta admit this guys got some fight in him, didn't he cut the girls throat..." I looked down and the broken man his breathing was low but he was still alive before looking back at Gerard and nodding. He quickly sliced open the mans neck and walked over to join me staring down at him "He aint living now..." Ray stepped forward and untied the man before wrapping up his body in plastic and cleaning up the mess. We all watched him move around humming to himself and whistling little showtunes, Gerard coughed and he looked up "Ray just what exactly are you doing?"

"I enjoy cleaning so what? Its where my talents lie..." we all stared at him as though he was crazy, suddenly a laughter filled our ears. I had forgotten about the headsets that Mikey had given us and his voice crackled down the line

"Ray, your such a creep..."

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