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Chapter 28

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I groan as I stretch my arms into the air, I don't really want to get up but I can't stay in bed forever. We had disposed of Greyman last night after the Motel owner had pointed us to a pipe out back telling us it was a regular occurance at the place. We'd still been careful though and not let him see our faces and changed the car. I rolled over to face a still sleeping Gerard, placing a hand on his chest to feel it rise and fall. He looked so angelic when he slept, a little smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

I lean over a place my lips to his as gently as I can without waking him. It didn't work as his eyes fluttered open and he pulled my body on top of his "Mmm...Morning sexy..."

"Morning Gee, sleep well?" He nodded and stretched a little before wrapping his arms around my body "I don't wanna get up..." I pull my best pout and rest my chin on his chest, he chuckles and leans forward to place his lips to my ear

"We don't have to get up just yet Frankie..." His voice is husky and sends my blood flooding downward "...We could always have some fun first..." I crash my lips to his in an explosive kiss, every inch of my body feels like its on fire. He groans into my mouth making me want to hear more so I grind my hips down onto his.

Gerards arms snake around me and he flips us over so he's in control.His hot breath and soft lips making me shudder and buck up my hips to meet his once again "Fuck Frankie..." His voice is ragged and sends another bout of shivers down my already tingling spine "So fuckin' hot..." His fingertips find their way to my waistband and I quake with anticipation

"Fuck me Gerard..."


We make our way downstairs a few hours later struggling to hide our tell tale grins. We pass Mikeys room and see he isn't there so make our way downstairs to find everyone in the kitchen giving us death glares...except Ray. He has his head on the table lightly snoring "Morning guys" Gerard chirps as he makes his way to the coffee machine with my arms wrapped around his waist

"Don't good morning us you ass..." Gerard turns and looks around everybodys faces. They do seem kinda pissed

"What the fuck did I do?" Bobs face softens and he looks up at us

"Its sunday and we all kinda wanted to have a nice lie in y'know but well not to embarass you dude but we couldn't sleep because you guys were fucking so loud..." Gerards jaw almost hit the floor as I hid my face in Gerards shirt sniggering.

"I'm...We...shit..." I was shaking now trying to stifle my laughter as Bob just shook his head

"Come on guys...lets go back to bed..." I hid again as a very disgruntled Alicia and Mikey left the kitchen and Bob picked up Ray and started upstairs. Gerard looked down at me and poked my sides

"Thanks for the help baby..." I stood on my tip toes and rested my forehead on his

"No problem princess..." I quickly pecked his nose and ran from the kitchen and into the front room. I enjoyed times like this, when we could pretend to be just a normal couple. I couldn't wait til all this shit was over.


Gerard and I were watching some shitty sunday morning breakfast show when his cell rang. I reached over and handed it to him before nestling back down on his chest

"Hello...Who the fuck is this?" He sat up a little and gripped the side of the sofa, his face twisted in confusion "you know what exactly? don't scare me, non of you pussys do..." I looked up at Gerard and his eyes stared into mine "We'll be there, were gonna finish this and trust me asshole you will NOT be getting out alive..." Gerard hit the end call button and turned to face me again

"They want to end this Frankie, we're gonna fight them all..."

Oooh cliffhanger! This was kind of a filler chapter so I'm sorry its short and stuff. I hope it doesn't suck to much. As you can probably tell this fic is coming to an end (BOO) and I shall miss writing it but life goes on. Please R&R I will love you forever xoxo
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