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Chapter Two

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"I can't believe my baby girl is starting Secondary School."

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[A/N] - This fic isn't gonna be very long by the way ;L

"Christy?" Gerard knocked three times on their bedroom door "Christy, let me in." She opened the door and Gerard saw she'd been crying "Is this really just because Lottie drew you a picture?"

"If I hadn't been such an idiot then she'd have drawn Jessica in that picture." Christy whispered, sitting down on the large double bed.

"Christy, you've gotta let this go. Even if you'd known it wasn't me, you probably wouldn't have been able to stop him." Gerard said, sitting down next to her "If I hadn't stayed up watching the movies, you would've known it wasn't me in there. So it's my fault if anything..."

"I should know what my own husband looks like!" Christy cried "Even from behind!"

"Christy..." Gerard sighed "You need to snap out of this. For Lottie's sake at least. And now... Well there's something I need to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Well we asked this guy to join our band, he's called Frank, a real nice guy. He's got three kids. And well... Two of them are twins." Christy sucked in her breath "I know it's hard for you but it's hard for me too. Jessica was my daughter too. Still is my daughter wherever she is. Can you try and put on a brave face just until they're gone?"

Christy sighed and nodded slowly. Gerard smiled and took her hand. They made their way downstairs together "Hi, you must be Christy." Frank grinned, holding out his hand to her. Christy shook it politely, then shook Penina's hand and then Mia's. Then it came to meeting the twins.

"Hey, I'm Shando." The blonde haired twin smiled "And this is my twin sister Amulet."

"I could've introduced myself."

"I knew you'd be rude about it so I did it for you." Shando hissed.

"I'm not two!"

"You act like you're two!"

"Girls, stop it." Penina said briskly, smiling at Christy "Girls. What are they like?" Christy stared at her but didn't say anything. Penina sighed "You have a lovely home." Christy still didn't say anything "Umm..."

"Anyway, we just wanted to come over and introduce the whole family if we're serious about starting this band." Frank smiled "We'll be going now then. Stuff to take care of. See you in band practice Gerard."

"I'd love to hang out with you sometime." Penina said to Christy with a large grin "Shando and Amulet could play with Lottie."

"What about me?" Mia cried.

"You can go to Grandmas." Penina shrugged her shoulders.

Christy swallowed "Y-Yeah. That'd be great."

One Year Later...

"I can't believe my baby girl is starting Secondary School." Gerard cooed, giving Lottie a hug "To celebrate your fist day hows about afterwards I take you down to the studio and you can watch your old man perform?"

"That'd be awesome!" Lottie grinned, hugging him back "How do I look? Does my hair look okay?"

"You look lovely." Gerard smiled "Doesn't she Christy?" Christy nodded and didn't say anything.

"Thanks." Lottie's smile disappeared and she glanced at her Mom. She hated seeing her Mom upset even though she was pretty used to it by now "I guess I'll start walking now."

"I don't like the idea of you walking to school by yourself." Christy suddenly said "Gerard, can't you give her a lift?"

"Mom, all the other kids are walking to school." Lottie sighed.

"Just for your first day." Christy looked at Gerard "Please?"

Gerard rolled his eyes "Fine. Sorry Lottie. Come on."

Lottie ran over to her Mom and hugged her "Bye Mom."

"Bye Sweetie. Good luck." Christy hugged her back.

"Thanks." Lottie skipped outside to her Dad's car and slipped into the passengers seat "Dad... Why's Mom so upset all the time?"

Gerard started the car and looked out the window. He could just ignore the question "Dad?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Gerard said eventually "Your Mom's fine. She's just been a little stressed recently. Headaches and stuff like that. She'll be her normal self again in no time."

Lottie was confused but didn't push the matter any further. Be her normal self again in no time? Lottie couldn't remember Christy being any different.

"I'm nervous." Shando said, standing at the bottom of the stairs next to Amulet in their brand new uniforms "I don't wanna start secondary school. I wanna stay in primary school."

"Don't be such a baby." Amulet replied, running her fingers through her hair.

"So you're not nervous at all?" Shando asked as Penina took a picture of the two of them "Walking into a building full of strangers."

Amulet shrugged her shoulders "Whatever. I'm used to people not liking me. This place won't be any different."

"I like you."

"Don't make shit up."

"Amulet, watch your language!" Penina snapped.

"Sorry." Amulet grumbled, not meaning it.

"Okay, you girls had better start walking." Frank said, coming into the room. He kissed Shando's cheek. He went to kiss Amulet's cheek too but she pulled away "I'll see you both later."

"Bye Dad." Shando smiled. Amulet grunted and they both let to go to their new school.
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