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Loving and Sharing Before We Were Born

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When Gerard and Christy's daughter goes missing, Christy goes into a deep state of depression. Can she snap out of it for her other daughter Lottie's sake?

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"Gee, I think Lottie and Jessica are crying." Christy muttered sleepily "Gee?" She went to nudge him awake with her foot but found he wasn't in bed. He must've stayed up watching stupid horror movies again. She groaned and got out of bed then stumbled half asleep towards the twins bedroom. She saw Gerard standing by Jessica's crib "I'll go make them some milk." She mumbled.

Christy made her way downstairs, running her fingers through her hair and yawning. Then stopped when she reached the bottom of the stairs that lead straight into the living room. The TV was switched on, a cheesy horror movie playing. And in the dim lit she could make out Gerard fast asleep on the sofa "Lottie! Jessica!" She shrieked, running back up the stairs and into the girls bedroom. Whoever had been standing there was gone.

Christy crept into the nursery nervously, glancing first into Lottie's crib. She was wide awake and shrieking her head off. Then Christy looked into Jessica's crib. She was gone.

Ten years later...

"Well are you ever gonna tell her?" Amy asked. She was Christy's husbands brothers wife "She has a right to know."

"And how would it make her feel?" Christy replied in a low voice, not wanting Lottie to hear "To know that she had a twin sister who might not even be alive anymore?"

"You must never give up hope Christy. They never found a body." Amy sighed "I think Jessica's still alive. If they wanted to hurt her, they could've just done that while she was in the nursery. And they could've hurt Lottie too. But they left her alone."

"Because I went in." Christy whispered "I went in and thought Gerard was with them. So I went downstairs to make them some milk and there was Gerard fast asleep on the sofa. I ran back upstairs but I was too late."

"You've got Lottie you should be thankful for that."

"Mommy!" It was Lottie who was now ten with long dark brown hair "Mommy, I drew you a picture." She held up a picture of her, her Mom and her Dad proudly. She'd written 'My Family' at the top.

Christy held back her tears. If she'd known a stranger was in Lottie's nursery when she was a baby then she would've drawn a girl her age next to her. That was too much. Christy ran upstairs and locked herself in her room.

"Didn't she like it?" Lottie pouted, feeling guilty.

"Of course she did." Amy replied uncertainly "She's just... Going through some stuff right now. She'll work it out."

"I'm home!" Gerard announced, coming into the kitchen.

"Daddy!" Lottie ran over to him "Daddy, I drew this picture for Mommy but she didn't like it."

"I'm sure she did Sweetie." Gerard said, taking it off her and looking at it "It's beautiful, how could she not love it? Oh hey Amy."


"Anyway Lottie, there's some people I want you to meet. Remember that band that Daddy wanted to start?" Lottie nodded "Well we finally got the fifth and final member. This is Frank Iero and his family."

"Hi." A guy with short black hair and tattoos came into the room and Lottie assumed this was Frank.

"Hi." Lottie replied politely, feeling a little shy.

"This is my wife Penina." Frank said and a woman with chestnut brown hair with a blue streak in appeared behind him and smiled "This is Mia." A little girl with curly black hair who was about six years old held tightly onto Frank's hand "And our twins Amulet and Shando." Two girls, one with shoulder-length blonde hair and one with shoulder-length black hair who were the same age as Lottie stood in the hallway.

"You've gotta be kidding me." Amy whispered "Gerard, can we talk please?"

Gerard nodded and they went into the living room together "Twins? Are you for real Gerard?"

"What was I supposed to say Amy? You can't come round to my house because my wife can't stand the sight of twins?"

"She's still really upset, especially after seeing that picture Lottie drew for her."

"Look, I've done everything I can for Christy. I'm still doing everything I can for her. But she can't hide from this forever. What happened to Jessica was horrible and no parent should go through this but we should count our blessings that nothing bad happened to Lottie. Make the most of our time with her."

Amy sighed "Have you told Christy that?"

"Yes. She didn't wanna hear it." Gerard sighed and made his way upstairs to see Christy.

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